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TAIHEN News!! 「タイヘンニュース!!」 Ep 26 – Hiatus and AFS’ Future

Taihen News

It’s been 10 years since we started off with the MBG scan work; back then fans had been very supportive. But now things have certainly changed. Gone are those interactions with fellow fans and the support, these days all the people want are their reading fix. And if you can’t keep up they will steal your projects and bash on you for having a life. Self-serving ungrateful pricks! The fandom has gone rotten at some point and the passion of sharing for the fun of it had gone cold as well, and we have reached the point where we ask ourselves, “is it still worth the effort?”

All the old staff had gone, there are some who still drop by from time to time, but at the moment I’m a one-man army holding up the fort once again. It’s been a long run and I’m getting tired as well. We had completed some projects, we had projects that were stolen (sorry for having a life), we met friends and lost some along the way. With all that said, I think it’s time this old angry fox lay down his gloves and take it easy. To our frequent visitors, THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of our hearts, special mention to Geese! You help keep our spirits up, thanks for all the messages you leave by, we really appreciate it. It doesn’t mean AFS is closing up shop just yet, we still have one project left to close (not unless somebody has the bright idea of stealing that one too). We’ll still release the remaining chapters for the project “Harry”. I just hope I’ll get to finish it soon, but right now AFS will not be putting out any releases till the end of the year (2019) you might hear from us again by the new years. Thank you all once again, do drop us a line from time to time we still read them even though we’re not that active anymore.

P.S. Do check out our twitter page, I put random stuff there that you might find intriguing from time to time! ^_^


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