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Imouto Loveru ch. 02 Italian Edition RELEASE!!


It’s another release of our favorite siblings and this time it’s in Italian! This version is from our good friends all the way from Italy, the Black Light Manga Scans team! Thanks to Kevorth for the effort and their hard work! For our fellow manga fans based in Italy, this is for you!

You can get the links to the release HERE or read it HERE! And don’t forget to pay them a visit HERE!! And don’t be shy to drop by at their IRC channel, you’ll find that they are a very friendly bunch.

Other international groups who are interested in releasing our works in their local language is very welcome! Just don’t forget to leave us a message at our forums HERE.

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Imouto LoveRu Chapter 02 Release!


HAPPY EASTER Everyone! Look at what the Easter Bunny brought. It’s the latest Imouto Loveru release!!

Yamato just couldn’t believe his eyes, his wish of having a little sister finally came true! Being just out of the wish, Yamato’s new little sister, Moeka doesn’t have any spare clothes. And being the overly caring big brother (with ulterior motives) that he is, Yamato coaxed his sisters to go out shopping for underwear! With a panty-less little sister, a perverted older sister and a big brother with an ulterior motive, you can be sure that trouble is just around the corner. After the trouble at the mall was sorted, a new and even bigger trouble walked right in to Yamato’s front door and she is very suspicious of Moeka’s identity, what will Yamato do? And what has become of Moeka’s undies!? Read on to find out!!

You can get the latest release HERE, and if you can’t get the link to work, go check other mirrors HERE. If that still doesn’t work, you better just read it first HERE!!

Though the raws came out in Early February, RL stuff just made the production of this chapter to go ever so slowly. Thankfully enough we managed to finish it (though a bit late). We still need help you know! If you guys like our releases and want to help out, we are specifically looking for JP translators to help with the speedy releases and revive long dormant projects. If you guys are interested, just leave us a message in our join page, or in our forums. Let’s meet again on the next chapter!!

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Imouto LoveRu Chapter 01 Release!


If you ever have the chance to get one wish granted what will it be? Well, Yamato Sakura only have one thing in mind and that is to have his very own ideal little sister. An antisocial guy living alone while his parents are working overseas, the ones he can only talk to are the stuffed rabbit memento of his deceased older sister and his collection of little sisters. One day his older sister’s stuffed rabbit started talking and magically transformed into a girl claiming that she is Yamato’s older sister who came back to grant him a single wish, but he has to surrender his virginity in return. What will Yamato do? Can his wish really come true?

Curious? Go get it HERE or read it HERE!

Talk about a To LoveRu spin-off title, bet most of you guys were hoping to see a Mikan manga, well sorry to disappoint you, but this one is an equally interesting manga as well. During the loss of the AFS database somebody has to fill in something while the archive is being rebuilt. Good news is that during the course of production for Imouto LoveRu we were able to reclaim the entirety of the AFS files and with Ren-chan’s return we will be making follow up releases on long hiatus projects!.

For those who are wondering when the next chapter will be out, this manga seems to be a bimonthly release, and as stated on the bottom of the last page the next chapter will come out on February. And that is in Japan only, we don’t know when the raw will be scanned and released though, but let’s hope for the best!

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