Project Jojo Chapter 18 RELEASE!!


Today everybody went to an amusement park, but miss downer doesn’t seem to be enjoying it, so our MC tries his best to make things fun for miss downer, but his lackey and friends have other ideas instead. What kind of hijinx will they end up this time? Is miss downer going to loosen up? What will become of the hapless MC? Read on to find out!

You can check it out HERE, or from the mirror HERE!

We finally got the ball rolling on this one, we got some stock to last for another release, that is until we get some extra help with the cleaning and redraws for the rest of it… Anybody interested in helping??

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Maji-Bura!? Chapter 05 – RELEASE!!


Manimani once again went to school with Miu and she wants to be more demon-like, the girls ended up in an old abandoned school where hijinx ensued. What will the girls find there? Are the rumors about the old school true? What kind of antics is Manimani up to this time? Read on to find out!

You can get it HERE or from the mirror HERE.

Oooo! This series has some ghosts in it I bet some upstart group wants it now because there’s a ghost!

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Project Jojo Chapter 17 RELEASE!!


The rapey adventures of Jojo continue! Welp, there is a little miss “downer” in school and our hapless MC got in to contact with her because of his rowdy lackey’s antics. After school, the MC and his lackey bumped into miss downer in an arcade and after some miscommunication, miss lackey used one of her deadly techniques against miss downer which proved to be ineffective. What will the MC do to fix the situation? Is he going to get arrested again? Read on to find out!

You can get the mystery chapter HERE, or from the mirror HERE.

Look for “Jojo’s Rapey Adventures” if you want to see the previous release. This release took way, way longer due to the fact that the people assigned to do the proofing never returned. Anyway, we are only a few chapters away until this troubling project is FINALLY completed… I suppose it’s high time to put this project to rest.


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TAIHEN News!! 「タイヘンニュース!!」 Ep 25 – Rise Of The Livid Fox

Taihen News

Well, I’ve been rummaging around the internets checking if manga aggregate sites have updated their copies of the “Maji Bura!?” chapters and although some of them actually mention chapter 1 ver2 or chapter 2 ver3, they still carry the old release with the old cover. If anybody out there is still using the old chapters 1 & 2, change them, NOW! They are now officially declared obsolete, although I must admit chapter 2 of Maji Bura still has some errors, the latest ver3 is more complete, the original ver1 is missing two pages and ver2 still carries the wrong spelling of certain names and is still missing a page. The Maji Bura catalog page has been updated and you can get the latest chapters there, or follow the link HERE. I’m quite dumbfounded to see many people being surprised by seeing Maji Bura being picked up again after years of being inactive. Is it wrong for the same group that started working on it to continue the job when they have the opportunity to do so? Anyway, this has been brought on because of thieving and self-serving upstart groups stealing inactive AFS projects (I’m looking at you Urasai project thief!). The projects in our roster that are not marked as dropped ARE NOT DROPPED! We just lack people working on them. Well, I would like to report that work has been picking up again on most of our projects. We’re picking up steam again for project codename “Jojo” after much trouble with this project we will still see this thing through till the end. The fact that the complete official English release of this was already put up on Chinese manga sites is off-putting, but AFS does not forget projects, you guys can expect releases for this now covert project to continue till it’s completed and put up on a more manga reader-friendly sites. ON other stuff, Magkano Chapter 44 is already underway, but the translation has not yet been finalized. Athena13 has already submitted the translation for Magikano chapter 46, all we need now are the translations for chapters 44 & 45 so we can put out new releases. Maji Bura chapter 5 is also in production, but I got stuck on TR work for certain pages. We are still in need of extra help for Cleaners, Proofers, Redrawers, Typesetters, and Translators who like ecchi mangas. If you like our projects and would like to get them released a lot faster please help and don’t run off with them…

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Maji-Bura!? Chapter 04 – RELEASE!!



One morning, Miu finds a strange old man in their bathroom. What is the old man doing in Miu’s house, or in their bathroom for that matter? Is there another weirdo in the neighborhood stalking Miu? And what is the deal with Miu and Keichiro’s older sister? And does Manimani have to do with all of this!? Too many burning questions!! Read on (well at least most of the answers to some of the aforementioned questions) to find out!

You can get it HERE or from the mirror HERE!

During work on this chapter, we came across an Italian phrase ‘di molto bene’ probably thrown in there just for gags. We hope you guys enjoyed this release, see you again on the next one!!

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Maji-Bura!? Chapter 03 – RELEASE!!


One lazy day a portal opened up in the room where Manimani and her Dominus are in. And out comes Tooko, she is Keichiro’s senior and an old friend of his runaway older sister with her weird android. What mischief will Manimani come up with this time? What does Keichiro’s senior want with him? And what is wrong with the weird android!? Read on to find out!

You can get it HERE or from the mirror HERE!

One of the last chapters Lessee and Caboov worked on before they moved on to other things. Albeit a bit late I just want to thank the old AFS staff who contributed to this release, we’ll continue on with it for as long as we can, or till the project is completed. We hope you guys enjoy this release!

The links in the projects page are still not updated if you want to see the previous releases you can type “Maji Bura” in the search bar on the AFS site menu.

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Maji-Bura!? Chapter 02 ver 3.0 – RELEASE!!


Manimani turned up in front of Miu one morning wearing her school uniform saying, “everybody goes to school in the morning.” What troubles will Miu face this time? Will she be able to take Manimani to school? How will her class and teacher react to a familiar at school? Read on to find out!

You can get it HERE or from the mirror HERE!!

I can’t believe this is the third time I had to tweak this chapter! The first two versions are now considered obsolete with the release of ver 3.0. Corrections to the translation were done and the addition of a previously missing page from the earlier versions. If you guys are still referring to that one you’re missing a page ^_^;;

Next chapter release will have full-color pages and a fan service double page spread!

The links on the Maji Bura projects page has been disabled until further notice until then you guys can type “Maji Bura” in the search bar on the AFS site menu if you wish to see previous posts and links. The regular release might follow after this, we hope you guys enjoy!!

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