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Gou-Dere Bishoujo Nagihara Sora ch.08 – DECLASSIFIED!!


It’s Gou-dere Bishoujo Nagihara Sora chapter 08?? DAFUQ!??

Before you get your pants in a wad, this is the first time we’re putting this work out after more than 2 years being stuck in the archives. I felt that it’s time this work sees the light of day after it’s original production way back in July, 2011. Though some of the original staff who contributed are gone or missing, this is a tribute to their hard work. The previous version that circulated from MangaFox IS inferior and with that said, we hope to replace that monstrosity with this proper version with proper credits. Even though it’s stale and old, please enjoy this release in it’s full 812x1200pix glory.


you can get the file HERE, or read it HERE. No mirror links will be included in this release since it’s an older chapter release that is being updated.

September 18, 2013 at 5:05 am 4 comments

TAIHEN News!! Ep 02 “Life at Present”

Hello folks and welcome to another “Ara taihen!” news. I’ve been meaning to write a news for you guys about the current situation of our group for quite a while now, but the opportunity always escapes me. So even though it’s so late in my location at the moment I decided to write something before I totally lose the will or any inspiration to write anything, so here goes…

First off, the Fuku Neko project was originally a joint project that was decided upon a few years back (it’s been YEARS!!) the production progress was just so slow that even I gets frustrated. During the Fuku Neko project’s infancy stage, our resident CN translator, Reinnya worked tirelessly to translate all 17 chapters (including the filler chapters) before she retired. The original plan was that our group (the AFS) will do the translation and proofing (and some cleaning job) and the other group will do the rest. The weekly plan never fell through and the project updates were sporadic. In my belief we already did all our part, but somewhere in between people just seem to be not so interested in working on it until less and less folks get involved in working on it. It’s just a shame to see it in the condition it was a few months back, so I thought we’d adopt the project and try to carry on with it (without consulting people, yep that’s the way to do it!)

To tell you the truth many of the staff are busy with school, RL stuff, jobs and games, so most of the projects don’t progress very well lately. But we’re hoping that once all the RL stuff and others that get in the way of us chucking out more releases will be resolved, or taken care of soon. Also, a long inactive staff will be returning to us this month, so we may get some stuff done on long pending projects such as Maji Bura, Imouto Loveru, Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari, Haru to Natsu and others. I’m also looking forward to some stuff you I’m hoping that things will get a bit lively here next month. And also, the AFS original manga is now in production! Aside from our regular releases we’ll be putting up an original manga dedicated to our very own staff and our hijacked bot Meido! For those who are not in the know, Meido is a bot on our IRC channel, she was originally created by Serghar of Sakugara Scans, one of our sub admins (Caboov) managed to get Meido in our channel to liven up the channel. But recently Meido has been missing, I was informed that she is currently on vacation. And since our cookie provider has been gone for a while now, things aren’t as lively in the channel as it used to, so to keep the Meido spirit alive, we’ll be making Meido one of the main character in our group manga. Currently, there is no structure for the manga story, but I’m hoping to make it into something entertaining to read (at least).

On other stuff, I’d like to make a report that translation works for the following titles are underway!

  1. Gou-dere Nagihara Sora chapter 14.5 – 5% progress
  2. Imouto Loveru chapter 03 – 10% progress
  3. Urasai chapter 04 – 100% progress (translation done by Lessee)
  4. Magikano chapter 31 – 1% progress

Other projects that were reported to be in production are:

  1. Dead Soul Revolver chapter 11 – in the works
  2. Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa chapter 04 – in the works
  3. Tokkou Maid Thunder chapter 05 – typesetting phase (no actual progress update)
  4. Okasu Bekarazu – Junketsu Tokku chapter 01 – in the works (no actual progress update) *al245 said “the cleaned is done. Also, I’m still waiting for redraw and proof script.

Other projects are still on cue, hopefully we’ll be able to do something about them.

I’d also like to announce that we’ll be dropping the “Boku to Kanojo no XXX” a.k.a. “My Barbaric Girl Friend” project. Not many staff seem to be interested in working on it and another group has released “ALL” the remaining chapters of it, so no point for us to keep at it. It’s been a long run, I started in this little hobby because of it, but things just has to have an end. Those who are interested to read the rest of it you guys can go see it in the nearest profiteering manga reader site near you! Or on the web.

Well, that’s it for my Taihen news post for now. I’m actually not too sure of the other stuff I put in here because I’m actually half a sleep and my consciousness fades in and out as I type this very report. If you guys have any question of want to know something, just leave us a message, you can be sure we’ll read it.

September 5, 2013 at 2:56 pm 11 comments

Gou-Dere Bishoujo Nagihara Sora ch.14 RELEASE!!!


Tenka found the “Original” game Shouta was talking about (see chapter 13) and was curious as to what the game was all about. It started as an innocent looking game but as the game progresses it become more and more… erm… Indecent. Will Tenka continue to play, or will she throw out the game? Read on to find out!!

Git it while it’s hot HERE! Or get it from the mirrors HERE, if you’re still being such a spoiled kid, read it all in its full glory HERE!!

Special thanks to the staff who helped with the final checking. This one came out a lot faster because it\s only a few pages long and not to mention that it doesn’t have much dialogues in it except for the weird noises the game was making. Since most of my favorite mangas got updated recently I decided we should jump into the fave manga update bandwagon, and so we have Gou-dere 14. We hope you guys enjoy this release!

September 4, 2013 at 4:49 pm 6 comments

Fuku Neko 13


New emotions are stirring up inside Miya’s heart as she competes with Nana over a present given to her by Ichirou. What will Miya do? Is Ichirou finally going to accept Miya? Read on to find out more!

Gp get it HERE or HERE, if all of that still failed, read it in its full glory HERE

Some of our staff were perplexed when Fuku Neko chapter 12 came out because many thought that the remaining materials for this series has been used up, but after digging deeper into the archives I discovered additional materials from our proofer Videshi. Unfortunately all workable materials are until chapter 14. Hopefully our other resident proofer, Caboov will manage to finish the proofing of the rest of the chapters. Till next release!

September 3, 2013 at 12:15 pm 2 comments

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