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Fuku Neko 10 + 11


Here it is. Yet another inconsistent Fuku Neko release, and it’s a double release. I’ll keep this short and to the point. I’ve added the triggers to download from IRC. You can get them from Black Rock Scans channel at #BLACKROCK. I got nothing else to say so enjoy reading and get all the new and previous releases here.

February 24, 2013 at 5:10 am 2 comments

Fuku Neko 9

0000069 - ch09Well people, here it is. This was finished long ago, but I had to take down my desktop for a couple weeks. There’s a strange feeling of satisfaction in knowing I built my own desk and ran my own network. Guess it’s good to have a sense of pride every once in awhile. Other than that, I have nothing else to say, so get the chapter here.

January 20, 2013 at 4:16 am 3 comments

Fuku Neko 8 Release


Well guys, here you are. Fuku Neko chapter 8. This chapter was done some time ago, but due to The Elder Scrolls various reasons, it took longer than it should have. If I can stay away from Skyrim and Oblivion those distractions, the next release should happen sooner rather than later.

Get the chapters here

Also, a tip. If you rarely use something, but it is considered important, like your Social Security card, always remember where you leave it. You never know when you’ll need it all of a sudden. Nothing like getting called for an interview, and spending your day looking for it.

December 11, 2012 at 11:04 pm 2 comments

ALIVE!! And Making Updates!

From the ashes of hiatus our angry little fox arises and he’s more furious than ever! Like a Phoenix that rises from the ashes comes forth our angry little fox in a blaze of fury!!! Why so angry, you ask? Somebody had the gall to hijack a joint project! “You know which kitty I’m talking about, yeah that kitty living with the nameless Ronin guy. LEAVE THAT KITTEN ALONE!!” or the Black Rock guys will start throwing rocks at you, and they won’t be the small kind!

Well, we’re partially to blame for that. We’re sorry for having a life. Now that our life things have subsided (a little) it’s time for some updates!

First off let’s start with some questions from our visitors.

Elise, ShiroYasha and QB wants to know:

“I don’t know if it’s your policy but, I wanted to read your translation of Tayutama-Kiss On My Goddess and it says I need a password. I’m sorry to be a freeloader, I just wanted to read it :(”

– Elise

“Uhh.. I was just wondering, what happened to the Hanaukyo releases? All of the files are set to private :|


“and a little question…why did the MF link says:

This file is currently set to private.
When a file is set to private by its owner only the owner of the file can access it. If you are the owner of the file please log into your account to access this file.”

– QB


Since the MegaUpload incident MediaFire has been very carefully monitoring stuff they host and if they find something suspicious, they delete it. So, to prevent our entire archive from being deleted permanently the files were locked away for safe keeping, but don’t worry, they will be unlocked pretty soon once we get back into releasing stuff. We’ll backup copies and hopefully find another host site for the files.

Bergil asks:

“Did Ren-chan leave the group too?”


She’s currently tutoring part-time so she doesn’t have much time to work on the translations, and because of that we’re stuck with nothing to do. But don’t worry! We have a new member named Rave-Jai-Ho and he’ll be helping out with the translations. Plus Lessee lends us a hand on some stuff every once in a while.

Here’s a rather long inquisition from Asakura Meiseki, he wrote:

“Hello! I’ve been reading free manga on batoto/mangahere and came to this website. I saw the manga translator requiting page, and had some questions I would like clarification on. 1. Is there an age requirement? (Will I have to be over a certain age to help?) 2. Is it ok even if I have never helped translating? 3. How many hours/Is there a certain due deadline for a translation work? Thanks.”


Question 1: Since our projects are geared up for teens, I suppose 15 years and up is our age requirement. It won’t be right if you’re 13 below and your parents caught you translating ecchi mangas.

Question 2: If you’re a beginner, that’s fine as long as you get the job done, but before we use your translation we will need to recheck it for accuracy and if there are cases of bad grammar and wrong spelling, our proofers and QC got that part covered.

