Sakuran (Tentative) – A Failed Mission

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Umhf! While getting ready to start working on the next Magikano release, I stumbled upon a raw for a oneshot manga that had been brought to our attention. During the late 2013 we were discussing on making a oneshot release and this one happens to be up in our alley. The premise of the story is quite pleasant, it is about a loner boy named Eita who and every spring time a weird bird person comes out to invade his delusions which whom he called Sakuran (tentative). Eita came to call the bird person that because each time it appears he is being engulfed in a blizzard of sakura petals. The bird person introduced itself as an alien from a planet called ‘Urara’ and that he was there on a mission to observe humans and Eita happens to be his chosen specimen. The bird person cut a deal with Eita, that if Eita was able to guess his name, he will leave him alone forever. Kinda reminds me of Rumpelstiltskin.

Work never got underway because a few days after the project was introduced, an unknown translator beat us to it. Oh well… You win some, you lose some. I just kinda felt nostalgic after seeing this relic during the time when most of the AFS staff are active in IRC. The story is easy going and not very action packed, but it’s amusing to read. I’ve read in Baka Updates that this has been published in English, it’s worth the look, if you can find a copy.

That’s about it for that, back to work! A Magikano and Haru to Natsu release is on their way, so you guys better watch out for those.

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