Okasu Bekarazu!! Junketsu Tokku! Chapter 25 – RELEASE!!


Ah, the spirit of the season is in the air and at the Kokuryo household, the girls are busy decorating the tree and of course making life miserable for our hapless MC. What sort of troubles will Kazuto end up this time? Read on to find out!

You can get the chapter from HERE, or from the mirror HERE, or read it in its full unadulterated version HERE!

Still on a long holiday for the AFS group. Right now I’m thinking of regrouping and work on the stuff we left hanging, anyway, the new year brings new hope! And along with the new, you can guess what’s going your way this coming new year. We hope you guys enjoy this release, and you can bet your bottom dollar you guys will be seeing more of us next year! HAPPY HOLIDAYS till we meet again on the next post!

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Okasu Bekarazu!! Junketsu Tokku! Chapter 24 – RELEASE!!


Everybody is in a lovey-dovey mode with Kazuto and he seems to be getting stronger, either that or the others are getting weaker…There is something odd here… The rabbit hole goes a lot deeper than we thought. Join Kazuto as he unravels the mystery of circumstances surrounding his very existence while getting sexually assaulted by therianthropes, of course.

Go get the latest chapter HERE, or from the mirror HERE, or read it first HERE!

Sorry for the sudden change in the image quality of the release, we are currently using the web raws. Al245, the guy who’s in charge of scanning the raws we bought some years ago is currently unavailable, not sure if he got blown away by a hurricane…We seem to be losing staff and with things as they are any new releases might take some time. If any AFS staff are still active out there, you can leave me a PM at the AFS forums, or send me a PM on Batoto (just look for b-werx) let me know if you guys are still up for some assignments.

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Okasu Bekarazu!! Junketsu Tokku! Chapter 23 – RELEASE!!


Neneko and Kazuto seems to be getting a lot closer than usual, and this is driving the designated fiancee, Karen nuts! What will Karen to do upstage Neneko and her schemes? Will Shizuka join in on the lover act? Or is it that each of the three received different secret mission? Read it to find out!

You can get your nekomimi fix HERE, or from the mirror HERE, or read it in its full unadulterated version HERE!

It’s the ending chapter of volume 4 of “Okasu Bekarazu!! Junketsu Tokku!” and we should have two obligatory green pages for the ending, but we don’t seem to have them here, could it be that the scanner forgot to include it? Can anybody who has the internet copy of volume 4 confirm if there are green pages in volume 4? I’m too lazy to check at the moment. Anyway, AFS will be going on hiatus for a bit since majority of our active projects had ended. Hope to meet you guys again on the next release update!

August 15, 2016 at 6:56 pm 4 comments

Haru to Natsu Chapter 28 RELEASE!!


Haruna has finally decided to let everybody at school know that she and Makoto are dating, and of course Makoto has suffered because of the exposition of their relationship. Will things change between the twins and Makoto? Is Natsumi really going to end up with Touma? So much burning questions!! Read it and get your final fix of the perverted twins that gave us lots of laughs, plots and occasional boners.

Get your fox HERE, or from the mirror HERE, or read it in its full unadulterated version HERE!

A month short for its six year run on AFS. We did our very first work on chapter 4 of Haru to Natsu back in August of 2010 as a response to Bergil’s request. And after the first release, the group that has long stopped working on it suddenly came out of nowhere and harassed our then translator, Ren-chan who nearly quit because of the awful messages the other group left her. Well, it seems we stood the test of time, six years later and we’re still KICKING (sort of). This final chapter closes the book on our long running project, and because we had so many ups and downs with this project, it kind of took a spot on my heart, I’m sad that it’s finally concluded. Another friend to bid farewell to, but with one ending another story shall be continued, like Magikano perhaps… Or the long pending Hanaukyou Maids! Oh yeah…we also need to put out those Nagihara Sora chapters that we have laying around the bin somewhere, for those who have no capability to buy the printed English books, that is. Anyway, thank you all for sticking with us and the Kasahara twins and the useless MC Makoto through all the “nearly” six year run on AFS. We asked permission for their translation work on missing chapter 3 from “A Hammer and Nails” group, but they never responded, so I think we might just release chapter 3 in our style later, with counter-check for the translation and stuff of course. Also, Al245 has sent me a version of chapter 27 that he had checked a day before I officially released the very same chapter, I’m going to put out Al’s version later, I suppose, sorry I missed reading your message a day late for that release, Al.

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Okasu Bekarazu!! Junketsu Tokku! Chapter 22 – RELEASE!!


The day of the school festival has finally arrived, despite the festivities something seems to be bothering Kazuto and Karen. What sort of misfortune befell our hapless MC? Read it to find out!

Go get your nekomimi fix HERE, or from the mirror HERE, or read it in its full unadulterated version HERE!

We apologize for the lack of fan service in this chapter to make way for plot progression. They keep mentioning “level II” does it have something to do with keeping Kazuto under surveillance for his entire life? I might just be over analyzing the story. We hope you guys enjoyed this release!

I almost forgot to mention, our benefactor needs help in producing these chapters, so if you guys would like to help with the steady release of this project please  feel free to donate to Goblinat, any amount will do ^^


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Haru to Natsu Chapter 27 RELEASE!!


On the train home, Haruna and Makoto decided to take a little detour. Things were really getting good between the two when Natsumi caught on to their plan. What crazy situation will Makoto land on this time? Read it to find out!

You can get it HERE, or from the mirror HERE, or read it in its full unadulterated version HERE!

It seems I miscounted, along with the bunch of pages for the last part of Haru to Natsu volume 5, tucked behind chapter 27 is another chapter!! Even before the end this series still keep confusing me with the chapter count. Well, looks like we still have one more till completion. YAY! We hope you guys enjoyed this release.

June 27, 2016 at 5:59 pm 5 comments

Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa ch.19 RELEASE!!


The series has come to its conclusion! Chiharu, now the new Demon Lord is battling his former boss, Luca. It seems that the leader of the Black Tamers has an ace up her sleeve, how will Chiharu defeat Luca and her cohorts? Read the final chapter of Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa manga to find out!

You can get it from HERE, or from the mirror HERE, or read it in its full unadulterated glory HERE!

Woahevil1’s pet project has finally been concluded. he’s one of the greatest staff of the AFS team and we have managed finish the project in his behalf, he would have wanted to see it completed. This final chapter is in honor of his memory. Woahevil1 is one of those few people who did took care of the AFS group, from scouting for interesting projects and hijacking members of other groups to join our ragtag team, to managing the AFS affairs and even handling the forums, he has also been the oddball who always comes up with new and interesting stuff, not bad for a guy who came from the land down under. He was last seen infiltrating a local group of anime fans from his uni and he was never heard of since last 2013. His goal was to find a translator and brainwash the rest to join our group, I suppose he got caught. The closing of this project is dedicated to Woahevil1 and the other staff that we lost along the duration of the production, to Gyudon who went on vacation somewhere in an eastern Asian country and was never heard from again, Xrayder who we feared had been taken by gators on his backyard, . Many thanks to you all (fellow manga fans) for sticking with us for so long as we went about with our on/off work with this project. With the conclusion of this project we hope that we’ll have more time to work on our other projects that were put on long hiatus.

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