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Haru to Natsu Ch.14 RELEASE!

Haru to Natsu

Inamori attends Makoto and Haruna’s school and is one of the best badminton players there. However Inamori battles against Natsumi (who never plays badminton)in a match, only to lose. Seeking revenge, Inamori challenges Natsumi to a re-match. However, Natsumi declines and so Inamori decides to verse the next best person, Haruna! Will Haruna win against the newest girl Inamori, or will something else occur? Find out by getting the chapter HERE or goto HERE or read it HERE.

Unfortunately, as said before, both B-werx and I have had serious computer troubles for the last few weeks and so that is why there has been no releases for those few weeks. As said before in B-werx’s Taihen News (seriously this guy likes to change the name of thing alot ahaha) my HDD had to be wiped, which means alot of the work that has been done on various series was also deleted. We are working as hard as we can to catch up with these things, so please don’t all riot! XD

Anyway guys, hopefully Seifuku will be released next (maybe in the coming week if we are lucky) so be on the look out for that! Till next time,


July 6, 2013 at 11:03 am 9 comments

Haru to Natsu REAL ch 13.5 release!!!

Haru to Natsu ch 13.5

This is the real Haru to Natsu ch.13.5 release, that is in English!!!
(I’m feeling lazy, so I’m going to copy the intro from before!! :P)
In this chapter, Haruna is has fallen ill with the flu and unfortunately Natsumi has her swimming club meeting on (see chapter 12 ;D ) so she can’t look after her! Of course, Makoto is more then willing to help, but not without the help of Natsumi’s advice…. Go HERE, HERE or go to OUR IRC, then type “!HTN13.5”. (The old one has been removed!!!).

Well guys, we certainly had a funny April Fools here at Angry fox!!! I do hope you guys liked our troll release of Haru to Natsu, Bigfoot and his friends Troll and The Great Beard put a lot of effort into producing this release for you, so you should thank them!!!! We found it quite interesting how gullible some people can be, and we found some hilarious comments that I am about to show you now:

First comment of the day is from Visitor 440690 of Mangahere who said:

“Why you no in English?”

Answer: I truly wonder about that??? Is it because its April fools day? Nah it couldn’t possibly be that…. Actually there were lots of comments saying this! It blew our mind!! One of our staff Xrayder also posted a answer on Mangahere:
Hi I’m Xrayder and I typeset for the group.I’m very sorry about it not being in English like our other releases.but you see… We traded our JP-ENG TLer for a JP-SWE TLer in order to further our relations with another group. I hope you will forgive us.

Another group of comments were things like from Visitor 440694 who said, “Is this in German?” or Visitor 440693 “I think its German”. We even got this funny one from Visitor 422721 who said “man i needa keep up with the fads i didnt know german was the new english!”
Answer: No its not German guys, it even says specifically in the credits THAT IT’S SWEDISH XD!! Just because it has dots on the top of the a and such it does not mean it’s german XD!!

I really like this one!! This is from Visitor 389217 who said:

“Lol so it is in swedish? First i thought, german? No, cant be, dutch? No i think its prolly swedish or any of the scandinavian country i tried googleing it but i cant find what language other than it sounds scandinavian with the a dot dot. Lord help i cannot tell european language apart! Im very good with chn, jpn, korean, malay, indonesian, thai, vietnamese, thou i ve no clue what it means except for malay and indonesian but i can tell em apart but no telling european language apart! Still most ppl dont speak other lingos besides the easiest, english, so please dont do this again. I wish i can speak more languages but so hard! I wish everybody would speak the same language, curse the towel of babel!”

Answer:….. WOW!! This guy spent all this time looking all over to find out which language it was in, YET ONCE AGAIN IT WAS WRITTEN ON THE FIRST PAGE OF RELEASE!!!! At least he got the right the language!!

Lastly, my favorite one of all! We now go head over to mangafox for this beauty!!! This smartarse user named Wallied from mangafox decided to translate the whole manga!!! Thats right guys, he translated the whole manga in one night -_- Now that’s what i call dedication!!! Though, It was all wasted as we were releasing the english version the next day, so uh… good on ya Wallied!!! Go see it here:

Anyway guys, I hope you had a good Easter and April fools day. I will be seeing you soon for more releases so keep an eye out, so till next time!

Peace out!!!!

April 2, 2013 at 10:30 am 5 comments

Haru to Natsu Ch.13.5 release!!!


Guess what, you guys are special. Even the bald guy over there. Yeah I’m talking to you! Because you guys are so special to us we decided to give you a special treat in return!! After a lot of blood, sweat and tears, we have managed to produce chapter 13.5 of haru to natsu for you guys. In this chapter, Haruna is has fallen ill with the flu and unfortunately Natsumi has her swimming club meeting on (see chapter 12 ;D ) so she can’t look after her! Of course, Makoto is more then willing to help, but not without the help of Natsumi’s advice…. Go git HERE. WE ALSO NOW HAVE A NEW IRC DOWNLOAD BOT, MIYAKO!!!! SO GO TO OUR IRC, THEN TYPE “!HTN13.5” , ITS THAT SIMPLE!!!! Thankyou to Georgi for setting this up, we really appreciate it!

Finally we are getting out some releases. Releases of what you say? You know, that animal called manga? Yeah, that creature hasn’t been around these parts for so long it has been forgotten. Because of this, some of us staff decided to sharpen our swords and head out to hunt down this mythical beast called manga, to prove to everyone that it is still alive! We survived the hurricane of bad raw’s and viscous attacks from real life stuff to finally reach the mythical roaming plains of the manga! Unfortunately, we managed to only capture a few, but if we stay strong, I’m sure in the coming days and weeks we will be able to find and capture more of our manga for the world!!!

So yeah, seeya very soon for the next update!!! Till next time!

Peace out!

April 1, 2013 at 3:40 am 1 comment

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