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Magikano Ch. 34 – RELEASE!!


Ayumi is up with her antics again and this time she dragged the hapless Haruo and the gang to an enchanted witch’s forest to pick certain apples.But what greeted Haruo at the enchanted forest gave him a shock! What is in store for the poor MC? Will he survive another one of Ayumi’s brutal training regimens? Read on to find out!

You can get it HERE, or from the mirror HERE, or read it in its full unadulterated version HERE!!

Days turn to weeks and weeks turn into months, the simple work that I used to breeze through in a couple of days took me weeks to complete. Gone are those days when I had so much time to spare on editing mangas. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this new Magikano release, unfortunately we ran out of translations for this project, so if I’m going to work on the translations the release may take a while (as usual). But I’ll still do my best to keep this long running project going and I’ll see to it that I make it till the very bitter end. Let’s meet up again in next release!

December 28, 2015 at 6:41 pm 2 comments

Haru to Natsu Chapter 19 RELEASE!!


Makoto was suddenly attacked by some maniac in a panda suit who turned out to be Haruna. Feeling upset with Haruna’s increasingly odd behavior, Makoto avoided talking to her on their way home. Before the couple said their goodbyes for the day, Haruna invited Makoto to eat some cookies that her father brought home the other day, feeling that he has to get revenge on Haruna, Makoto hid himself in Haruna’s closet, what he found out inside took him by surprise. What is in store for our hapless MC? Is he victim to another trap set up by Natsumi? Read on to find out!

You can get the new chapter HERE, or from the mirror HERE, or you can read the entire thing HERE!!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS FOLKS!! I worked during my holiday off just to deliver to you guys the stuff you’ve been craving for in a while. A big shout out to the staff who worked on the HTN project! We got some stuff in store for you guys in the new year, so you can look forward for more HTN releases by then. Well, that’s it for now, let’s meet again on the next update!!

December 25, 2015 at 8:57 pm 6 comments

Haru to Natsu Proper Chapter Order FIXED!


The proper chapter ordering of Haru to Natsu has been fixed and now the AFS release archive reflect the chapter numbering of the Tankoubon releases. You guys can now enjoy Haru to Natsu in their proper chapter order! You can check out the neatly rearranged chapters from HERE!!

  • Chapter 01 – Wrong Twin
  • Chapter 02 – N/A
  • Chapter 03 – N/A
  • Chapter 04 – Great Reaction Series!!
  • Extra Chapter 1 – N/A
  • Extra Chapter 2 – N/A
  • Chapter 04.5 – Special
  • Chapter 05 – It Could Be Important From the Start This Time
  • Chapter 06 – Great Response
  • Chapter 07 – Let’s Do Some Stretches
  • Chapter 08 – Strip Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament
  • Chapter 09 – Boyfriend
  • Chapter 10 – Hot Spring Getaway
  • Chapter 11 – Do You Like Flowers?
  • Chapter 12 – Let’s Meet Online!
  • Chapter 13 – Touma’s Determination
  • Chapter 14 – The Case of the Missing Panties
  • Chapter 15 – Summer Cold
  • Chapter 16 – Summer Cold Part 2
  • Chapter 17 – A Player’s Revenge
  • Chapter 18 – Swimming Lessons
  • Chapter 19 – Will You Stay For Some Cookies?
  • Chapter 20 – TBA

It took a while to recompile the releases, but I finally pulled through. For those who didn’t know, the AFS chapter numbering got messed up because of irregularities from the magazine raws that we were using. The htn chapters that come from the magazines were only labeled by date, not by chapter number, so we normally numbered the chapters based on the dates they were marked, unfortunately, those dates were not reliable and another thing that added to the confusion are the less than 30 chapter pages that were marked as special chapters. well, all that has been resolved now, I hope that this helps clear up some things with those who had seen the tankoubon raws.

December 25, 2015 at 8:46 pm 5 comments

Sakuran (Tentative) – A Failed Mission


Umhf! While getting ready to start working on the next Magikano release, I stumbled upon a raw for a oneshot manga that had been brought to our attention. During the late 2013 we were discussing on making a oneshot release and this one happens to be up in our alley. The premise of the story is quite pleasant, it is about a loner boy named Eita who and every spring time a weird bird person comes out to invade his delusions which whom he called Sakuran (tentative). Eita came to call the bird person that because each time it appears he is being engulfed in a blizzard of sakura petals. The bird person introduced itself as an alien from a planet called ‘Urara’ and that he was there on a mission to observe humans and Eita happens to be his chosen specimen. The bird person cut a deal with Eita, that if Eita was able to guess his name, he will leave him alone forever. Kinda reminds me of Rumpelstiltskin.

