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Chocolat ~ Maid Cafe “Curio” chapter 4 – RELEASE!!

cmcc-c4 It’s been a month and Misato seems to be fitting in quite well to her new life. But just she she thought that things are going well, a gang of rather shady people came to Maid Cafe “Curio” looking for Misato, could it be that they came to collect Misato’s unpaid debt? What will Daisuke do to protect Misato? Read on to find out!

You can get the release HERE, or from the mirrors HERE, or if those links still don’t work, you can read it all HERE!!

Drama is at an all time high in Maid Cafe Curio as Misato’s past catch up to her. Anyway, most of you guys are probably wondering what happened to the links, it appears the site went down suddenly, but don’t worry, we still have archives of the older releases for Maid Cafe Curio, unfortunately, we can’t say the same for other projects that were affected by the sudden disappearance of our file server. Rest assure that we’ll try to fix this little problem, all Maid Cafe Curio archives are mirrored, so you can still get them from active mirrors and we also added Mega links for good measure.

Mini TAIHEN News Report

June has been a very busy month for our group, we actually made many releases this month compared to the previous months starting this year. We hope to keep up this good release rhythm, but as fuel is running out, I’m a bit sad to report that releases may slow down again this coming month of July, even though we may not be able to make a weekly output, we’ll try to chuck stuff out as frequent as we can.

New Volunteer Staff Applicants

This past week we received some applications for selected positions, I personally sent reply messages, but the applicants haven’t replied yet, it’s either my message got lost in their spam folder, or they’re just busy with RL stuff at the moment. If you guys have filed an application and still hasn’t received a reply from any of our admins, chances are that the reply messages ended up in spam, or the reply messages from our group got sent to a nonworking email address. To those interested to help speed up a particular project, you can still send us your application, and be sure to fill up the email address box with the email you are using and check your spam in case our response gets lost in there.

Priority Project Poll

As for the Priority Project poll result, it seems that Maou is taking the lead leaving all other projects in the dust. Well, if many of you guys want a Maou chapter for the next release, so you shall. It may take a while though, a week or two at the least. But until that time, other releases will be put on hold to prioritize Maou chapter 09.

Well, that’s about it for this project release announcement report. We hope you enjoy this release, let’s meet again on the next one!!

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Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa ch.8 RELEASE!!


The Saegusa Festival fever is in the air and the students at Seiran High School are planning on opening Stalls with rather morally questionable products. At her home, Kyoko is planning on winning over Haru and steal his contract with Zonmi, will she succeed? What does Manami have to say in this? And will Zonmi just idly allow her rival to get away with her plans? Well, there is only one way to find out, is there?

You can get your Maou fix HERE, or from the mirrors HERE, or just read the whole thing HERE.

It took more than a month for the next release to come out?! WTF?!!!

Well, as you are all aware we have encountered some complications with this project namely, because the main staff in charge of this project were unavailable. But last week we were able to get back on doing what we love other than eating and breathing, working our beloved projects and thus we were able to work on this project as well. I find it funny, because as I was reviewing our post history, I realized that we had ZERO activity last March of 2014. No reports, no NOTHING! Probably because RL stuff was happening at the time. In April we saw some influx of releases with Haru to Natsu and Gou-dere, two lengthy chapters. In May, we have releases for Maou and Maid Cafe Curio. And in June we had sequential releases for Maid Cafe Curio and Junketsu with a total of three, and since the month isn’t over yet with the addition of this chapter, the total release count for this month is four. It seems like this is our busiest month ever in 2014! I just hope we can keep up this pace, but since we are living in the real world there are RL stuff that are bound to wreak havoc to our release rhythm. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Maid Cafe Curio will be out next, so you guys better keep an eye on that one, the drama is starting to get intense!

According to the polls (at the time this post was being written), the Magikano project is on the lead with Haru to Natsu on second tied with Maou, we decided to extend the poll deadline to collect more solid results. If you want us to divert our limited manpower to release a long pending project, don’t forget to cast your vote on the poll below!

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TAIHEN News!! 「タイヘンニュース!!」Ep 04 “Report ‘n’ Stuff”

This Taihen News Report was supposed to be a good long rant about how irritating for us to see comments from disgruntled readers how we seem to be too lazy to make frequent releases, but then again, who wants to read long rants?

