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Flippin’ News, Updates ‘n’ Stuff!! パート シックス

Greetings from the nether world! It’s time again for that ranting report. Though I should be out right now minding my own junk somewhere and yet I’m here worrying about you guys! I bet some of you are worried S&^tless about the stats of our projects. and that is why I decided to write up this junk!

Well, actually I’m at the airport right now waiting the night away in a Starbucks shop trying to figure out how to make large cup of Fap-a… err… Frapuccino last for more than 8 hours. Yep, my flight just got canceled. No wonder the guy at the ticket booth turned pale when he saw the flight details written on my plane ticket. Plus this is a good chance to show off at a Starbucks cafe, rather than just mindlessly looking at porny pictures, somebody is actually writing an article! HAH Top that fat guy sitting beside my table (yeah I can see those porny pics you’re looking at!)

Enough of that shiz, now let’s get down to dirty business. First off:

  • Gou-dere ch 13  – 25% complete [translation job is already done and it’s supposed to be in the redrawing phase, no further report from the redrawer, busy with school stuff]
  • Haru to Natsu ch 14 – 50% complete [typesetting activity is unknown, somebody was assigned to do it, no activity reports]
  • Fuku Neko (last chapter which I already forgot) – DEAD IN THE WATER… Anybody willing to help if VEEEERY WELCOME!
  • Magikano ch 30 – 75% done [ redrawing work stopped, DUH! I’M STUCK AT THE AIRPORT!!] Work will continue once the airplane is fixed and I get home in one piece (alive that is…)
  • Urasai ch 03 – 40% complete [ A shout out to Lessee our friendly contributor! Redrawing phase, actualy stat unknown, too many secret agents working on it]
  • Imouto Loveru ch 03 – 10% complete [translator too busy being stuck at the airport, too uninspired to do any other work right now. 2 nights without sleep makes weird popping noises in the brain =_=]
  • Seifuku! ch 01 – 100% being ogled by Sav! It’s actually 5% completed [ still too busy being stuck sleepless in a cramped airport full of people with funny beards]
  • Maji Bura ch 03 – 00% [inspired to do something about it, but see lazy reasoning on Seifuku! & Magikano]

The sitch is that most of our staff came down with the “BUSY WITH SCHOOL” sickness and I came down with a “STUCK AT THE AIRPORT” syndrome, 2 of the most notorious ailments that plague our kind. But rest assure that we will recover from these serious ailments to provide you guys some nifty stuff to fap over and laugh about.

A quick announcement is that the current Gou-dere series only has 2 chapters left… Funny thing is that Minazuki-sensei introduced a new 2D girl in the plot, the question that will leave most fans dumbfounded is the lack of additional infor of what happened to that 2D girl later and why she hates Yamakawa’s gut.

My writeup is starting to look weird due to the trippy state I am at while I’m trying to make sense of the stuff my fingers type, anyway, you guys got a lot to look forward to as this Month is our little group’s anniversary month!!

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Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa Chapter 2 release!

Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa

The time has finally arrived guys, the second chapter of Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa is finally done!! In this chapter, Chiharu is still dealing with his demon Zonmi, who has decided to go and enroll in his school so that she can keep an eye on him. However, another girl shows up and then the problems really start!!

Get it HERE or goto HERE . Unfortunately our XDCC-bot Miyako is down, so you can’t download the release on the IRC.

Well guys we finally managed to release this follow up chapter (this time a little less in size). It took longer then expected because the all-present villain that is Real Life, but we managed to pull through and present to you this release. I have to say, I am currently vouching for the that sister of his, I mean, she certainly doesn’t hold back her feelings doesn’t she! She is also not that bad looking either… but enough of that, because my feeling might change after the next chapter ;). Now, as B-werx has clearly shown in a previous post, real-life has not only been affecting this project but others as well. However, we have received some help from old friends as well as gaining some new raws, so hopefully we will be back on track!

So till next time,

Peace out!

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Seifuku! Project – GREEN LIGHT!!


