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Magikano Ch. 33 – Version 2 UPDATE!!


Due to a lot of RL stuff, the update for Magikano chapter 33 was delayed. A reader who goes by the handle ‘Sayo Aisaka’ mentioned in the comments:

“Thanks… but the second to last page is missing.”

I had to review the raws and actually had to search for the missing page, since the raws that I worked with seems to be missing it. Anyway, the missing page was restored and furnished to match the quality of the rest of the chapter. And without further adieu, I’m happy to present Magikano chapter 33 ver. 2!

You can get the update HERE!

December 6, 2015 at 6:41 pm 6 comments

Flippin’ News, Updates ‘n’ Stuff!! パート ヅリー

Since we don’t have any release updates at the moment I’d like to take this opportunity to troll for a bit and lash out some rants!

First off, the group is a HUGE mess at the moment. I know there are projects that are on the works, but for some reason, NOTHING is being produced!! Another one is the status of translations, our translators are currently preoccupied with RL stuff and a half-baked translator is filling in their shoes (naming ME) so, yeah… The translation progress is at a snail’s pace. I wish I could split my body into 4 so I can do the bulk of the activities to get tings rolling.

Project Status:

  • Chocolat Cafe Maid Curio ch 01 – Final production phase (status unknown, not sure if this will ever come out this month or the next life time) 90% complete (? questionable)
  • FukuNeko ch 12 – Typesetting phase (may take a while, though it’s only 5 pages short) 85% complete
  • Haru to Natsu ch 13.5 – Getting QC’ed, should be releases in the coming days (Maybe a holiday release!!!)
  • Imouto Loveru ch 02 – currently on redrawing phase (redrawing fan service pages is a bitch! will take some time give me 2 days and pray that I won’t get hooked on playing eroges) 35% complete
  • Magikano ch 30 – Proofing stalled! (Stalled for LOTS of reasons) 20% complete
  • Misaki #1 ch 02 – SCREWED 35% Complete
  • My Barbaric Girlfriend ch 58 – Cleaning of raws moving along ever so slowly (not even sure if it’s being worked on, or not anymore) 20% complete
  • Tokkou! Maid Thunder ch 05 – translation phase 70% complete (will take time, brain often crashes, Google is no help) 14% complete
  • Urasai ch 03 – translation phase 55% (work stalled to make way for Imouto Loveru) 11% complete
  • Tenchi Muyo War on Geminar ch 02 – Translation phase (stalled to make way for Imouto Loveru) 40% complete
  • Secret Project 1 ch 10 – Translation phase (cleaning job for raws rejected by cleaners, translator’s status unknown, current project status presumably SCREWED)
  • Secret Project 2 ch 12 – Typesetting phase (no status report from typesetter) 75% complete
  • Secret Project 3 ch 01 – translation phase (one chapter is more than 70 pages LONG!! Too damn scary, many foreign speaking foreigners, might take a while)

On the other hand, we’ve been receiving tons of spam mail from concerned spammers. I was thinking of reviewing the spams yesterday, but I got so lazy that I put it off for tomorrow, now as I check the spams, all 9 entries were already deleted. Luckily we still have 3, first is from a spammer named Mistie and she said,

“This is a comment to the admin. Your website is missing out on at least 300 visitors per day. I have found a company which offers to dramatically increase your traffic to your website: They offer 1,000 free visitors during their free trial period and I managed to get over 30,000 visitors per month using their services, you could also get lot more targeted visitors than you have now. Hope this helps :) Take care.”

Gee, thanks for the suggestion, but we’re not interested in signing up to some service that Google provides for free and we have more than enough referrers already, once our release hits MangaFox or any other major profiteering online mangareader sites it spreads like wild fire and within 5 hours our release (along with our group’s credentials and adverts etc…) is allover the internet. Thanks, but no thanks…

Next is from a spammer who calls himself “check this out“, Oh…kay… and he says,

“Once you have identified your ideal customer, their needs,
and presented your USP in your marketing campaign, your company needs
to live it. It is move to make the Pizza Ordering experience more convenient and fun for a large and fast growing population of Netizans in India.”

