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May 18, 2013 at 7:48 am 1 comment

Well folks, here I am again for another batch of my ranting reports which became a series of its own. Last time I was so lazy that I didn’t even bother to put up stats for current projects being worked on. The good thing about this update is that I’m not as lazy as the last time I posted this rant of a report. First! The not so important junk about my RL stuff. To those who are not aware, I have been attending a day job (what!? this guy has a job!? EEeeewwwww!!!) to pay for my food, and Gundams, and internet (Hey! Gundams don’t grow on trees, you know!) Things got a lot boring with my day job, so I decided it’s time that I end my day job routine and become part of the freeloading member of the society once again. The good thing you guys will be getting once I get out of my day job is that I’ll have more time to waste on translating and editing and GUNDAMS!! I’ll be leeching off of my parents for a while and help establish a respectable business on hobbies and anime stuff. But of course, I’ll need some capital for that, and since I spent all my money on gundams and over priced internet service, I have no money left, and it’ll take a while before I’ll be able to reap the fruits of my dream business.

Okay, an anonymous poster decided he’d help inform you guys about the current project stats. Yeah, even if he tried his best to piece together parts of infos from my older report, he had some of the stuff right and well… Here’s the current projects run through:

  • Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa ch 02 – Typesetting phase. 90% complete (Bitch! And we’ll be ready to release before the end of May!)
  • Goudere Bishoujo Nagihara Sora – Translation phase (getting pressured to produce translation ASAP, brain overheating, crashes more than often, total system shut down for more than 12 ours) 18% Complete
  • Chocolat Cafe Maid Curio ch 01 – Final production phase. 99% complete (status unknown, no updates, the files were stolen by terrorists!)
  • FukuNeko ch 12 – Typesetting phase. 85% complete (updates have died, nobody even wants to mention it anymore)
  • Haru to Natsu ch 14 – Translator quit! (Anybody wants to help with this?) 0% Complete
  • Imouto Loveru ch 03 – Translation phase (brain running on low, needs more sugar and caffeine, Google needs to get updated) 5% Complete
  • Magikano ch 30 – Cleaning phase (Stalled for LOTS of reasons, still) 30% complete
  • Misaki #1 ch 02 – SCREWED 35% Complete (cleaner ran away and started doing a different project, other staff are too scared to even gaze upon it)
  • My Barbaric Girlfriend ch 58 – Cleaning phase (Cleaner never even started, same stat as Misaki #1) 20% complete
  • Tokkou! Maid Thunder ch 05 – translation phase 70% complete (original translator Missing in Action, went for a very loooooooong vacation and never returned, presumed lost) 14% complete
  • Urasai ch 03 – translation phase 55% (translation work stopped TOTALLY! I’m only one man!! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!!?) 11% complete
  • Tenchi Muyo War on Geminar ch 02 – Translation phase (STOPPED, to continue on June, see complaint on Urasai stat) 40% complete
  • Maji Bura – Planned to be translated soon (Yeah, RIGHT!)
  • Secret Project ch 10 – Translation phase (everything relating to this project is plagued with problems! Translators going AWOL (got lost somewhere in China, presumably taken hostage), cleaners too scared to touch raws, even acquiring raws online is a problem. THIS PROJECT IS CURSED!!) 0% Complete
  • Seifuku! – Raws are on its way, BABY!! (Still too early to celebrate…)
  • Dead Soul Revolver ch 11 – No update from the originator of the project (all final chapter translations are done, release is not selling well to readers, too many bitchy redraws, cleaners complaining, children in the street crying, union bosses get kidnapped and cats growing thumbs!!) this series needs a little more love from the readers.

Well, so far that is what I know of the projects status. If I missed anything you can complain at the comments, or if you got some mad editing and translating skills that you want to help us get the job done a lot faster, you’re more than welcome to join!

That’s about it! Sorry, I don’t have goodies for you guys at the moment. I’ll just make it up to you next time.

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Imouto Loveru ch. 02 Vietnamese Edition RELEASE!! Imouto Loveru ch. 02 Italian Edition RELEASE!!

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  • 1. art248  |  May 19, 2013 at 6:55 pm

    no prob, thx 4 the status update and heads up.
    appreciate wat u guys r doin and ur doin it out of free will so really appreciate the effort that goes into the releases.

    guess i’ll juz wait till the releases r ready, as will most of us i guess.
    good luck 🙂


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