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Gou-Dere Bishoujo Nagihara Sora ch.14.5 RELEASE!!!

gbns-14_5 All the dorm residents went out on a hot springs trip, and guess who tags along? Our crazy bunch, it seems that trouble follows Shouta wherever he goes and that trouble goes by the name Sora. What misfortunes will befall our hapless hero? Will Sora get arrested with her master this time? Read on to find out!!

Get your copy HERE, or from the mirror HERE or the MF link HERE.  Or just read the whole thing HERE.

At looooooooooooooong last! The bottleneck project is out of our throats and out into the world!! The cleaning and redrawing job is just so horrendous that the assigned cleaner went AWOL, but with this thing finally out we’re hoping he’ll come back again, now that the worst is over. The work for this chapter started long before we even worked on chapter 14, but the fact that this chapter must be dealt with before any chapters from volume 3 comes out is unavoidable, and thus we made it a point to finish this one before we put out anything else, unfortunately, this thing cost us a lot (or cost me a lot) of effort, it kinda reminds me of the KissXsis chapter we did some years ago. The raw was of poor quality, although the resolution was high, the image quality was quite undesirable. This is one of the very last raws that circulated for Gou-dere before distribution of raws stopped, it would take nearly a year before any new material would come out. And by then, the raws skipped three more chapters. It’s a bit disappointing that this series ended quite abruptly, to be honest, I have some grievances of my own regarding this particular project and it has left a stigma on most of the senior staff who had tried to work on this during the early years, but that’s a story for another time, for now we hope you guys enjoy this release.

April 18, 2014 at 2:39 pm 9 comments

Haru to Natsu Chapter 15 RELEASE!!

After Haruna got sick with a summer cold, it seems that she has passed it on to Makoto. And now the twins are back to make Makoto’s life a bit more miserable with their usual squabbles. Will they be able to help Makoto get over his cold, or make things worse? Read on to find out!!

You can get the file HERE, or from the mirror HERE and the MF link HERE, if that still doesn’t work, read it in full resolution HERE!

A lot of stuff happened this month for me and since I was the only guy who had the translations it took a while for me to finalize this release. Hopefully we’ll be able to release some more stuff within this month, but with the constant threat of RL stuff getting in our way of releases you guys would have to bear with us ^_^;

Anyway, some of you may notice that in this chapter Makoto Kimura got sick, and according to the dialogues, he got it after he took care of Haruna which took place in chapter 13.5, but there was a badminton match that went in between this chapter and that one. Don’t worry, we are as confused as you are. All I know is that the chapter numbers were mixed up from the magazine releases due to the fact that uploaders of the JP raws don’t put chapter numbers on them. We got the chapter chronology based on the date when the chapter raw became available, which is often months apart and scattered. We hope to fix this mix-up on the following releases.

We hope you enjoy this release, till next time!!

April 12, 2014 at 7:18 am 16 comments

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