– – –sf-02 – – –


– – –


– – –


– – –


Meet Yuusuke, a healthy average high school student. Well, not your regular average guy when it comes to boobies, his preference for boobies is more on the of “A” cup range, for him “G” cups are trouble and one in particular goes by the name, Kaede. Little did he know that his regular high school life will change after a fateful he encounter with a cute Senpai from his school who seems to be installing bugging devices in his class room. One event lead to another and in the end, he was duped into signing up for a rather dubious club in his school called as the “Koufuku Club”. A club that seems to be comprised of rather odd characters, the leader being the all knowing and manipulative Haruki, a pretty secretary with a bipolar disorder, a loli and a pettanko. You will get to see their unruly bunch run into troubles and accidents… Ecchi accidents and others more that will tickle your little turtle’s fancy.

Thanks to those who help to support this project, now we are happy to announce that work is already underway!! Now, you guys have something really nice to look forward to this coming month!


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Imouto Loveru ch. 02 Italian Edition RELEASE!!


It’s another release of our favorite siblings and this time it’s in Italian! This version is from our good friends all the way from Italy, the Black Light Manga Scans team! Thanks to Kevorth for the effort and their hard work! For our fellow manga fans based in Italy, this is for you!

You can get the links to the release HERE or read it HERE! And don’t forget to pay them a visit HERE!! And don’t be shy to drop by at their IRC channel, you’ll find that they are a very friendly bunch.

Other international groups who are interested in releasing our works in their local language is very welcome! Just don’t forget to leave us a message at our forums HERE.

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Flippin’ News, Updates ‘n’ Stuff!! パート ファイヴ

Well folks, here I am again for another batch of my ranting reports which became a series of its own. Last time I was so lazy that I didn’t even bother to put up stats for current projects being worked on. The good thing about this update is that I’m not as lazy as the last time I posted this rant of a report. First! The not so important junk about my RL stuff. To those who are not aware, I have been attending a day job (what!? this guy has a job!? EEeeewwwww!!!) to pay for my food, and Gundams, and internet (Hey! Gundams don’t grow on trees, you know!) Things got a lot boring with my day job, so I decided it’s time that I end my day job routine and become part of the freeloading member of the society once again. The good thing you guys will be getting once I get out of my day job is that I’ll have more time to waste on translating and editing and GUNDAMS!! I’ll be leeching off of my parents for a while and help establish a respectable business on hobbies and anime stuff. But of course, I’ll need some capital for that, and since I spent all my money on gundams and over priced internet service, I have no money left, and it’ll take a while before I’ll be able to reap the fruits of my dream business.

Okay, an anonymous poster decided he’d help inform you guys about the current project stats. Yeah, even if he tried his best to piece together parts of infos from my older report, he had some of the stuff right and well… Here’s the current projects run through:

  • Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa ch 02 – Typesetting phase. 90% complete (Bitch! And we’ll be ready to release before the end of May!)
  • Goudere Bishoujo Nagihara Sora – Translation phase (getting pressured to produce translation ASAP, brain overheating, crashes more than often, total system shut down for more than 12 ours) 18% Complete
  • Chocolat Cafe Maid Curio ch 01 – Final production phase. 99% complete (status unknown, no updates, the files were stolen by terrorists!)
  • FukuNeko ch 12 – Typesetting phase. 85% complete (updates have died, nobody even wants to mention it anymore)
  • Haru to Natsu ch 14 – Translator quit! (Anybody wants to help with this?) 0% Complete
  • Imouto Loveru ch 03 – Translation phase (brain running on low, needs more sugar and caffeine, Google needs to get updated) 5% Complete
  • Magikano ch 30 – Cleaning phase (Stalled for LOTS of reasons, still) 30% complete
  • Misaki #1 ch 02 – SCREWED 35% Complete (cleaner ran away and started doing a different project, other staff are too scared to even gaze upon it)
  • My Barbaric Girlfriend ch 58 – Cleaning phase (Cleaner never even started, same stat as Misaki #1) 20% complete
  • Tokkou! Maid Thunder ch 05 – translation phase 70% complete (original translator Missing in Action, went for a very loooooooong vacation and never returned, presumed lost) 14% complete
  • Urasai ch 03 – translation phase 55% (translation work stopped TOTALLY! I’m only one man!! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!!?) 11% complete
  • Tenchi Muyo War on Geminar ch 02 – Translation phase (STOPPED, to continue on June, see complaint on Urasai stat) 40% complete
  • Maji Bura – Planned to be translated soon (Yeah, RIGHT!)
  • Secret Project ch 10 – Translation phase (everything relating to this project is plagued with problems! Translators going AWOL (got lost somewhere in China, presumably taken hostage), cleaners too scared to touch raws, even acquiring raws online is a problem. THIS PROJECT IS CURSED!!) 0% Complete
  • Seifuku! – Raws are on its way, BABY!! (Still too early to celebrate…)
  • Dead Soul Revolver ch 11 – No update from the originator of the project (all final chapter translations are done, release is not selling well to readers, too many bitchy redraws, cleaners complaining, children in the street crying, union bosses get kidnapped and cats growing thumbs!!) this series needs a little more love from the readers.