Anyway, on to my report. As you may have noticed that we made consecutive releases for ‘Chocolat ~ Maid Cafe “Curio”‘ although it gained quite a following, but it’s not so much. I believe it’s probably due to the short length of the manga. On the other hand, ‘OkaZu Bekarasu!! Junketsu Tokku!’ gained more follows, probably due to the kemonomimi girls in the series. Either way, we are thankful to you guys who support our works. Though it’s only fitting for us to respond by chucking out more frequent releases, but the glaring problem that won’t go away is that we don’t have PERMANENT and DEDICATED staff. We get a few applications every now and then, but once one of our admins get to contact them, the conversation only goes on for a while then suddenly we never hear from the new applicant again. We strongly suggest that new applicants introduce themselves in our IRC channel, or the forums, but for some reason very few people find their way there recently, and because of that I restored the contact link in the menu bar so that you guys can notify us about anything at all. I suggest you leave a feedback, because it’s more likely to be read by the admins who maintain the site.

As for the projects, as I have announced on the last Maid Cafe “Curio” credits page and the release post, the next chapter release will be delayed because I have some RL stuff to deal with and I needed a break. But after only two days I’m back to working on Maid Cafe “Curio” chapter 4 and Maou chapter 8, you will also be treated to a follow up release of “Okazu Bekarasu!! Junketsu Tokku!” chapter 2. Also, we are planning on making a new release for “Imouto LoveRu” chapter 3. For those who have forgotten about it, Imouto LoveRu is just one of those interesting projects that I found, but unfortunately raws were scarce. I only managed to save up to 2 chapters back then and only managed to scrape two more chapters later. Since it was still on going a year ago, I decided to wait for more chapters to surface, but alas, only four chapters came out and the last thing I knew was that I had heard that the series had already ended. We’ll try to produce the last two chapters we have, but more releases is uncertain because there are no more raws. On the other hand, we are also planning on restarting the “Maji-Bura” project, it’s been more than two years already!! DAYUM!!! Anyway, we need to do something about that. A Magikano release is also imminent, as for Seifuku, we are still waiting for the proofed chapter 3 from our proofer, Caboov. Also, we might release a new SnO PICO chapter, all thanks to Buttons.

As for the long time pending projects, please do not think that we have abandoned them. We actually like reading them, but the problems is, we are seriously understaffed. We have few cleaners, most of our typesetters are either away, or too busy with RL stuff (ie gaming), we have no resident translator, and the status of our proofers is unknown. If you guys would like to help us in a particular project, we are open.

So, in order for us to facilitate you guys and get our very limited work force to concentrate on a project you want to have a new release, we are conducting another poll! We will prioritize our projects releases for the following week based on the poll results. The more votes a project gets the more likely it’ll be the next release, so what are you waiting for? VOTE NOW!!!



The poll will only be valid for a week.

– Poll has been UPDATED!!

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Chocolat ~ Maid Cafe “Curio” chapter 3 – RELEASE!!


Midori and Daisuke always seem to be in bad terms, but that wasn’t the case when they were still in high school. Just when did things went sour between them? Will they ever get back in good terms again? Read on to find out!!

You can get the release HERE, or from one of the mirrors HERE, if that still doesn’t work, you can always read it HERE.

Finally, it’s out. I will take a short break from working on this project for a few days just to catch up with some lost sleep. Also, I need to finalize the translations for Maou chapter 8, so you will be expecting a release from that project as well soon. tbh, I’ve been at it for seven straight days and I didn’t have much sleep because of project works. Juggling RL stuff while working on rush projects is not a very healthy routine for me, so I’m afraid to say that the next Curio chapter release may be a few days behind the promised weekly release, but don’t worry, you’ll be getting a Maou release along with it.

June 12, 2014 at 5:18 pm 2 comments

Project Updates!

Hey guys, long time no see! Unfortunately I had to take leave from Angry fox for a few months due to me starting University, with it being a really messy first semester. That meant that B-werx had the task of running this place by himself. However I have (hopefully) gotten everything back in order in real life so I have come back to hopefully help get some projects kick started again. With this I have created a list on the exact status of each project in a hierarchical fashion, as we believe you have the right to now where your favourite projects are at and why they are there. So lets begin. The order goes with the categories with the highest levels of attention being first.

Projects with Translations
These Projects have translations already completed or are being completed by a translator that focuses solely on that manga. As the translations are done, it means we can pump these out at a faster rate as they take up little resources and so are give the highest attention first, even though they may be new manga to our lineup. This category includes:

Okasu Bekarazu!! Junketsu Tokku! – A good friend Goblinat has been kind enough to pay for a translator to translate the manga. As we all know, paid translators are very quick at their job and so we have plenty of translations to work with. Expect quick releases of this one.

