Haru to Natsu

Manga Info

Author : TAKEDA Sun

Artist : TAKEDA Sun

Year : 2008

Project Status: COMPLETE


Makoto met a sweet, shy girl named Haruna helping out at the school’s athletics festival. He confessed his feelings for her the next time he saw her, and she bluntly rejected him, only to call him later and ask him out herself! The source of all these mixed signals is Haruna’s “evil” twin sister, Natsumi. Natsumi is the polar opposite of Haruna, she’s a forward, crude girl bent on taking whatever she can from her twin sister. Makoto is stuck in between Haruna and Natsumi, as they viciously fight over who will win him in the end.

Proper Chapter Order



OLD Mislabeled Chapter set

*These are the mislabeled chapters prior to the corrections, some links may still be working, for those who are curious how the old setup was. The proper chapter sequence for this series is being observed in Batoto.

* If there are missing links don’t hesitate to let us know about it

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