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Chocolat ~ Maid Cafe “Curio” chapter 1 – DECLASSIFIED!!!


Yuki Daisuke is running their family owned maid cafe called “Curio”. It’s a European themed cafe with dedicated and rather odd staff. The business is originally owned by Daisuke’s father, but after his father remarried, he went away on a long honeymoon leaving Daisuke behind to manage the cafe. One day, a rather innocent girl named Misato, went to Maid Cafe Curio looking for a job, but when the manager asked for her resume she couldn’t produce one, and thus she was abruptly shown to the door. What will happen to the poor girl now? Is this cafe just another place of broken stuff (I’d say dream, but nah)? Take a ride and follow the life stories of the girls working for the Maid Cafe “Curio”

You can get the file HERE, or get it from the mirrors HERE, or read it HERE.

It’s been three years and nine months since we first announced the project, and it has taken us that long to finally get the very first chapter out. The first problem we encountered with this project was the raws we obtained were in bad quality, our translator got so annoyed with how bad the raws were that she quit the translation work. For two and a half years the project sat in the archives gathering dust, until Buttons contacted us and offered to help us with our little problem, he provided the raws and the full translations for the first two chapters, at that time we assigned MoonWind to do the cleaning. Though I believe at that time we still have at least three active proofers, not sure if the translations were proofed back then, since progress tracking was not our strong point (unfortunately). And during that time, we have our hands quite full, and so we decided to enlist the help of our new friends, a collaborating group who will do the final editing, typesetting and QC job. If I remember correctly a few days later, the other group notified us that there is something wrong with the raws we gave them. We kept contact with the other group and tried to resolve the little hitch they encountered with the raws. Afterwards, work progress has returned to normal, and we even have agreed with what credits page we will be using, see below:


Days passed and updates for the production were rarely announced until it got to the point that we all forgot about it. A Full year has passed and it seems that progress for this project has died, but early this year, in March (2014) Buttons sent me a message reminding me of Maid Cafe “Curio” which had me thinking. Since he had already went out of his way to give us better raws and translation, the least we can do is see to it that all the time and effort we have all invested on this project finally come to fruition. And so, I went down the dark recesses of the archives digging for the forgotten files of the Maid Cafe Curio project. I found the cleaned raws that MoonWind worked on and to my horror, I discovered that the first page of chapter 1 is missing. After sifting through 8 external drives I found the original raws we used back in 2010, and thanks to the advances in image cleaning softwares (something we didn’t have 2 years ago) I was able to refurbish the missing pages that were originally in poor quality. Though I thought the worst was over, I encountered another problem; the pages 12 and 13 were switched. This threw me off quite a bit, suddenly the translation doesn’t match the pages.

From the time I decided to take on the duty of finishing the production for this chapter, all I encountered were irregularities and problems. Now as I type this little ranting report about how much misery we had to endure just to get this project launched properly, I am drifting in and out of consciousness because I slept extra late last night just trying to finalize this release. I’ll be closing my rants here and we hope you guys enjoy this release! (FINALLY!!)

Thanks to Black Light Scans and Kevorth for their effort on Maid Cafe Curio, and the AFS staff who helped work on this release.

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Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa ch.7 RELEASE!!


After the daring rescue of Iris, Chiharu’s life has somewhat returned to normal, or has it? As payment for Kyouko’s services in helping rescue Iris, she forces Chiharu to treat her out, but unknown to Chiharu, somebody else was listening in on their conversation. Chiharu’s troubles is only starting!

You can get it HERE, or HERE, or read the whole thing HERE.

It was supposed to be a regular release, but a lot has happened so, the release got held way back. One of the major reason is the Gou-dere release and not to mention the cleaner/redrawer of this chapter went missing and along with him are the cleaned and redrawn pages. Another setback for this release was the translation, we had help for the translation, but after crosschecking it with the original JP transcripts, we found that there are some mistakes with the VN-EN translation and we had to do some major re-work on it. In the VN-EN version, during Kyoko and Chiharu’s conversation at the restaurant, Kyoko mentioned that it was Chiharu who moved in to town, but it was actually Kyoko who moved in, and from then on we spotted other irregularities, so some corrections had to be done.

We hope to make this project a regular release, but as you guys can see, we’re short on JP-EN translators. Anybody who is interested in translating this project is very welcome to join in. But till we find a resident translator for this project, releases may take a while…

May 2, 2014 at 5:00 pm 6 comments

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