Chocolat: Maid Cafe Curio: Buttons has been kind enough to join us specifically for this manga and so he has pumped out many translations for this meaning we are able to throw out these on a regular basis.

Currently Working On
The following projects do not have a specific translator and so will be a lot slower to release as we have to get our main translators (pretty much b-werx) to translate. Unfortunately this means these translators will have multiple series they are working on and so releases will be slow, but can be sped up if we got more translators 😉 . However this doesn’t mean that we have stopped working on them and will be released as soon as possible.

Fuku Neko – Latest chapter is off being typesetted. Should be ready really soon!

Maou na ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa – All ready to go, just needs translating

Seifuku! – Cleaning and Translating

Magikano – Same as above

Urasai – Same as above, however it is the lowest on the to-do list

Imouto Love Ru – Although we have mentioned in a previous post that we were lacking raws, we have managed to come up with chapter 3 & 4. This means you will be seeing some more imouto action hopefully quite soon.

On hiatus due to problems
These series we would continue if we could however problems (other then ones related to staff) have arised that are preventing us from doing them.

Haru to Natsu – Quite simply we don’t have the raws for the remaining chapters. If we manage to find them or buy them then we will be able to continue the series

Gou-Dere Bishoujo Nagihara Sora – Unfortunately there are 2 reasons why we can’t continue one of our beloved manga series. The main reason is that the series has been Licensed to Yen Press for a official English release, meaning that we are not allowed to continue working on it unless we wish to be hassled by their legal department. Even if this didn’t happen, we still lack raws to finish it. Maybe if Yen manga falls through on it then maybe we could pick it up again, but until then we will not be working on it.

On hiatus due to lack of interest and/or to allow for the other projects
The following in the list are on hiatus due to either the team not having that much of an interest on working on them aswell as not having the time and the resources to complete them unless we want to make our releases suffer even more.

Dead Soul Revolver – The extremely harsh redraws, the main cleaner becoming busy with work and the lack of overall popularity have put this manga on the not worth it list. Maybe if someone brave enough attempts this manga it might see the light of day again.

Hanaukyo Maid Tai – Unfortunately this has been put aside for our other projects for now, as b-werx is busy with our main series. However if we have more resources we would continue with this.

Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar – Similar to above. Originally this was meant to be a fun side project between b-werx and I as we are both fans of the tenchi series. Unfortunately as it is only a side project, it has been aside to allow for our more popular manga.

Misaki Number #1 – The last wish from one of the founding members of Angryfox. As it is low in terms of overall popularity it has been put aside for other manga, however it WILL get done! We will honor a previous soldier!

In the land of the Unknown
We are still deciding on where to put these manga, and so there position will be announced in the future

Maji Bura

Sora No Otoshimono Pico

The remaining manga Boku to Kanojo no XXX has been completed and so is off the list. Chibi Miku-san has of course been dropped, it was mainly used as a filler manga when the site first started.

Well I hope this has cleared up your questions as to where the mangas are currently situated at. If you have any more questions feel free to answer them below.

Lastly i just want to say It’s good to be back and lets hope we can get things running for the next half of the year. Please if you want to help us out with anything (especially in translating), please click here

Till next time!
Peace out!

June 6, 2014 at 3:26 pm 1 comment

Chocolat ~ Maid Cafe “Curio” chapter 2 – RELEASE!!



Memories are abstract, formless stuff that you lug around your mind. There are so many kinds of memories, some are good, some are bad, some are just “MEH”, there are those that are easily forgotten and there are some cherished ones. Kanako Akishima used to be classmates with Yuki Daisuke and for some reason, she’s often seen sitting by the window of the Maid Cafe “Curio” sipping coffee while reading tons of books. Is there a special reason behind this? Or is Kanako just killing time before going to the university? Find out this rather unexpected back story of the silent girl who often reads books by the window and the Cafe manager.

You can get it HERE, or get it from the mirrors HERE, and if all of that fail you can still read the whole thing HERE.

