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Chibi Miku-san Comics Bundle 5 Release!

Vocaloid Chibi Miku-san Comic #41

Here is another bundle of Chibi Miku-san. We have been monitoring the AFS site hits and a lot of search engine hits on the AFS site are about Chibi Miku. Averaging of 20% of hits daily is about Chibi Miku and other fans have been asking “Did we drop Chibi Miku?” Well, how can I answer? It’s actually one of our side projects, and we never gave it much thought till recently. Since many of you guys are requesting for updates, here it is! We’ll try to make frequent releases of this side project as much as possible. Also keep a watch out for extra goodies we’ll occasionally throw in.

You can get the new bundle at the Chibi Miku-san Page or the Releases Page. Happy Reading!

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Chibi Miku-san Comics Bundle 3 Release!

chibi miku-san bundle 003

We’re taking a breather from our hectic scanlation activity to give you this little bundle. Chibi Miku is indeed a little bundle of a whole lot of fluffyness (as Ren-chan would say). We hope you guys enjoy it!

You can download the file from the Releases Page.

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Chibi Miku-san Comics Bundle 2 Release!

chibi Miku-san bundle 002

Work progress continues, but as we crunch away the hours working on the AFS latest releases, Ren-chan did some work for the Chibi Miku-san 2nd bundle to relieve some of her stress. Indeed, after seeing Chibi Miku one could say that she takes your worries away 🙂

You can download the file HERE or you can visit the Release Page. You can also drop by to Minami’s Diary site here

We hope you enjoy it!

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Chibi Miku-san Comics by Minami Now Available!

Chibi Miku-san

Vocaloid Chibi Miku-san Comic

It’s been half a year since Ren-chan had the idea of compiling and adding some adlibs on the Chibi Miku-san web comics. Eventually she did, and since it’s a webcomic we never had the idea of uploading it on a manga host site. Anyway, I just thought of putting it up here just in case anybody is interested to see it ^_^

You can download the files from the links below, or you can visit our Release Page and check out new bundle releases. You can also drop by to Minami’s Diary site here

We hope you enjoy it!


The Chibi Miku-san comic is a fan base comic featuring the vocaloid casts and other original valcaloid fan creations such as Kasane Teto, Makita Neru, Yowane, Ruuko and others more, the story mainly revolves on Miku’s little sister named “Chibi Miku” and her daily life with her friends


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