Question 3: If we are to put a deadline, I suppose two weeks is enough time to work on pieces such as translation/cleaning/checking. But we’d prefer if you can finish as soon as you can. This is only for a hobby, so we don’t want to put too much pressure on our members and volunteers.

Projects Related Updates!

I know most of you guys are itching for news about if we’ll ever have new releases or if we’re ever going to continue, the answer is “HELL YEAH!”

Writer In Training (WIT) wants to know:

“So my Barbaric Girlfriend’s a GO?! Have you guys found a translator?”


It’s Akira in that cute girl’s body and the girl Nanako who’s doing a better job at being a guy in his body. Will they finally be able to switch back? Dunno, better read it till the very end to find out.

The news you guys have been waiting for, yes MBG it’s a GO! Translations for the next two chapters of volume 8 have been provided by “Solin“, yes the one and only! He’s been part of the original MFM team who worked to give you guys the pleasure of reading the last 2 volumes of MBG! And of course this won’t be moving along as it is now without the High Quality Raws provided by Orulyon. Also, I need to mention Nixxitus for sending some translations as well and Videshi for the superb proofing. We need to give Special Thanks to them for without them this update won’t even exist! Cleaning for the next MBG chapters shall commence this weekend and if things go well you guys will have plenty to look forward to in JUNE!

A guy called Clannad_92 wrote:

“ummm, need updates…please…”

(He’s talking about ‘Oniichan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne’)


UPDATE GALORE!! Thanks to Rave-Jai-Ho this project will see the light of day, FINALLY! Here’s a little snippet of what’s coming!

To commemorate the siblings’ reunion Akiko says something that is making her twin brother a bit uncomfortable.

Exciting ain’t it!? But there’s more!

Our beloved Ecchi twins Natsumi and Haruna will also be making a grand entry this month after the long hiatus, we’ll see them dish it out once more as they fight for the attention of one stuttering guy named Makoto.

Just as Natsumi said! (look at that guy’s happy grin. Somebody’s feeling lucky!)

You got it folks! You’ll be seeing double twin series this month!

Say hello to our lovable, yet scary resident ghosts of Urasai inn

Magical Maid Sumire-tan, the anime!?

Thanks to Lessee for the translation, though it was a bit difficult, he got it done! You guys will get to see our “Perfectly” clumsy and lovable maid Sumire as she tries to get her grudge across to Saito!

Also, we’ll be making a weekly release for our resident kitty named Miya. We just can’t let some random entity pick on our kitten! And the thought of seeing her being manhandled by others makes our little fox’s blood boil.

We can’t promise speedy works at the moment, but we’ll still try to deliver the enjoyment you guys are so looking for, and we’ll also try to have fun and enjoy ourselves as well while we’re at it.


Translations just don’t grow on trees, and most of us can’t read raw Japanese. If any of you guys are interested in helping out you are very welcome to join us or help us with the translations and cleaning works!

Positions Open:

  1. Japanese/Chinese to English Translators
  2. Cleaners
  3. Typesetters


  1. must not be younger than 15 (since we’re working mostly on ecchi mangas). No age limit because we believe that you can never be too old to understand foreign language
  2. Experience is preferred, but we also take in trainees. So, if you are an aspiring translator for a more popular group but doesn’t have any experience you can start with us!
  3. Must be able to work within a certain time limit of two weeks or less. The faster, the better!
  4. Must frequently check email or our  group forums for announcements and updates. Since most of us don’t (or can’t) use IRC, and most of us live in different time-zones we normally communicate through emails.
  5. Must be active! You may disappear for a few weeks, but make sure to let the group know that you’re still alive ^_^;

Well, if you think you got what it takes, leave us your application in the “Join Us” page with your desired position, a short description about yourself and your experience and your contact email of course.

May 31, 2012 at 6:57 am 10 comments

Tayutama Kiss on My Deity Chapter 05 Release!

tayutama kiss on my deity chapter 05

The scene opens with Mashiro being brutally attacked and it seems that the person holding the knife is Yuuri. Did Yuuri finally listened to Ouryuu’s advice? What will become of Mashiro? Read on to find out!

