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Maji-Bura!? Chapter 02 – Omake


The unreleased tankoubon extra page for Maji-Bura!? chapter 02.

Maji-Bura!? Chapter 2 version 3 will be out next week and the third chapter will be out on the second week after that. We are still getting grips on the release cycle, I just hope we could stick to the current cycle.

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Maji-Bura!? Chapter 01 ver 2.0 – RELEASE!!


Oh no! Miu finds herself crossing paths with the rumored perverts in the neighborhood and they seem to follow her wherever she goes. Is this pure coincidence? How will Miu handle the situation she found herself in!? Read on to find out!

You can get it HERE, or from the mirror HERE!

I think many are asking, “Hey didn’t we already have this chapter!?” Actually, it’s a rework of the original release, one can call it a remaster of sorts. The primary release had glaring errors in it and some translations had to be corrected. Miu’s name is now correctly spelled and this change is also reflected in chapter 2. I would also like to note that the links on the projects page had been disabled for the time being, links will be restored once we get a footing on the frequency of releases for this project, but for now, you can just type “Maji Bura” on the search bar on the AFS site menu. Enjoy!

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TAIHEN News!! 「タイヘンニュース!!」 Ep 24 – Project Thieves

Taihen News

As much as it pains me, some upstart group has run off with one of our projects recently and that is “Urasai”. Although it was not listed as dropped and help notices were posted on previous releases, the ass hat who ran off with the project simply claimed it without even considering to contact us first, he assumed it was dropped because of some random message he read on the defunct Batoto site. Rather than helping us continue with the project he just sort of claimed it for his group just because it had a ghost in it and he was planning about it for a long time. I think we got to it FIRST way before he did! It’s just vexing that newer groups are so self-serving. Truly the spirit of older scan groups is dead. AFS may just be a relic of the past, one of those older ones that survived the purge of 2010. Staff had come and gone and projects get left behind without people working on them that is why some projects can’t move along. Although releases may be slow, AFS DOES NOT FORGET PROJECTS! We will finish our lineup even if we have to work on them at a snail’s pace. If any of you out there are interested in one of our projects and want to help move it along, DON’T RUN OFF WITH THEM! Help us instead, that way we can work on them a lot faster.

Project Jojo is also one of the downer projects, people had already posted the official release of the manga on most Chinese run manga reader sites and releasing our version feels kind of off-putting. Although Athena13 had worked hard on them. If anybody wants to help us put out our version of it we are in need of a competent PROOFREADER, TYPESETTER, and a CLEANER/RE-DRAWER for it. You can send us an application message at the ‘Join us’ link on the menu if you’re interested.

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Maji-Bura!? Chapter 01 – Omake


The unreleased tankoubon extra page for Maji-Bura!? chapter 01.

In preparation for the resurrection of this project from the bin, it’s only fitting we start by putting out the supplementary stuff. Chapter 1 is currently being revised and updated to current AFS standards. Some new chapters will be out as well, so we’re gonna be busy, busy, busy!!


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Magikano Ch. 43 – RELEASE!!


After the beauty contest fiasco, Haruo and the girls are off to the next destination of their treasure hunt. What will they find at the edge of the Demon Realm? Will this treasure hunt be as easy as the last one? What danger awaits the gang? Read on to find out!!

You can get the chapter HERE, or from the mirror HERE!!

We must apologize for the long hiatus, RL stuff does get tougher once you get out of school with the move and other things. Anyway, we’re back in the job and hopefully, we’ll be able to chuck out releases more frequently this time around.

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