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Dead Soul Revolver Ch 10 RELEASE!!


After a brush with a group of low level exorcists, Kenichi and Miyu are now on the run trying to hide their true identities, but it seems Kenichi is having trouble hiding his dead giveaway horns! And what’s worse is that there is another exorcist who is after them and she won’t stop until the pair is dead! What will Miyu and Kenichi do? Is this it for them? Or will we ever see ecchi shots in this chapter!? Read on to find out!!

Go git it HERE, or if that doesn’t work, go HERE! If that still doesn’t work, read it first HERE!! Sorry folks, update for the IRC download will be done later, so you better wait for that one.

This should be a weekly release, but due to RL stuff, this release got set back a few weeks =_=

Anyway, here it is finally seeing the light of day! We hope you guys enjoyed this release!

May 14, 2013 at 8:06 pm 3 comments

Dead Soul Revolver ch.9 RELEASE!!!!

Dead Soul Revolver ch.9

After their battle with Kanamoto Kana, Kenchi somehow managed to take Miyu and himself all the way to a small country town in Great Britain and were taken in my by one of the townsfolk!!! Of course, just as it is in Japan, Britain also has their own problems with demons and there own way with dealing with them! What will the duo do and will they manage to get back to Japan in one piece? Find out by getting the release HERE, HERE or go to OUR IRC, then type “!DSR9”.

Well guys, we just love pumping out new releases of manga for you, so we thought why not continue the trend with the pickup of Dead Soul Revolver for you guys! I would like to extend a extra big thanks to Mayoi who has done the translations for us and thank you to Edraii for organizing and getting the translations off of Mayoi, because without them this manga would not have probably gone forward! Now we are hoping to make this manga a weekly release, so hopefully we will be back again next week with chapter 10!!!

Now guess what! We have 2 more new and different manga releases coming your way!! THAT’S RIGHT, 2!!! No we are not crazy, we just want to give you guys some good manga! So til next time guys!


April 16, 2013 at 12:31 pm 8 comments

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