Work never got underway because a few days after the project was introduced, an unknown translator beat us to it. Oh well… You win some, you lose some. I just kinda felt nostalgic after seeing this relic during the time when most of the AFS staff are active in IRC. The story is easy going and not very action packed, but it’s amusing to read. I’ve read in Baka Updates that this has been published in English, it’s worth the look, if you can find a copy.

That’s about it for that, back to work! A Magikano and Haru to Natsu release is on their way, so you guys better watch out for those.

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Okasu Bekarazu!! Junketsu Tokku! Chapter 16 – RELEASE!!


A nice day at the beach with boob’s and butt’s turns dire with the arrival of masked men.


You can get the official release HERE, or read the it in its full unadulterated version HERE!

December 18, 2015 at 8:50 pm 4 comments

Magikano Ch. 33 – Version 2 UPDATE!!


Due to a lot of RL stuff, the update for Magikano chapter 33 was delayed. A reader who goes by the handle ‘Sayo Aisaka’ mentioned in the comments:

“Thanks… but the second to last page is missing.”

I had to review the raws and actually had to search for the missing page, since the raws that I worked with seems to be missing it. Anyway, the missing page was restored and furnished to match the quality of the rest of the chapter. And without further adieu, I’m happy to present Magikano chapter 33 ver. 2!

You can get the update HERE!

December 6, 2015 at 6:41 pm 6 comments

Okasu Bekarazu!! Junketsu Tokku! Chapter 12 – RELEASE!!


School trips are fun, but Kazuto doesn’t seem to be enjoying himself. As the day wears on Kazuto is becoming more frustrated due to the fact that he can’t get to ‘beat his bologna’. What will poor Kazuto do this time? How long is he going to last without ‘spanking the bishop’?

You can get the official release HERE, or from the mirror HERE, or read the rough release from HERE!

I don’t have much to say about this release. Seeing that the rough version has been uploaded is kind of demotivating, but hey. It’s my fault for having a life. Oh well…Hope you guys enjoy this version.

[Edit] I got some stuff on my mind and I forgot to mention that we might need to make some changes with chapter 11. Some readers have pointed out minor errors in the release, but I suppose we’ll apply the changes to the Tankoubon bundle release. Well, better get back to working! Busy, busy, busy, busy!!

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Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa ch.16 RELEASE!!


Taking a short break from monster hunting, Chiharu and the girls went to a resort island in the demon world. All was well until some unwanted guests crashed into the hotel they are staying. With their elbows backed into a wall, how will the girls fend off the unwanted guests?

You can get the chapter HERE, or from the mirror HERE, or read it in its unadulterated version HERE!!

For those having a weird fetish of lolis speaking in a weird old English lingo, you can get your fix HERE!!

Busy, busy, busy. Oh who am I kidding?! Life just sucked after I got a job which took a huge chunk of available time that I got to work with scanlations. As promised, even if I’m knee deep with life stuff, I’ll still keep on working to finish the projects our group has started. So, don’t lose hopes just yet.

December 5, 2015 at 7:02 pm 4 comments

Okasu Bekarazu!! Junketsu Tokku! Tankoubon #1


It’s been in the works for a long time and it’s finally out! The ‘Okasu Bekarazu!! Junketsu Tokku!’ volume release is finally here. Now you can enjoy the entire tankoubon in one sitting.

Meet Kazuto, he is your ordinary guy who happens to live in a world where humankind decided to become Therianthropes to avert extinction. In order to survive a deadly virus, humans adapted animal genes to become hybrids called, Therianthropes. With pure-bred humans becoming rare, some theriathropes will do anything just to get hold of their precious genes, by that they mean ‘sperm’. Follow Kazuto and his daily struggles to avoid masturbating, but with three attractive soldiers and a super hot childhood friend constantly surrounding him it always end up with him being more frustrated than ever.

You can get it HERE!

Well, since a bundle was released a head of the proper releases, I figured that it’s time we also put out an official bundle release. We hope you guys enjoy this release, volume 2 will be out soon!!

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