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Haru to Natsu REAL ch 13.5 release!!!

Haru to Natsu ch 13.5

This is the real Haru to Natsu ch.13.5 release, that is in English!!!
(I’m feeling lazy, so I’m going to copy the intro from before!! :P)
In this chapter, Haruna is has fallen ill with the flu and unfortunately Natsumi has her swimming club meeting on (see chapter 12 ;D ) so she can’t look after her! Of course, Makoto is more then willing to help, but not without the help of Natsumi’s advice…. Go HERE, HERE or go to OUR IRC, then type “!HTN13.5”. (The old one has been removed!!!).

Well guys, we certainly had a funny April Fools here at Angry fox!!! I do hope you guys liked our troll release of Haru to Natsu, Bigfoot and his friends Troll and The Great Beard put a lot of effort into producing this release for you, so you should thank them!!!! We found it quite interesting how gullible some people can be, and we found some hilarious comments that I am about to show you now:

First comment of the day is from Visitor 440690 of Mangahere who said:

“Why you no in English?”

Answer: I truly wonder about that??? Is it because its April fools day? Nah it couldn’t possibly be that…. Actually there were lots of comments saying this! It blew our mind!! One of our staff Xrayder also posted a answer on Mangahere:
Hi I’m Xrayder and I typeset for the group.I’m very sorry about it not being in English like our other releases.but you see… We traded our JP-ENG TLer for a JP-SWE TLer in order to further our relations with another group. I hope you will forgive us.

Another group of comments were things like from Visitor 440694 who said, “Is this in German?” or Visitor 440693 “I think its German”. We even got this funny one from Visitor 422721 who said “man i needa keep up with the fads i didnt know german was the new english!”
Answer: No its not German guys, it even says specifically in the credits THAT IT’S SWEDISH XD!! Just because it has dots on the top of the a and such it does not mean it’s german XD!!

I really like this one!! This is from Visitor 389217 who said:

“Lol so it is in swedish? First i thought, german? No, cant be, dutch? No i think its prolly swedish or any of the scandinavian country i tried googleing it but i cant find what language other than it sounds scandinavian with the a dot dot. Lord help i cannot tell european language apart! Im very good with chn, jpn, korean, malay, indonesian, thai, vietnamese, thou i ve no clue what it means except for malay and indonesian but i can tell em apart but no telling european language apart! Still most ppl dont speak other lingos besides the easiest, english, so please dont do this again. I wish i can speak more languages but so hard! I wish everybody would speak the same language, curse the towel of babel!”

Answer:….. WOW!! This guy spent all this time looking all over to find out which language it was in, YET ONCE AGAIN IT WAS WRITTEN ON THE FIRST PAGE OF RELEASE!!!! At least he got the right the language!!

Lastly, my favorite one of all! We now go head over to mangafox for this beauty!!! This smartarse user named Wallied from mangafox decided to translate the whole manga!!! Thats right guys, he translated the whole manga in one night -_- Now that’s what i call dedication!!! Though, It was all wasted as we were releasing the english version the next day, so uh… good on ya Wallied!!! Go see it here:

Anyway guys, I hope you had a good Easter and April fools day. I will be seeing you soon for more releases so keep an eye out, so till next time!

Peace out!!!!

April 2, 2013 at 10:30 am 5 comments

Where the Rain Falls – DECLASSIFIED!!!

When the rain falls

You guys are in for a special treat today, we are giving out a double dose of manga goodness today. That’s right we have decided to release both of our two one shots that we have been working on all on the one day. Our first one shot release of the day is When The Rain Falls!

Now we know this has already been released, but when we started on this a long time ago it was yet to be released. Now that it is complete, we decided to release it anyway. B-werx gives more details in the intro of the manga.

When the Rain Falls is quite an interesting manga and is quite different to what we usually release. We started this project more then a year ago and was forgotten, until recently!!! A few final tweaks later and now it is ready to be released today to you guys!!!

The story is quite dark and serious and it is about a man named Yoshikawa and how his ex-girlfriend who he knew in the past has died. The story then tells about how he use’s his experience’s with another girl who he catches posting up posters for her missing cat and how he relates his experiences with her in retelling and dealing with the story of his girlfriend in the past.

I find it pretty hard to explain this manga, but trust me its a good and a meaningful read. Get it HERE

Anyway guys prepare yourselves, because our second release is just around the corner!!

Peace out!!!

February 9, 2013 at 3:13 pm 2 comments

Tokkou! Maid Thunder Chapter 3 RELEASE!!!

Tokkou! Maid Thunder chapter 03

Yamada has unfortunately gotten himself into having a boxing match with the captain of the boxing club (no thanks to President of the Public Morals Council, Kazama!) over the boxing club disregarding public morals!! Unfortunately for Yamada, he has no fighting training at all to beat this guy, if he even decides to play fair. Of course, Thunder is more then happy to help him out, being his maid and all… Want to see what will happen? Then go get it HERE or read it first HERE!

Yes that’s right guy’s, this is the very first chapter of Tokkou! Maid Thunder to be released by Angry Fox! Chapter 3 was fortunately done quickly as well still looking great, so I thank everyone who helped! We are hoping to make this a weekly release, so hopefully next week you will be seeing chapter 4 of this at the same time today! Hope you enjoy this release, as we will be releasing more of it!!

Peace out!

