Hanaukyo Maid Tai Chapter 41 Release!


A suspicious man was seen lurking around the Hanaukyo estate, what is his purpose for being there? Is this new intruder going to cause trouble for the Maids at the Hanaukyo manor? Read on to find out!

You can get it from HERE, or read it in its full unadulterated version HERE.

Wow…It’s been 7 years since our last release on this project O.o

Truth be told, not many staff wants to work on this project for some reason. Anyway, we’ll try to put out a chapter every now and then whenever we find the opportunity to work on it. We are severely understaffed now and with only two people on the helm and with work schedule thrown in the mix releases are bound to sporadic and most times scarce. We really do need dedicated volunteer staff for our projects. If you’re good at translating Japanese to English, a redrawer, a cleaner, or a typesetter we NEED you! Do drop us a message if you’re interested.

July 12, 2018 at 1:51 pm 4 comments

Magikano Ch. 40 – RELEASE!!


The treasure hunt continues! This time they will need the help of the “Queen of Darkness”, but nobody knows who she is! Will Haruo and the girls find her? Have we seen the last of the Crisis Management Bureau agents? The answers to this and more will be revealed in this new chapter.

You can get it from HERE, or read it in its full unadulterated version HERE

Yay! A new Magikano release and we didn’t have to wait another year for it. Other Magikano readers who speak a certain language were treated with the early release of chapter 40. It was actually an experiment we had, if it gathers a lot of readers we might make it a staple. Anyway, another news is that a new Hanaukyo Maid Tai chapter is on its way. For realsies!? FOR REALSIES!! I personally am handling the typesetting as we speak. Hopefully, I’ll get to finish it within a day or two. Now that’s one thing you guys can look forward to, also another Magikano chapter will be out very soon as well. You guys better keep an eye out for that too. See you guys on the next update!

July 11, 2018 at 8:36 pm 3 comments

Magikano Ch. 39 – RELEASE!!


Haruo and Rika found a magic ball that tells them where a treasure is located and the gang is out treasure hunting and their first stop is Yuri’s house. What kind of treasure will they find? Will it help solve the mystery why the Crisis Management Bureau is after Haruo? Read on to find out!

You can get it from HERE, or read it in its full unadulterated version HERE

It took a bit longer to finish this chapter mainly because of the redraws it required. After some procrastinating, I finally managed to get this chapter out. I’m also glad to report that a chapter for Project Jojo is underway and it will be out pretty soon… I hope. And on another note, AFS has received messages from Hanaukyo Maid Tai fans asking the status of the project, well there was supposed to be a new chapter in the works, but the staff assigned to work on it has quietly disappeared and I’m not sure whether anybody has actually finished it. I’ll go through the archives and see what I can to release the pending chapters, so until then I request for your patience.

June 22, 2018 at 7:30 pm 1 comment

TAIHEN News!! 「タイヘンニュース!!」 Ep 21 “ Some Progress News”

Taihen News

There weren’t much activity these few weeks because of RL stuff, but you guys can rest assure that we are still on the job. Magikano chapter 39 is progressing a bit slower in comparison to the other chapters since Yuri has a LOT of thought dialogues. She talks to herself a whole lot and most of her dialogues cover intricate tones that are maddening to reconstruct spanning over page after page! I’ll be really happy when this chapter is done. On the other hand, Project Jojo might get another release pretty soon! So better keep an eye out for that one as well. The release for project Jojo won’t be hosted here so, you can only read it at the site reader. That’s about it for the short report! Till next time folks!

April 2, 2018 at 11:32 am Leave a comment

Magikano Ch. 38 – RELEASE!!


Haruo and the gang came to visit Ayumi’s home to learn about why Haruo is being targetted, but they found something else instead. What is it that they found? Could it help Haruo discover the reason behind the assassination attempts? Is it another one of Michiru’s schemes? The plot thickens as Ayumi digs deeper into her family history, read on to find out!

Go get it from HERE, or from the mirror HERE, or read it in its full unadulterated version HERE.

Finally got this chapter out! Chapter 38 is more than 60 pages long, it’s nearly a double chapter release. I think the story is finally getting to the interesting parts as the MCs dig into the Mamiya library for clues and we finally get the answer as to why Merissa has a lot of Anjus serving her. The next chapter is currently in translation phase, hopefully, we’ll get it out before the month is over. We hope you enjoy this release!

March 2, 2018 at 10:13 pm 9 comments

Magikano Ch. 37 – RELEASE!!


With the ever-growing threat to Haruo’s life they needed extra help, he needs a bodyguard! And they get this extra help from an unexpected person, Michiru, Ayumi’s mischievous younger sister. Will she be able to live with the Yoshikawa’s? Or will Michiru end up doing her dirty tricks on Ayumi? Read on to find out!

You can get it from HERE, or from the mirror HERE, or read it cleanly from HERE.

Thanks to our new translator Magikano is proceeding without any problems, although we do plan on releasing a chapter once every month due to the current speed of the work progress, you can rest assured that it won’t take another year for the next release. In fact, the next release might just be around the corner!

February 7, 2018 at 2:00 am 10 comments

Project Jojo Chapter 16 RELEASE!!


The last time we saw our MC and our heroine they were facing a foe, not like any other and now the MC is under her dreadful 2D Technique attack! How will Sora get even with the new 2D Enforcement Unit named Teruno? Will Shouta get married to his sexually active neighbor? What will become of Ryoko? Read it to find out!!

No download link available for this release yet, but you can read the new chapter HERE.

Finally got this chapter done! We hope you guys enjoy this release!! Oh yeah, Project Jojo was assigned to “Gou-dere Bishoujo Nagihara Sora” during production phase as it was called by Bigk40k as “Jojo’s Rapey Adventures”. I thought it was funny and thus it’s called that.

January 29, 2018 at 9:50 pm 3 comments

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