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Seifuku! Chapter 1 RELEASE!!


Yuusuke has decided to skip the first year initiation ceremony after not wanting to join a club at the school. As he is exploring the school, he runs into a girl named Momo, who is acting a bit suspicous. However Yuusuke is too flustered to notice… To find out just what happens in this brand new manga release go HERE or goto HERE or read it HERE.

Thats right guys, the very anticipated first chapter Seifuku! has finally been released. After the weeks of waiting for raws and other inconveniences we have pulled through and started off what we think is going to emotionally intriguing manga with a sophisticated plot! I would even go as far as to call it on the level of something like Clannad 😉 . Anyway, I really hope you guys enjoy it and I personally can’t wait to work on the next chapter. Oh, and I have to thank Mazen for supplying the funds for the manga, without him this manga would not have been translated. Also I want to give a shout out to our buddy Savirleo for taking in the raws and scanning.

Now I need you guys to one thing for us. We are running a poll to see which body type is better: Flat chested (Pettanko) or Big breasts! Please vote below

Thanks guys and hopefully we will be able to bring you more great releases in the near future! Till next time!


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Maou Na Ore to Fushihime Ch.3 RELEASE!


Chiharu has got a serious demon problem, with 2 demons wanting to him to be their master. So he decides to go to the nearest Demon Association Office to see if he can work things out as well as get some questions answered! Go get the little rascal HERE or goto HERE or read it HERE.

Well guys, it’s finally here! The very anticipated third chapter of Maou has finally been done! I know it has been way to long since the last release, as most of you know by now was because of computer troubles. But trust me guys, I think this chapter was well worth the wait. Hopefully (without jinxing myself) chapter 4 should be released a lot sooner then this one. I am really liking one of the characters very much! Now, Seifuku! should be released in the coming days, as well as some old favorites that need a bit of tender loving care, so that will awesome. That is about all I have time for you at the moment, so have fun reading this chapter. Till next time!


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Haru to Natsu Ch.14 RELEASE!

Haru to Natsu

Inamori attends Makoto and Haruna’s school and is one of the best badminton players there. However Inamori battles against Natsumi (who never plays badminton)in a match, only to lose. Seeking revenge, Inamori challenges Natsumi to a re-match. However, Natsumi declines and so Inamori decides to verse the next best person, Haruna! Will Haruna win against the newest girl Inamori, or will something else occur? Find out by getting the chapter HERE or goto HERE or read it HERE.

Unfortunately, as said before, both B-werx and I have had serious computer troubles for the last few weeks and so that is why there has been no releases for those few weeks. As said before in B-werx’s Taihen News (seriously this guy likes to change the name of thing alot ahaha) my HDD had to be wiped, which means alot of the work that has been done on various series was also deleted. We are working as hard as we can to catch up with these things, so please don’t all riot! XD

Anyway guys, hopefully Seifuku will be released next (maybe in the coming week if we are lucky) so be on the look out for that! Till next time,


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TAIHEN News!! Ep 01 “Screwed UP”

From the “Working” posts to the “Redneck&Bogan” updates to the “Flippin’ News” rants and rave, and now for some “TAIHEN NEWS”!

Ah screw it! Actually, we haven’t decided on any real name for the news and updates segment. But I think we’ll stick to this name a bit longer than the others, now on to the Terri… err… TAIHEN NEWS!!

As usual, RL stuff and the monsoon season got in the way of stuff. Right after my big move back home and being the only maintenance guy of my family, my activities just got tripled. The regular PC I’m using wont arrive till August due to some stop at Singapore the freighter had to do before they go straight to my home country, so I’ll be stuck using a laptop for a while. The bad news is that after a typhoon struck my home land, the room I moved in to recently has a leaky ceiling and to add salt to injury I woke up one morning to find the very laptop I’m using drenched in rain water, not to mention all my electronic gadgets that got soaked along with it!! So… Yeah… I had to scramble for a hair dryer and had them all dried up for a bit. The stuff that got hit hard by water damage is my trusty keyboard that our resident translator gave me as a present from South Korea. Another thing is that the water got to the inside of the laptop monitor, now whenever I see the monitor it looks like I’m gazing inside a fish tank. If the water spot won’t go away, I might be forced to pay for a new LCD monitor for it (=_=) to be honest, I feel that the system feels a lot unstable after it’s unexpected dip in rain water.

Enough of my RL crap, now on to your questions. We’ve received some questions and comments from you guys these past few days and we’d like to answer all your questions as much as possible. Now, let’s get to the Q & A’s!

For “Imouto LoveRu” Rae asks, “when’s the next release?”

Well Rae, I didn’t get much time to finish the translations for it because I was busy with the moving and shipping of stuff, and because of a lot of RL mumbo jumbo the work on it is stalled. Hopefully I’ll get back to working on it again pretty soon.

For Hanaukyo Maid Tai, ciledug says,

“i have read maid tai raw version vol 7-14 & i didn’t undarstand at all @.@
traslate them please, the last 2 vol, the fact & the past story made me curious to die 😥
at least made a summary about it please :’(”

As for Hanaukyo Maid Tai, we still a LOT more to go through. And because we’re short on translators, I don’t think we can make any updates for this project yet.

For Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa Rae asks, “When’s the next release?” and Kevin says, “Umm it’s taking a little to long for an update”

That’s a tough one… Well, the reason why this project got delayed is because the cleaned and redrawn images of it got erased. Recently, our group’s other admin Woahevil had a terrible computer problem and his hard drive was wiped CLEAN including all his stuff and some of our group projects that he is working on including Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa chapter 3. Last time I was able to discuss with him before all my RL junk happened, we were going to share the work load with the cleaning and redrawing to catch up with lost time. Because I suddenly encountered bad internet service and a sudden typhoon I was disconnected for a long bit and I still haven’t caught up with him to finish our works.

That’s the Q&A bit, now for status report!!

Seifuku ch 01 – Scheduled June release got botched due to reasons already mentioned above. Going to steal a new computer and will try to get it released A.S.A.P.!!

Magikano ch 30 – same reason as Seifuku

Urasai ch 03 – same reason as the above…

Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa ch 03 – same reason as the above…

Haru to Natsu – Ready for release, but is still not yet turned over by the QC

I’m still in the dark as to what has happened to the other projects, I suppose I need to get back online and sort things out and get all the other stuff going and back on track!

We’ll keep you guys posted for any new updates. Till next Taihen report!

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