I think he mistook our group for some online Pizza seller in India…? There is more of the message, but it’s more like a copy from a Wikipedia history of Pizzas and how it’s a heritage and all that shiz. Let me make this clear, WE’RE NOT SELLING PIZZAS IN INDIA!! Capice!?

The third message is a ping back to our Dracu Riot! Erina’s Story release article. Go see it HERE!

Well, that is all for our responses to the messages we received from our spammers.

Oh, and there is another thing.

We have been receiving some curious questions about the red-head girl with them grade A melons about which manga she is from.  What’s her name and if we are going to do the project.

her name is Kaede, she is a member of a tennis club at her school and she’s from the manga entitled “Seifuku!” a.k.a. “The High School Uniform” by あっつん (Attsun). Now many may ask, “are you guys going to work on it?” If Kaede-chan and Momo-senpai receives enough love from you guys, we MIGHT get to work on it.

Well, since you took the time to read through all my ramblings it would be unfair to leave you off with nothing, so here is a sample page from a sample chapter of Seifuku! ENJOY!


A big boobed tsundere childhood friend, a consenting senior, a cute well endowed younger sister and a whole lot more interesting characters. Now, don’t mistake Yuusuke for some whiny, wimpy and spineless male MC of some harem manga. Oh no, he’s the exact opposite of that!

March 26, 2013 at 5:19 am 4 comments

Redneck&Bogan Weekly Updates



This is going to be a themed weekly progress update by the two of us (Woahevil and Xrayder) and for now this will only include our work progress.


Xrayder (From Tennessee): Hey there y’all, Just started editin me some that there mangas, my first ever group this here is! Ain’t that just sumthin!? and then that there ol’ bogan of an aussie Woahevil came along bout the same time that I did and the us two started workin together, and then we came up with this here idea to post some of this stuff we done did, so us two done decided to start makin these here posts for now on.

Woahevil (From Australia): Gday guys and girls
I was just playing a game of beat the baby with the bottle when me got ol bludger of mate Xrayder asked me to do corker of a introduction of me self as well as do an update. Blimey I thought, what the bloody hell am I suppose to do. Then I thought to meself, I’m a true blue australian, so I can do anything. Using this thing called a computer, which is pretty useless since you cant eat it and it doesn’t make loud noise. Anyway, its also the place where i do me cleaning and editing of this shit called manga, once again, that stuff you cant eat or doesn’t make loud noices, so whats the point? Anyway, I’ve got kangaroos to feed, so I’m outta here.

Progress (This here is only things that we done did, and it ain’t gunna include this entire group)

Boku to Kanjo no XXX- Vol.8 Ch.3 Cleaned (Why do them vampires always got to sparkle?)

Haru to Natsu- CH.12 Cleaned, Typeset and Redrawn. Ch.13 Cleaned, Typeset and Redrawn.

That’s it for the updates y’all. I hope you done enjoyed this update we done brought you.

P.S. we may be picking up another project that the two of us will be working on together! stay in tune for updates!

January 18, 2013 at 12:10 pm 3 comments

AFS Site Blog Reorganizing & Update

 It has been brought to my attention that we need to update some stuff with the AFS page. I have been tinkering for a bit and I was able to add a few more links on the links bar. We now have an application form for those who are interested to help us make speedy releases, you can go visit the join page and simply leave us your details. Also, we’ll be adding a forum page and hopefully get some of our visitors to interact and share stuff links and manga raws. A new contact page has also been added for those who are interested to contact the team and leave personal messages.

Works for new releases are currently underway and hopefully we’ll finally have a new release for Magikano chapter 26 and Haru to Natsu chapter 6.

June 7, 2011 at 6:34 am Leave a comment

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