(P.S I know some of you are wondering why we aren’t releasing H+P instead of this. This is because we are having troubles with the raws of H+P, so we decided to release the next highest rated project on the poll, which was this. This can change of course if someone can find us the volume 2 raws of H+P)

February 1, 2013 at 4:56 pm 19 comments

Fuku Neko 9

0000069 - ch09Well people, here it is. This was finished long ago, but I had to take down my desktop for a couple weeks. There’s a strange feeling of satisfaction in knowing I built my own desk and ran my own network. Guess it’s good to have a sense of pride every once in awhile. Other than that, I have nothing else to say, so get the chapter here.

January 20, 2013 at 4:16 am 3 comments

Magikano Ch. 28 RELEASE!!!

Magikano ch 28

Yuri is having a little problem, it seems that her father is determined to find her a fiance and without wasting any time three stalwart men were already gathered for selection and Haruo is not one of them. When things seemed bad Haruo steps in along with Ayumi to join Yuri’s family dojo for training. With her beloved childhood friend as a student at their dojo she can train him to become the man fit to be her fiance without his knowledge of course. Will Yuri succeed in her plan? Or will Ayumi catch wind of Yuris secret fiance scheme and thwart it?

We know you have been itching to find out! Go get it HERE or read it first HERE!

How long has it been? It’s been more than ONE friggin’ year since the last release! It’s not surprising some of you guys may have lost hope, but don’t worry, we still haven’t given up on finishing this series for you guys. We’ll try to make the releases a bit more frequent this time. We hope you guys enjoy this release!

You want Magikano releases to come out more often? If you know how to translate Japanese to English we need your help! You can apply in our forum or catch either Caboov, Woahevil1 or Xrayder in IRC and tell them you’re interested.

January 18, 2013 at 4:17 pm 12 comments

Fuku Neko Chapter 04 Release!

A guy and a cat girl living alone together, something is bound to happen and Ichirou (not his real name) wants to make IT happen. But before they can get down to business, Ichirou has to move first and he has to do it fast! Will he be successful, or will it end up a flop? Guess who won’t be getting a good sleep tonight, because somebody will be playing with the lights all night.

Go get the chapter HERE!

Read it in it’s original quality HERE!

Don’t forget to visit Black Rock Scans, the other team that helped provide you guys this very interestingly cute, yet sexy manga.

January 3, 2012 at 6:04 am 4 comments

Tayutama Kiss on My Deity Chapter 06 Release!

tayutama kiss on my deity chapter 06

Finally, Yuuri has discovered the way to cure his and Mashiro’s condition, the answer lies within his heart, but with Mashiro gone, things won’t be easy for Yuuri. Will he ever find Mashiro again? What does Yuuri plan to do? Read on to find out!

The Tayutama – Kiss on My Deity manga was only a single volume release, and it only contained 6 chapters, though it’s possible that the tankoubon release may have contained an omake extra chapter, but we may never get the chance to see that, since no tankoubon scans were ever available for this series so far. It was a fun and fulfilling project for us at the AFS, on behalf of the AFS team, I’d like to thank you guys for supporting Tayutama – Kiss on My Deity. If you liked this manga, don’t forget to support it’s creators by purchasing official stuff especially the games.

You can get the chapterat the Releases Page or at the Tayutama – Kiss on My Deity Page. Happy reading!

Please don’t forget to drop by in our Angry Fox Forum to show your love for Tayutama!

July 6, 2011 at 5:17 am 15 comments

Tayutama Kiss on My Deity Chapter 05 Release!

tayutama kiss on my deity chapter 05

The scene opens with Mashiro being brutally attacked and it seems that the person holding the knife is Yuuri. Did Yuuri finally listened to Ouryuu’s advice? What will become of Mashiro? Read on to find out!

Finally! The fifth chapter of Tayutama has been updated, it’s been way overdue and I apologize for the long delay because of some real life stuff and there was another incident involving one of the valued AFS staff with another group. Anyway, I hope you guys like this little presentation.

You can get the file HERE. Happy reading!

On other stuff, the Haru to Natsu Poll have gathered more than a hundred votes within less than a week. Ren-chan has already started work with the transcripts for chapter 6 and hopefully she’ll get it done in a few days. Keep a watch out for that and also for the next Magikano release. Work had been pretty slow because of some technicalities, but hopefully we’ll get things back on track.

May 31, 2011 at 6:11 pm 4 comments

Tayutama Kiss on My Deity Chapter 04 Release!

tayutama kiss on my deity chapter 04

Yuuri’s body has turned into a girl and Ouryuu knows of a way to cure him, but it has something to do with Mashiro and it doesn’t sound very good. Now Yuuri is faced with one of the most difficult decisions, choose to remain a girl  or do what Ouryuu told him. What will he do? Will he sacrifice himself to save Mashiro? Read on to find out!!

You can get the chapter at the Releases Page. Happy reading!

March 19, 2011 at 12:29 pm 13 comments

Tayutama Kiss on My Deity Chapter 03 Release!

tayutama kiss on my deity chapter 03

After Mashiro has recovered from her condition, Yuuri woke up the next day finding out that he turned into a girl and a sexy one at that! Everybody went out to have fun on a resort and everybody seems to be enjoying themselves except for Yuuri, Will he ever turn back into a guy? Will all their ideas to cure Yuuri’s condition even work? Read on to find out!

You can get the chapter at the Releases Page. Happy reading!

February 8, 2011 at 6:40 am 5 comments

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