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Fuku Neko Chapter 15.5

I have found a new power. The power to post!!

Well, hello there! This is my first time posting, but I’m not really a new member. =3

Anyway, you might find it strange that there are two posts within a week, much more a day of each other, but I assure you, there’s a good reason for it. The reason is that this project was worked on with two sets of raw chapters: one Chinese, the other Japanese. The chapters were translated from Chinese, but when it came to typesetting the chapters, the cleaner Japanese raws were used. This wasn’t a problem until we came across this chapter, whose second half was present in the Chinese raws, but absent in the Japanese raws. This is why I present to you all the rest of the Phantom Cat chapter. Hopefully, you’ll find some closure in the story.

You can find this middle chapter HERE, or read it in the full, unadulterated glory HERE

B-Werx already explained our project statuses, so check his post for more details. Other than that, donations are not required, but are appreciated. Also, if you know any good translators or Japanese people that need English practice, send them our way, please. Tokkou! Maid Thunder and Haru to Natsu need these people!




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Okasu Bekarazu!! Junketsu Tokku! Chapter 7 – RELEASE!!


After the kidnapping incident with Kazuto, life started to go back to normal, or so it seems. Karen has been acting weird lately, she seems to be vying for Kazuto’s attention, and with the odd weather going on, all other girls feels the same way. Is this part of the second phase they were talking about? Will Kazuto survive another sudden rush of certain stimuli for his… nether region? Or will he give in and release some of his “precious” bodily fluid? Go check it out!!

You can get the chapter HERE, or HERE, or read it in full resolution HERE!

If you like this project, please don’t forget to send Goblinat (our good friend and benefactor) a donation to help fund this project. We’re not asking much, any amount will do just to help ease the burden on Goblinat.




Sorry for the long hiatus folks, I guess I’m not as healthy as I used to, many projects got on hold again because of my frequent trips to the hospital. If things go down south, we still have other admins who can pick up the slack, but let’s not hope that it’ll end up that badly. I know you folks are aching for some updates, and I’d like to inform you as much as possible. Let us get on with the progress reports, shall we?

HarutoNatsu_buttonHaru to Natsu – Some of you are wondering what happened with it, the good news is that I already finished transcribing chapter 15, the bad news is that the translation is on hold due to my current situation. On another case, there are others who pointed out that the chapter release are messed up compared to the tankoubon, well this is not the first time we had a serious chapter mess-up, anybody remember the “Boku to Kanojo no XXX” project? That one was so messed up that we had to invent our own chapter sequence. The similar situation also happened with HtN, we initially used the magazine raws that were available during the early production period, and those magazine raws were not numbered and none had any chapter title, they were simply marked with the date when they were first published. We blindly followed the date system of the raws and since the normal page count for HtN is 30, or more any chapter that had 27 – below count were considered as extra chapters, this misconception brought about the two extra chapters that weren’t really extra chapters. Anyway, we have already gone so far that rearranging the chapters will confuse a lot of people, so we will stick to our chapter sequence.

tokkou_buttonTokkou! The Maid Thunder – Many people also want to see our yankee maid and her hapless master. Sadly, the translator who is assigned to work on this went missing for more than a year now and we are still looking for him. If there are anybody who are interested to help translate this series, PLEASE HELP US!!!

FukuNeko – Caboov, Al 245 and Night are already on the case, hopefully they will finish the final chapter soon.

magikano_buttonMagikano – it was almost finished, but I suddenly got preoccupied at the hospital bed, so yeah… I really want to get the latest chapter out as much as possible. Hopefully when my brain starts functioning normally again, only then we will see the release of the latest chapter.

seifuku_buttonSeifuku! – The long lost translator is back!! Well, that is until we get the raws to him, I already informed Caboov to hunt another staff of ours who is always busy with his games, Savirleo. The progress of this project lies within Caboov’s capable hands.

imoutolovru_buttonImouto Love-Ru – Ah yes, the little sister loving big brother, Yamato. I have begun translating this one, but it was put on hold, and again, same reason why Magikano is on hold.

Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa – Chapter 10 is already on its way, but was put on hold, same reason with Magikano and Imouto Love-Ru.

SnO PICO – It will updated soon…SnO_PICO_button



Well, I suppose that’s it for the updates, but seriously, WE’RE IN NEED OF TRANSLATORS!! Anybody who is interested to apply for the position is very welcome!!

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