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Fuku Neko 16


The back story how Nana got her human form, it is a more somber and heart warming story of how a little cat wanted his sister to live.

You can get it HERE, or from the mirrors HERE, or read it in full resolution HERE.

It’s kinda upsetting to know that it took half a year before this chapter came out. I believe it was about ready early on the first quarter of this year (2014) but due to RL stuff and probably laziness on my part, this release got held back so many times people just forgot about it. Anyway, it’s now out and the next chapter release will be the final and closing chapter of this series. Let’s just hope the assigned proofer (Caboov) will finish his work on it soon so that we can finally put this project to rest.

Mini Taihen News

On other things. The designated series I was supposed to be working on this month got held back, naming Magikano, Haru to Natsu & Gou-dere. I feel that I had to work on these lesser projects first since these (naming, Maid Cafe ‘Curio’, Seifuku, & ‘FukuNeko’) were all nearly complete. As much as I would like to deliver good stuff to you guys, but the reality is that we really are short on ‘DEDICATED’ staff, and the people we need on these projects are preferably with experience, so that it won’t upset many of you. The major projects I mentioned earlier were all bottlenecks on our productivity flow. Now that the easy ones are done, we’ll be dealing with them on these upcoming weeks. So, hopefully, we’ll have releases of your favorite series this coming month. I cannot make a promise, but we’ll try to put them all out for your enjoyment.

August 29, 2014 at 2:45 pm 3 comments

Fuku Neko 14


After the commotion at the shrine, while on their way home Miya seem to be more clingy than usual. What could this mean? Is Ichirou finally going to get lucky like that guy from Nyatto? Or is Miya only having gas spasms from eating too much fried chicken? Read it to find out!

Go git it HERE!! Or get it from one of the mirrors HERE, if you’re too spoiled to even bother looking for the DL links, you can read it HERE!

Finally got that chapter out… Sad news is that we’ll be taking a break on releasing Fuku Neko, the proofer assigned to finish the remaining chapters hasn’t reported yet for any updates -_-

Things are slowing down a bit due to lack of motivation from recently active staff (including me). I was going to make another Taihen Report, but I suddenly came down with the “Lazyness syndrome”, I’m pretty much occupied at the moment due to an upcoming Gundam event near my area and I’m working on my entry for that event. With that said, this may only be our release for the Month of October. Though the situation seem grim, we will still try to inch our way with our projects. Let’s meet again o the next release update!! (Soon, I hope)

October 4, 2013 at 2:22 pm 4 comments

Fuku Neko 13


New emotions are stirring up inside Miya’s heart as she competes with Nana over a present given to her by Ichirou. What will Miya do? Is Ichirou finally going to accept Miya? Read on to find out more!

Gp get it HERE or HERE, if all of that still failed, read it in its full glory HERE

Some of our staff were perplexed when Fuku Neko chapter 12 came out because many thought that the remaining materials for this series has been used up, but after digging deeper into the archives I discovered additional materials from our proofer Videshi. Unfortunately all workable materials are until chapter 14. Hopefully our other resident proofer, Caboov will manage to finish the proofing of the rest of the chapters. Till next release!

September 3, 2013 at 12:15 pm 2 comments

Fuku Neko 10 + 11


Here it is. Yet another inconsistent Fuku Neko release, and it’s a double release. I’ll keep this short and to the point. I’ve added the triggers to download from IRC. You can get them from Black Rock Scans channel at #BLACKROCK. I got nothing else to say so enjoy reading and get all the new and previous releases here.

February 24, 2013 at 5:10 am 2 comments

Fuku Neko 9

0000069 - ch09Well people, here it is. This was finished long ago, but I had to take down my desktop for a couple weeks. There’s a strange feeling of satisfaction in knowing I built my own desk and ran my own network. Guess it’s good to have a sense of pride every once in awhile. Other than that, I have nothing else to say, so get the chapter here.

January 20, 2013 at 4:16 am 3 comments

Fuku Neko 8 Release


Well guys, here you are. Fuku Neko chapter 8. This chapter was done some time ago, but due to The Elder Scrolls various reasons, it took longer than it should have. If I can stay away from Skyrim and Oblivion those distractions, the next release should happen sooner rather than later.

Get the chapters here

Also, a tip. If you rarely use something, but it is considered important, like your Social Security card, always remember where you leave it. You never know when you’ll need it all of a sudden. Nothing like getting called for an interview, and spending your day looking for it.

December 11, 2012 at 11:04 pm 2 comments

Fuku Neko Chapter 6 & 7 Release!!


Delays, delays, delays and even more delays! Who thought that life could get so complicated so fast!? As promised, here is the double release of FukuNeko, some group has picked up on it but, unfortunately for them we already had the entire volume translated and we’ll soon take over the project.

You can get the chapters HERE! We hope you guys enjoy it!

Scanlation projects are like park benches, the kind that you got used to sit on and as time goes by it becomes a routine of sorts. You go to the park and sit on your spot until a time comes that you’re not able to sit on that spot for a while and when you return back to that routine you find somebody else already sitting on it. The feeling of wanting to boot out that person occupying your favorite spot starts to kick in, but you can’t just boot that person out because you don’t own the bench to begin with! The only thing to do is beat that person in sitting on to that bench till the offender either gives up or sits beside you giving off that uncomfortable awkward moment. Well, that is what this will end up to be, so we’ll be putting the group back online and back with newer updates to projects that were left on hiatus for so long. Look forward to it!

We’ll be reclaiming our throne baby!!

October 22, 2012 at 4:35 am 13 comments

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