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Gou-dere Bishoujo Nagihara Sora ANIME (?) and Project Report

Late this evening while I was reviewing the translation for the upcoming Gou-dere extra chapter (14.5) release, there is a sort of recap of the story on the first page and on the third panel, this little announcement popped up all divided into three narration boxes.

“…This wet and gooey very random manga is highly recommended to be animated.”

HOLY COW! I almost wet my pants when I unearthed this little announcement from the manga!!

Goudere Teaser

Is it possible that talks for a Gou-dere Anime is already underway? Or could it be that production has already started? It’s been months since this extra chapter went out and if this teaser has a bit of substance behind it, this would be a very wonderful news for Gou-dere Bishoujo Nagihara Sora fans everywhere!

With this in mind, I tried to dig for additional news and infos, but sadly I wasn’t able to find anything about any proposed Gou-dere anime. Additional infos might pop up on following chapters, but for some reason, scans of subsequent Gou-dere chapters are nowhere to be found which leads us to my Gou-dere project report.

As you guys are well aware, we are at a snail’s pace in releasing stuff, but we are pretty much determined to make releases as much as we can. The real status of the AFS Gou-dere project is that we are kinda stuck, we are in need of raws. Early this year echoes of rumors that Gou-dere is changing publishers, it turned out that it’s only changing magazines, but still under the same publisher from ‘Young Animal Island’ to ‘Young Animal Arashi’ which are both under Hakusensha. After the notice of magazine change, the supply of raws somehow slowed down until it inevitably stopped. A few determined individuals tried to supply newer chapters, but it ended up skipping some along the way. Personally, I felt that the whole thing about the raws became pretty messy, people don’t know what happened to the series and all we get from people who can find raws are speculations as to why raws became so very hard to find. Another confusing thing is, after months of no updates from folks with connections to the raws, a new set of raws for Gou-dere surfaced and the chapter numbering seemed to have been reset. for all we know we are already at chapter 14 and the extra chapter (14.5) then here comes a new chapter labeled ‘chapter 01’ which is significantly different from the first Gou-dere chapter. Now, this left a lot of folks asking, “what happened to the girl that appeared from Kaburagi’s book in chapter 13?”, “Is it an alternate story?”, etc. Personally, I don’t know, I’m also asking the same things. One thing I also noticed is that another of our project (Haru to Natsu) is also being published in Young Animal Island and raws for that series also became scarce. Could it be that there is a connection with the Gou-dere raws shortage? Is it possible that YA Island is not a hot selling magazine?

To sum up this rather boringly long write-up, both projects (Gou-dere & Haru to Natsu) might be put on hiatus after their upcoming releases, that is until we find new materials we can work on. Gou-dere might continue for a while, but sadly, Haru to Natsu might not be seeing the light of day for a long time. In the plus side, we may get the chance to work on other neglected projects in their place. Anyhow, we will find a way to continue working on both projects, in my search for more Gou-dere anime news, I discovered that Gou-dere vol. 3 and Haru to Natsu vol. 4 tankoubons are already out! If we can only get funding for the manga volumes we can continue working on them, anybody who wants to help is very welcome 😀


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Urasai Chapter 04 Release!!


It’s Asuka’s turn to shine! She is the ghost of an athletic 18 year old girl who died in a most unfortunate circumstance and this is the root of her grudge on Saito’s family. Asuka came home from her early morning training one morning to find that something has latched itself on her breast. Saito, after seeing the strange way how Asuka’s boobs shake feared the worst. Was it an alien, a curse? Or could it be a dreadful creature that will feed upon Asuka’s spirit energy? Who know! Read on to find out.

You can get the file HERE, or from one of the mirrors HERE. If those links still don’t work, you can still read it in its full glory HERE.

B-kun’s Report:

It’s been a while since I last updated anything, but I have finally got myself out of my lazy chair and finally had something done for once. I have been working on this chapter for months now, but after my PC got soaked in water, I got into the hospital and all other RL stuff got in the way, the work progress slowed down. Well, hopefully with this new found enthusiasm, I’ll be able to work on some stuff again and expedite some pending projects while I’m at it. We still need Japanese translators tho, our resident translator has changed her status to “Semi-retired” which sounds rather discomforting. Though we’re limping at a leg at the moment, we’ll still try to work on our projects and provide you guys some interesting BOOBIES related mangas to read. Till next release!!

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