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Seifuku! Chapter 1 RELEASE!!


Yuusuke has decided to skip the first year initiation ceremony after not wanting to join a club at the school. As he is exploring the school, he runs into a girl named Momo, who is acting a bit suspicous. However Yuusuke is too flustered to notice… To find out just what happens in this brand new manga release go HERE or goto HERE or read it HERE.

Thats right guys, the very anticipated first chapter Seifuku! has finally been released. After the weeks of waiting for raws and other inconveniences we have pulled through and started off what we think is going to emotionally intriguing manga with a sophisticated plot! I would even go as far as to call it on the level of something like Clannad 😉 . Anyway, I really hope you guys enjoy it and I personally can’t wait to work on the next chapter. Oh, and I have to thank Mazen for supplying the funds for the manga, without him this manga would not have been translated. Also I want to give a shout out to our buddy Savirleo for taking in the raws and scanning.

Now I need you guys to one thing for us. We are running a poll to see which body type is better: Flat chested (Pettanko) or Big breasts! Please vote below

Thanks guys and hopefully we will be able to bring you more great releases in the near future! Till next time!


July 17, 2013 at 3:12 pm 8 comments

Seifuku! Project – GREEN LIGHT!!


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Meet Yuusuke, a healthy average high school student. Well, not your regular average guy when it comes to boobies, his preference for boobies is more on the of “A” cup range, for him “G” cups are trouble and one in particular goes by the name, Kaede. Little did he know that his regular high school life will change after a fateful he encounter with a cute Senpai from his school who seems to be installing bugging devices in his class room. One event lead to another and in the end, he was duped into signing up for a rather dubious club in his school called as the “Koufuku Club”. A club that seems to be comprised of rather odd characters, the leader being the all knowing and manipulative Haruki, a pretty secretary with a bipolar disorder, a loli and a pettanko. You will get to see their unruly bunch run into troubles and accidents… Ecchi accidents and others more that will tickle your little turtle’s fancy.

Thanks to those who help to support this project, now we are happy to announce that work is already underway!! Now, you guys have something really nice to look forward to this coming month!


May 24, 2013 at 7:24 am 9 comments

Seifuku Sampler Release?!?!

Yo guys, hows life been treating you? Its been a long time hasn’t it :P! So, as a welcome back present B-werx and I (well mainly B-werx) have made a sampler of the manga Seifuku!, which was given out free by the publisher! HOWEVER, its not an offical chapter, just a spoiler for one and free sampler combined!! We did this just show off the art and what the manga is like. What’s Seifuku you ask? Well I am glad you asked! You see, you know that new advert we have been in our releases and posts, the one that has that especially well-endowed redhead in it (her names Kaede by the way 😉 )
So please go get it HERE or go to OUR IRC, then type “!SEI0” ! If you still cant remember what im talking about, here is our advert image: Seifuku Ad

Now we have had a lot of people asking us some questions, so I will answer some:

Q. Does this manga even exist or is it just some image you found on the internet?
A. It certainly does! Admittedly, at first it was a random image we found but then we looked into it further due to people asking us about it and found out it was a full-blown manga named Seifuku!, which has had 2 volumes released so far and has 12.5 chapters (Off the top of my head). Read more about it here:

Q. Is it scanlated or are you guys scanlating it?
No it hasn’t been scanlated by any other group. Now onto the major stuff. We would love to scanlate this manga, however there are no free raws available for it, so we have to whip out our wallets. So, i didnt want to do this, but if anyone knows where we could find the raws or are willing to pay $6 for a volume of the raws or a $1 for a chapter, then please contact either b-werx or I!


So yeah, I hope you enjoy the sampler, till next time!!

Peace out!

April 1, 2013 at 9:25 am 5 comments

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