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Urasai Chapter 06 Release!!


The ghosts of Urasai inn have convened and decided to join forces to find out Sayo’s true strength. All hell ensues as the ghosts follow Sayo and the unfortunate Saito all over the city. How will Sayo and Saito get out of their predicament? read on to find out!

You can get it HERE, or from the mirror HERE, or read it HERE!

Wow… Two chapters in a span of a few days! The world must be ending!! Still feeling mighty upset to see another project being nicked by some other upstarts who never even bothered to contact us about it. Scanlators these days are something else… This project means something for this particular scan group, in memory of past staff who put this project forward and who diligently worked on it till the time they can no longer work on it for a myriad of RL reasons. If we were to get back on this project we plan to do it right for those who had gone. Now some upstart prick is nicking it, it’s kind of vexing somehow. Back then nobody batted an eye for this title, even then it had been completed for years and nobody wanted it. Just because it had ghosts in it now this guy wants it. Get that more popular project, not this one! It was supposed to be done in time for the closing of Magikano, but now things are getting rushed. We may just be an old fashioned scan group, can’t believe we’ll be 10 years old in June! I suppose we’ll still continue this project in memory of the great batch of AFS staff who came and gone… (They’re not dead, they just moved on with their lives).

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Urasai Chapter 05 Release!!


Asuka is finally going to extract her grudge over the Ura family by cutting “that” off of the hapless Saito. How will he get out of this predicament? How will Sayo help her master out? Find out what misadventures our unfortunate MC with this new chapter.

You can get it HERE, or get it from the mirror HERE! Or read it in its full unadulterated version HERE!!

SIX FRICKIN’ YEARS!! Wow… Time sure does fly. Welp, since Magikano is almost done I thought of getting back to our other projects before they all get stolen because instead of people helping us out with the projects they opt to run off with the project themselves. I’m putting off Magikano for a bit and I’ll be diverting ALL resources to other projects that have been shelved for far too long. We put this project on hiatus thinking that nobody is interested in it since hits to this particular project never got higher than 100 visits, or download. Sometime later a ghost from a certain inn is garnering popularity and all of a sudden people are looking for ghost-related mangas…? Wow… Who knew… Anyway, the next chapter will be out within a day or two, so you guys get to enjoy more.



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