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KissXsis ch.28 – DECLASSIFIED

Released as a chapter filler for MangaFox, this is actually the very first release of the lesser known and a newly established group called the “Angry Fox Scans” way back in 2009. The work for this chapter took more than two months due to the on-off work progress and not to mention that only one person worked on it.

KissXsis was originally intended to be included in the AFS projects, but because of many complications and lack of dedicated translators, the project was scrapped and only one chapter was ever completed. Since the pioneering groups that worked on KissXsis dropped the title, AFS sought to pick up this project, but work on this title was proven to be difficult.

There are other titles that AFS worked on that were never officially released here. The Secret Projects are collection of failed attempts on other titles that never made it to the AFS project lineup. You can get the chapter HERE!

August 15, 2011 at 7:50 pm 2 comments

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