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Fuku Neko 12


Ichirou is curious where Nana learned her rather obscene way of speaking. Nana leads him at the back of the shrine and what Ichirou saw shocked him. Cat-girls can learn some weird stuff when left on their own, especially with a weird old God. Read on to find out the truth behind Nana’s weird way of speaking.

You can get it HERE or if that link doesn’t work, you can go HERE. If all fails, go read it in its full glory HERE.

It’s been half a year since any release for Fuku NEko was made. Updates are being scarce although the series has been completely translated long ago. We’ll learn about Nana and Nini’s past in the upcoming releases and we’ll witness how the master and his cat-girl discover their true feeling toward each other later on in the series. Let’s meet again on the next Fuku Neko release!

August 28, 2013 at 12:12 am 3 comments

Urasai Chapter 03 Release!!


Saito thought the ghosts can’t follow him outside Urasai Inn, well it seems he thought wrong. While on his way to college, Saito was shocked to find that the ghost maid Sumire followed him outside and the only way to let her rest in peace is to to let Sumire serve her former master, and since her former master whom she has a grudge is already long gone Saito has to fill in for him. What kind of service is Sumire going to do? Will Saito be able to play the role of is ancestor? Or will he ever get rid of his bigger problem named Sayo? Read on to find out.

Go get it HERE! Or if that link doesn’t work, get it HERE, or read it all HERE in full resolution.

Thanks to Lessee for helping with the translations, having no resident translator is taking a toll on the projects (-_-)

Anybody who is interested in helping out with the translations, please leave us a message at the contact page, or leave us a message at the forums. The next chapter release is a bit iffy, but if we get some help with the translations, it might come out a bit sooner. Till next time!

August 22, 2013 at 2:37 pm 9 comments

Magikano Ch. 30 Release!


Haruo ran away hoping to find a way to rid his sisters of Demons that he believes have possessed them, but instead he got lured to a dangerous place where some hired henchmen were waiting for him. What will happen to poor Haruo now? Will he be able to find a cure for his sisters? Read it to find out !!

Go git the files HERE!! If that link doesn’t work, you can get it from one of the mirrors HERE, or read it first HERE!!

RL stuff and hospitals, kept me from releasing this chapter a lot sooner. A lot of stuff can go wrong unexpectedly and life will throw a lot of strange crap your way which often gets out of control. Oh well, I just hope things will get back to normal pretty soon. Hope you guys enjoyed this release!

August 12, 2013 at 4:19 pm 11 comments

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