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Misaki Number 1 START! She is Ropongi Bar’s number one girl, her name is Tenouji Misaki. She decided to quit her job at the bar to become a teacher in an elite high school and she was assigned to be the Home Room teacher of a rather odd bunch of students. On her fist day on her new job she immediately faced one big problem, nobody in her class bothered to show up, with her unparalleled enthusiasm and her talent for attracting customers will she be able to persuade her students to come to school?

Dug up from the depths of neglected AFS projects bin we now present you “Misaki Number 1”. After doing a little investigation I found out that until now no other group has worked on this. We apologize if you may notice some errors in grammars and other stuff in the dialogues, that is because they were not proofread. But still it’s one funny story of a bar girl suddenly finding herself as a full pledged homeroom teacher of an elite school. If people will get to enjoy this and if we find sufficient raws, we may release this as a regular project. We hope you guys enjoy it!

You can get the chapter HERE!

September 1, 2011 at 4:05 am 8 comments

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