Finally! The fifth chapter of Tayutama has been updated, it’s been way overdue and I apologize for the long delay because of some real life stuff and there was another incident involving one of the valued AFS staff with another group. Anyway, I hope you guys like this little presentation.

You can get the file HERE. Happy reading!

On other stuff, the Haru to Natsu Poll have gathered more than a hundred votes within less than a week. Ren-chan has already started work with the transcripts for chapter 6 and hopefully she’ll get it done in a few days. Keep a watch out for that and also for the next Magikano release. Work had been pretty slow because of some technicalities, but hopefully we’ll get things back on track.

May 31, 2011 at 6:11 pm 4 comments

Sora no Otoshimono PICO! Chapter 01 Release!

Sora No Otoshimono Pico

The kick-off chapter of the Official Sora no Otoshimono spin-off 4 panel manga. The story revolves around the three Angeloids naming Astrea, Ikaros & Nymph and how they go about their not so ordinary life on earth.

This is one of the projects we did out of impulse because we really wanted to work on a Sora no Otoshimono release, but due to possibilities of conflict with other groups on this title we decided to work on the closest thing to it, and that is the spin-off. Hopefully nobody has ever released this one. We hope you guys enjoy this little release.

Go get it on the Releases Page, happy reading!

May 28, 2011 at 10:52 pm 14 comments

Haru to Natsu Chapter 5 Release!

haru to natsu ch 05

Makoto Finds himself alone with Haruna in a huge dojo, it seems that Haruna is determined to straighten his wavering heart. Meanwhile, Natsumi was handcuffed so that she won’t be able to interfere with Makoto’s training, but Natsumi had something else going on her mind. How does she plan to interfere this time? Will Makoto be able to survive another trouble with the twins? Read on to find out more!

You can download the file on the Releases Page, Happy reading!


We are not in any means engaged in a competition with other groups on who ever makes a release first. Animexis Scans is also doing their release of Haru to Natsu and frankly, their quality is better than ours, so once they release their version, make sure you guys support them. Go check them out HERE!

This release was due to constant requests that we have been receiving on our inbox. We only put out stuff if there is public demand, we don’t just decide this ourselves.

May 25, 2011 at 9:44 pm 7 comments

Tayutama Kiss on My Deity Chapter 04 Release!

tayutama kiss on my deity chapter 04

Yuuri’s body has turned into a girl and Ouryuu knows of a way to cure him, but it has something to do with Mashiro and it doesn’t sound very good. Now Yuuri is faced with one of the most difficult decisions, choose to remain a girl  or do what Ouryuu told him. What will he do? Will he sacrifice himself to save Mashiro? Read on to find out!!

You can get the chapter at the Releases Page. Happy reading!

March 19, 2011 at 12:29 pm 13 comments

Magikano Ch. 25 Release!

magikano chapter 25

The Yoshikawa family was invited to a dinner party by their new neighbor, but nothing would prepare them to what awaits them inside the mansion. Will all of them make it out alive? What is Merissa up to? Read on to find out!

It’s the first time we have such huge file for a release! This chapter contains nearly 50 pages so no wonder it grew that big, but I guess most of you guys won’t have much problem downloading it.

You can get the file at the Releases Page. Happy Reading!

March 9, 2011 at 4:00 pm 20 comments

Magikano Ch. 24 Release!

The climax of the Haruo rescue operation and Yuri joins the team to infiltrate the enemy’s castle. On their way the girls encountered Rika’s clones and Ayumi decided to unleash her magic and since Ayumi can’t control her magic because of the mirror’s curse will everyone get blown to smithereens? Will they be able to successfully complete their mission? Read on to find out!

ope you guys enjoy reading this release! you can get the file at the Releases Page.

Happy reading!

February 23, 2011 at 7:15 am 7 comments

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