A New Year’s Release!!

January 1, 2014 at 2:17 am Leave a comment

New Year’s greetings to you all! Time sure pass by so fast and now we’re at the start of a new year. We’ll be starting off with a different sort of production, a music video translation project!!

During the production work for our new release I stumbled upon a word I’m not very familiar with “pechapai” (ぺチャパイ), at fist I read it wrong as “bechapai” because the manga raw I’m working with is poor quality -_-

Anyway, after hitting a road block I consulted Mr. Jisho and found out that it is another term they use to call a flat-cheted girl other than the more famous pettanko. I often read pettanko in forums and many other discussion boards as the term they use to call a flat-chested girl, but not pechapai, and it turns out that they only use the word pettanko in mangas and anime, but the real term should be “Pechapai” meaning “tiny boobs” or “flat boobs”. Along with the newly discovered term I also discovered a nice video, it’s been around for more than 5 years already, but I can’t seem to find any version with any subtitles. The song used in the video is entitled “Pechapai” by the duo Brief & Trunks, the guys who popularized the song “Konbini” (コンビニ). I find the song quite catchy and it may get a bit repetitive at some point, but the accompanying video collage of Konata of Lucky Star makes it funny and interesting. On a whim, me and our other translator decided to do a little experiment, we attempted to sub a video, and that we DID! We hope you enjoy.

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