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Tokkou! Maid Thunder Chapter 4 RELEASE!!!

Tokkou! Maid Thunder chapter 04

There’s been a robbery at Yamada’s school!! Unfortunately, according to the pres and the Public Morals Council, Thunder is the prime suspect. Of course, the Pres takes this opportunity to hopefully get closer to Yamada, really close… Is it really Thunder that did this crime or is something else going on? Find out by getting it HERE or reading it first HERE


Here we are again, same time as last week with a new chapter of Tokkou! Maid Thunder for you guys. I told you guys it would be out same time next week. You all doubted me didn’t you!! Though, a release by this weekend was looking a bit iffy for awhile but luckily we were all able to lift our games and were able to release it on time, because we love you guys that much. Once again I would like to thank everyone that helped on the project, especially Gyudon, which this being the first project he has translated for us. You should seem him, he is very excited!!!!

Lastly, I am offering 1000 cookies to whoever can find and capture the person who hot linked our release. Dead or Alive!

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this chapter of Tokkou! Maid Thunder. Till next time!

Peace out!

February 8, 2013 at 3:25 pm 7 comments

Tokkou! Maid Thunder Chapter 3 RELEASE!!!

Tokkou! Maid Thunder chapter 03

Yamada has unfortunately gotten himself into having a boxing match with the captain of the boxing club (no thanks to President of the Public Morals Council, Kazama!) over the boxing club disregarding public morals!! Unfortunately for Yamada, he has no fighting training at all to beat this guy, if he even decides to play fair. Of course, Thunder is more then happy to help him out, being his maid and all… Want to see what will happen? Then go get it HERE or read it first HERE!

Yes that’s right guy’s, this is the very first chapter of Tokkou! Maid Thunder to be released by Angry Fox! Chapter 3 was fortunately done quickly as well still looking great, so I thank everyone who helped! We are hoping to make this a weekly release, so hopefully next week you will be seeing chapter 4 of this at the same time today! Hope you enjoy this release, as we will be releasing more of it!!

Peace out!

(P.S I know some of you are wondering why we aren’t releasing H+P instead of this. This is because we are having troubles with the raws of H+P, so we decided to release the next highest rated project on the poll, which was this. This can change of course if someone can find us the volume 2 raws of H+P)

February 1, 2013 at 4:56 pm 19 comments

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