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by: Hinata Mutsuki (Shouito Sousaku Tokoro Doujin Circle)

Hatsune Miku’s master caught a cold one day, with her master having a bad case of the sniffles they can’t work on Miku’s new song. Desperate, Miku turns to a peculiar book with a rather odd way of curing colds. With her new song on the line Miku is determined to cure her master’s ailment no matter what, but was the cure mentioned on the book she read the right one? Read on to find out!

You guys can get it Here!


No. 17

by: Tim Tim Machine

A funny deviant of “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya”. This one is about Kyon teaching Nagato a thing or two about the art of ‘love making’, but it seems that Nagato is more of a pro than Kyon. With an ever curious alien interface unit and an ordinary guy, you can expect things to turn out pretty crazy! Only thing is that they can’t let Haruhi know all about this or they might end up in another endless loop.

You can get it Here!


To Heart 2 - Harunoha


by: Sukapon-Do*

The first AFS H-manga release, this doujin is based from a galge entitled “To Heart 2”. Yocchi and Charu are frequently having discussions with Takaaki on how to become a man and they are willing to go great lengths to accomplish their goal even if they have to sacrifice themselves to do it.

There isn’t much story going on here, but the overall work quality of the doujin is pretty good, we hope you guys enjoy it!

You can download the file HERE.

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