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TAIHEN News!! 「タイヘンニュース!!」Ep 06 “Y U Working Slowly?!”

Taihen News

しごとしごとしごと!! WORK, WORK, and more WORK!!!

I got good news and bad news. The good news is, our very good friend DemonDog has just sent us the complete raws for the remaining Gou-dere series (YAY!) With a full set of raws we may now proceed in completing the series. The bad news is that I’ll be going on a trip tomorrow and I won’t be able to work on anything for TWO days. Also, the missing page that ‘Anona’ was talking about in Junketsu chapter 2 has not yet been scanned by al245, so it may take a while before we’ll be able to get that fixed, also, another good news is that we received the translation for the Junketsu chapter 2 missing page from Goblinat. I also asked al245 to start cleaning chapter 3, if the cleaning job will be done within this month, the possibility of an early release of Junketsu chapter 3 next month is possible.

As for other project works:

Translation work for Maou is moving at a painfully slow pace. But for those who are itching for some sneak peeks, here is a teaser for chapter 9.



For those who are itching for some Magikano goodness, here is a peek at some of the pages.

Another good news is that I just received the proofed translation of Seifuku chapter 3 from Caboov. FINALLY!! It took a very long time before it got out of proofing, but hopefully, we’ll be able to get this project back on track.


More project updates will be added later, it seems that we’ll have another influx of releases in the upcoming month, so you guys have a lot to look forward to. But since I will be gone for a couple of days work progress will slow down for a bit.

I suppose that’s it for now, if I forgot to mention other projects, it means that I’m already too sleepy to even add other projects status, but don’t worry, I’m already working on most of them as well, naming Haru to Natsu, Gou-dere, ImoutoLoveru and others. Till next Taihen! News reports and stuff.

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Sora no Otoshimono PICO! Chapter 4 Release!


Summer season is still in the air and the three angeloids are still having a hard time coping with it. Follow their daily struggles on how they’re going to escape the summer heat and… mosquito bites…?? Anyway, it’s a cute a fun slice of life from our favorite Angleoids minus their enormously perverted master.

See what they’re up to HERE, or go the the mirrors HERE, or if that still won’t take you where you want to go then read it in full HERE

I know that you guys are itching for some Maou releases right now, but the staff working on it is currently unavailable because of RL stuff. But rest assure that we (mainly, me) is inching the work on Maou as we speak, that is unless there is another natural disaster that will threaten to take away my electricity and my ability to connect to the internet.

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Okasu Bekarazu!! Junketsu Tokku! Chapter 2 – RELEASE!!


Kazuto suddenly finds himself being abandoned by his mother, and discovers that he is not what he thought he really was. Now that Kazuto found out that his life was a lie, what will he do now? What plans does the New Japan Government have for him? And why send three hot girls to protect him? Can’t they send burly young men instead? Err… Wait… if this manga is filled with burly men, we won’t even be here reading this. Anyway, it’s one quick twist after another as three young lady agents of the Government settled in with our hapless main character.

You can get your nekomimi fix HERE, or get them from the mirrors HERE. If all of those fails, you can still read it HERE.

I know we all went to a bad start during the initial release of this project, but I hope that won’t be enough reason for some of you to have a grudge against this series. Sure, they seem to have rather thin legs, but the overall art work can compensate for that, plus, art styles differ from artist to artist and this particular artist’s style tends to be on the slim legs-shoujo kind.

This release got held back for nearly a week because of a typhoon in my area the devastated and destroyed nearly 90% of the power grid which left me four days without electricity and internet. Before the end of the fourth day I was almost at my wits end and I even had the crazy idea of begging for money to buy a generator, thankfully the good people of the local power company managed to restore the electricity service and averted mass riot and civil unrest after a prolonged deprivation of electricity and internet! And in the fifth day after I managed to clear my table, setup my computer and connect to the web and finalize this release post. We hope you enjoy the series, more releases will be out for this series once every month, so you guys have something to look forward to.

Also, like it was posted on the previous Taihen News update this project is costing our benefactor a great deal from his allowance, so for us to be able to keep this project going. We would like to ask for help from you guys, if you enjoy this series and would like to read it till the end, please send us a donation, any amount will do and your help is greatly appreciated.


Chapter Links

Chapter 01: Designation to the Special District | [Mirror 1] | [Mirror 2]

Chapter 02: Abandoned Puppy | [Mirror 1] | [Mirror 2]

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TAIHEN News!! 「タイヘンニュース!!」Ep 05 “Rut Land”

Taihen NewsIt’s time again for our TAIHEN News, where I rant most of the time and update you guys with what’s going on in our little group. And I’m happy to inform you that the Taihen News finally has a logo.

