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Haru to Natsu Proper Chapter Order FIXED!


The proper chapter ordering of Haru to Natsu has been fixed and now the AFS release archive reflect the chapter numbering of the Tankoubon releases. You guys can now enjoy Haru to Natsu in their proper chapter order! You can check out the neatly rearranged chapters from HERE!!

  • Chapter 01 – Wrong Twin
  • Chapter 02 – N/A
  • Chapter 03 – N/A
  • Chapter 04 – Great Reaction Series!!
  • Extra Chapter 1 – N/A
  • Extra Chapter 2 – N/A
  • Chapter 04.5 – Special
  • Chapter 05 – It Could Be Important From the Start This Time
  • Chapter 06 – Great Response
  • Chapter 07 – Let’s Do Some Stretches
  • Chapter 08 – Strip Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament
  • Chapter 09 – Boyfriend
  • Chapter 10 – Hot Spring Getaway
  • Chapter 11 – Do You Like Flowers?
  • Chapter 12 – Let’s Meet Online!
  • Chapter 13 – Touma’s Determination
  • Chapter 14 – The Case of the Missing Panties
  • Chapter 15 – Summer Cold
  • Chapter 16 – Summer Cold Part 2
  • Chapter 17 – A Player’s Revenge
  • Chapter 18 – Swimming Lessons
  • Chapter 19 – Will You Stay For Some Cookies?
  • Chapter 20 – TBA

It took a while to recompile the releases, but I finally pulled through. For those who didn’t know, the AFS chapter numbering got messed up because of irregularities from the magazine raws that we were using. The htn chapters that come from the magazines were only labeled by date, not by chapter number, so we normally numbered the chapters based on the dates they were marked, unfortunately, those dates were not reliable and another thing that added to the confusion are the less than 30 chapter pages that were marked as special chapters. well, all that has been resolved now, I hope that this helps clear up some things with those who had seen the tankoubon raws.

December 25, 2015 at 8:46 pm 5 comments

Haru to Natsu Ch.14 RELEASE!

Haru to Natsu

Inamori attends Makoto and Haruna’s school and is one of the best badminton players there. However Inamori battles against Natsumi (who never plays badminton)in a match, only to lose. Seeking revenge, Inamori challenges Natsumi to a re-match. However, Natsumi declines and so Inamori decides to verse the next best person, Haruna! Will Haruna win against the newest girl Inamori, or will something else occur? Find out by getting the chapter HERE or goto HERE or read it HERE.

Unfortunately, as said before, both B-werx and I have had serious computer troubles for the last few weeks and so that is why there has been no releases for those few weeks. As said before in B-werx’s Taihen News (seriously this guy likes to change the name of thing alot ahaha) my HDD had to be wiped, which means alot of the work that has been done on various series was also deleted. We are working as hard as we can to catch up with these things, so please don’t all riot! XD

Anyway guys, hopefully Seifuku will be released next (maybe in the coming week if we are lucky) so be on the look out for that! Till next time,


July 6, 2013 at 11:03 am 9 comments

Tokkou! Maid Thunder Chapter 4 RELEASE!!!

Tokkou! Maid Thunder chapter 04

There’s been a robbery at Yamada’s school!! Unfortunately, according to the pres and the Public Morals Council, Thunder is the prime suspect. Of course, the Pres takes this opportunity to hopefully get closer to Yamada, really close… Is it really Thunder that did this crime or is something else going on? Find out by getting it HERE or reading it first HERE


Here we are again, same time as last week with a new chapter of Tokkou! Maid Thunder for you guys. I told you guys it would be out same time next week. You all doubted me didn’t you!! Though, a release by this weekend was looking a bit iffy for awhile but luckily we were all able to lift our games and were able to release it on time, because we love you guys that much. Once again I would like to thank everyone that helped on the project, especially Gyudon, which this being the first project he has translated for us. You should seem him, he is very excited!!!!

Lastly, I am offering 1000 cookies to whoever can find and capture the person who hot linked our release. Dead or Alive!

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this chapter of Tokkou! Maid Thunder. Till next time!

Peace out!

February 8, 2013 at 3:25 pm 7 comments

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