Oh, did we mention that this project is going to be a WEEKLY release?! No?? Now you know! After the first release of the pilot chapter many feared that this will be just a one time only release, but on the contrary, we’d like to keep it as a regular project. As you can see, we’ve already announced work for this project almost four years ago as a regular (see original release post HERE), we are just finishing up on what we’ve started. Now you guys can enjoy this rather relaxing, working,  slice of life type of literature on a regular basis. And no, we’re not stopping work on this project any time soon, that is until we ran out of raws, translations, or RL stuff get in the way. We hope you enjoy this release and we’ll see you on the next update!!

We don’t have a fixed page for the Chocolat ~ Maid Cafe “Curio” so, for those who want to see the first chapter you’ll find the links below, enjoy!

Chocolat ~ Maid Cafe “Curio” vol. 1 Ch. 01 – Maid Cafe “Curio” | [Mirror]

Chocolat ~ Maid Cafe “Curio” vol. 1 Ch. 02 – Kanako’s Memories | [Mirror] – (current release)

June 2, 2014 at 4:59 pm 2 comments

Okasu Bekarazu!! Junketsu Tokku! Chapter 1 – RELEASE!!


In the year 2020, a deadly virus threatened the human race and the only way to survive is to inject humans with animal genes turning them in to what they call ‘Theriantropes’. By the year 2035 the entire homo-sapiens species is all but extinct, or so they thought. Enter Kokuryou Kazuto, a strange and a rather below the average in athletics kind of guy who always finds himself trailing dead last in every physical exercise, but this doesn’t seem to turn the girls away. For some reason, girls can’t help but feel attracted to him and they’d often squabble and fawn all around Kazuto driving his male classmate dead jealous. And at the end of the day, just when Kazuto is finally alone with his childhood friend and long time love interest, Shibasaki, they were attacked by a gun-toting girl who introduced herself, and along with two other girls, as emissaries of the New Japan Government sent to protect him from any romance??? Will this put an end to his seemingly mundane cycle of life? What secrets does Kazuto hold that the Government is interested in protecting him? AND WHY DOES IT ALWAYS HAVE TO BE THE WIMPY AND SPINELESS M.C. WHO GETS ALL THE FEMALE ATTENTION?!

Well, you will get a piece of the action by reading the whole thing. You can get your dose of the first chapter HERE, or get it from a wide array of mirrors, HERE. If that still doesn’t work, you can just read the whole thing HERE.

It’s not really clear who paid how much for the raws, I recall having to send part of my money for the acquisition of the raws for this project, but majority of the expenses and the driving force behind this project is from none-other than our good friend, Goblinat. He’s a regular in our IRC channel (for those who don’t know, you can chat with us HERE) you can consider him as an honorary Angry Fox. He first approached our group about a year ago requesting we do ‘Okasu Bekarazu!! Junketsu Tokku!’, since it involves girls with animal ears and tails (not to mention boobies), the majority of the staff agreed doing the project. The horror began when we started checking the raws, it seems that they needed extra work, especially in re-drawing. So, with our hands tied up on other activities back then, we decided to put the project on hold until we get a good re-drawer who can do the job. But after a full year has passed and nobody stepped up the plate, I personally decided to put matters in my own hands. Having invested a bit of money and time for the raws, not to mention Goblinat’s personal expenses for the translations, it was high time this project finally see the light of day. A few months later the final preparations for the release of ‘Okasu Bekarazu!! Junketsu Tokku!’ chapter 1 is underway. After all we’ve been through, and not to mention the lengths our benefactor has gone through just to get this thing going is unimaginable. I’m just glad we’re finally releasing this. And for those who are thinking, “this may just well be another slow project”. Well… It depends, you see… we have all the raws complete (although volume 1 seems to be the only one fully scanned) and we have translations at our disposal, it’s safe to say that we’ll be at this for quite a while. I’m planning a bi-weekly release, but with only one re-drawer (and not to mention other jobs) working on multiple projects, that can’t be assured. But we’ll do our best to keep the releases on a regular basis. If there are talented folks out there who knows a thing or two about Photoshop and redrawing manga, your help is greatly NEEDED! If you’re interested, you can leave us a message HERE, and one of the admins (whoever is available) will reply to your messages.

Thanks for reading this banter until this point, if you guys are interested to see more release updates, you can look forward to a chapter release for Magikano very soon. Seifuku chapter 3 might also come out within a few days as well. Other projects on the kiln currently cooking are Gou-dere chapter 15, and Maou. We cannot promise all these may come out all at once, but you guys can rest assure we’re busting our asses so that you can get your manga fix. Still, more helping hands is a very welcome.

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