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Haru to Natsu Chapter 22 RELEASE!!


In the game which is which (see chapter 4.5) Makoto finds out that Haruna is on the chubby side and it’s been confirmed that Haruna is indeed gaining some weight. While Haruna is lamenting her widening girth, Natsumi insisted that she would go through a strict diet regime, will Haruna be able to through Natsumi’s ridiculous diet program? REad on to find out!

You can get it HERE or, from the mirror HERE, or read it in its full unadulterated version HERE.

A new chapter from the Kasahara twins! Thanks for the wait, just a heads up, a new chapter for Maou might come out any time next week, or this week (that is if I get more free time this week). Anyway, We hope you guys enjoyed this release, see you guys on the next update!!

February 16, 2016 at 6:33 pm 7 comments

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