You are all aware that we were having an influx of projects releases last month, because some of our staff (mainly me) is not being lazy and is actually motivated to chuck out new chapters and make updates. But that’s not the case for this month. After the rush to release projects the motivation died down and laziness kicked in again in full gear, so basically we’re in a rut. After a full month of free time a lot of unexpected RL stuff began happening simultaneously and I’m at my wits end trying to cope up with it.

SnO_PICO_buttonBack to the task at hand. If you guys were following the SnO PICO project, many of you were treated to a surprise release of chapter 3. And the good news is chapter 4 is on its way for release soon! Why the sudden releases for a long dormant project? It’s because we now have a resident translator working on it. Plus another uprising group is threatening to steal it without our knowledge. The least they could do is tell us they’re interested in it so at least we could work something out, suddenly taking another group’s project without confirming that it’s dropped or not is not cool, NOT COOL AT ALL!! We have been putting up ads and announcements for our dormant projects, instead they responded by stealing it. How would you like it if we steal your projects, huh?!

We fully admit that we really do get short on our releases due to our dwindling number of staff, but that doesn’t mean we have dropped a project, that is unless we officially announce it and post it in our DROPPED PROJECTS PAGE.

maou_buttonLast time, I posted a poll for which one of our projects you guys would like us to prioritize, and the top contender is Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa taking the top spot with 22.45% votes, leaving gou-dere in the dust with only 13.06%, followed by Haru to Natsu with a 12.24% vote. To respond to your feedback, I’m dedicating a portion of my day working on Maou. To be honest, I’m not doing so hot with it at the moment, the other admin working on it with me is not available, so I’m working as a one-man-army on this single project release. Hopefully I’ll get it done pretty soon.

imoutolovru_buttonOne of the things I hate is when I slack off for a while and then suddenly, new people comes out to grab one of our projects. SnO PICO had been hijacked because it has been on hiatus for more than two years. You want to know why? Because our resident translator who worked on it retired. And one glaring fact is that SnO PICO got little to no attention because, let’s face it. It’s not as popular as you people think! Sure, the real Sora no Otoshimono series did got mainstream, but the spin-off is not doing so well. Out of our project poll it only garnered 1.22% votes. Meaning, it’s not that popular so we decided to put it in hiatus for a while which lasted for several years, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love it anymore. We are just prioritizing what most of you people want to read, and in the popularity poll, Imouto LoveRu isn’t doing all that well either. “To Love– WHAT?!” Is what you’re probably saying, and yeah, during its first release we did find a lot of haters bashing on how tasteless the title was, I’m talking about Imouto LoveRu, indeed it sounds pretty much like the other more popular manga many of us know, and no, it’s not a total rip-off. But since its not doing bad at the polls and the danger of it being snatched away is imminent, I’m being forced to work over time with FIVE projects simultaneously!! Anyway, I’ll try to chuck out chapter 3 of Imouto LoveRu after we’re done with Maou.

HarutoNatsu_buttonWork progress has stopped for Haru to Natsu for the mean time because I’m up to my neck with RL stuff. Plus, I’m having a bit of trouble with the raws, hopefully I’ll get around to fixing this little problem when I start to get motivated

I still got a lot of stuff to report about the other projects, but I’m really not feeling under the weather right now to dig through the messy archives for work updates. Anyway, bottom line is, this month is going to be a slow one. July is already half finished and we only managed to make one release so far. That’s about it for now. Till we meet again on the next ranting news. Also, my staff member al245 the cleaner need your help to donate because, he was paying translation for OkaZu Bekarasu!! Junketsu Tokku! IT COST HIM A FORTUNE!! Donate


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Sora no Otoshimono PICO! Chapter 3 Release!


Another day in the life of the three main Angeloids of Sora no Otoshimono, this time Astraea discovers the wonders of diners!

You can get the chapter HERE, or go get it from the mirrors HERE, or just read the whole thing HERE.

Yeah, I bet you guys are hoping for a Maou release. Sorry to disappoint you guys, but Maou is still in the translation stage and there are tons of stuff we need to do for the next chapter release, one of the most horrific job of the next chapter is the redrawing. But hopefully we’ll get around that (like we always do).

Also, thanks to Buttons for the superb translation work. This project will still be in On Hold if it wasn’t for Buttons. If you guys want to get any of our projects going and you have the ability to help, we openly welcome your help, but please no back stabbing and stealing the project for your own. We have been putting adverts that we need help on our projects. It is true that we do tend to have lags on some releases, but that doesn’t mean we dropped a project because we haven’t updated it for more than two years now, that is unless we have announced that we have already dropped it, or we have all rolled up and died. If you want to see the list of projects we dropped, go check it HERE if you are too lazy to even look at the links menu bar at the top of this page.

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