Well, so far that is what I know of the projects status. If I missed anything you can complain at the comments, or if you got some mad editing and translating skills that you want to help us get the job done a lot faster, you’re more than welcome to join!

That’s about it! Sorry, I don’t have goodies for you guys at the moment. I’ll just make it up to you next time.

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Imouto Loveru ch. 02 Vietnamese Edition RELEASE!!


Imouto Loveru chapter 2 Vietnamese Edition by Team SeeD. This release is for our fellow manga fans based in Vietnam! Special thanks to Amerun, this localized version will make it easier for folks who are having a hard time understanding my bad English translations O(≧∇≦)O

You can get the release HERE! We hope you guys enjoy it! Don’t forget to drop by and visit their site HERE!

YEP! We don’t just do them in English anymore!!

This is the first Official international division release announced here at the AFS site. We at the Angry Fox Scans try to keep good ties with our international affiliates, rather than having them do a total re-work on our releases we collaborate with them so that the work needed to reproduce our projects in other foreign languages would not require additional work on the cleaning, editing and other stuff. We’re not so snobby that we’d just let other international teams who are interested in using our projects and release them in their respective languages all on their own. If you want to translate our projects into your local language and want to be an official affiliate with the AFS Seal Of Approval, you can ask for permission and acquire rights to our translations at our forums HERE! Please note that we can only acknowledge one language per project, we don’t want to have too many groups translating the same project in the same language more than once now, would we? If you’re language isn’t registered yet, be the first to sign it up! We look forward in working with you!

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Dead Soul Revolver Ch 10 RELEASE!!


After a brush with a group of low level exorcists, Kenichi and Miyu are now on the run trying to hide their true identities, but it seems Kenichi is having trouble hiding his dead giveaway horns! And what’s worse is that there is another exorcist who is after them and she won’t stop until the pair is dead! What will Miyu and Kenichi do? Is this it for them? Or will we ever see ecchi shots in this chapter!? Read on to find out!!

Go git it HERE, or if that doesn’t work, go HERE! If that still doesn’t work, read it first HERE!! Sorry folks, update for the IRC download will be done later, so you better wait for that one.

This should be a weekly release, but due to RL stuff, this release got set back a few weeks =_=

Anyway, here it is finally seeing the light of day! We hope you guys enjoyed this release!

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Flippin’ News, Updates ‘n’ Stuff!! パート フォアー

I know what most of you guys are thinking, “one week they were all releasing shi* then the next ZILCH!”

And the reason!? RL STUFF!!

Yeah sure… Blame on stuff outside the realm of manga… Well, that is the cold hard fact of the matter =_=

To be honest with you folks, we’re in deep fried SH%# at the moment because none of our JP translators are available to work on any project. We really need additional JP translators, any help is MORE THAN WELCOME, heck we’ll even throw in oppai balls to willing volunteers! =_= THAT IS HOW DESPERATE WE ARE RIGHT NOW!!

So, enough about that, I’m so hoping that by June (next month) I’ll be free of my bonds of slavery from my table job and get some much needed break and get my arse working on the translations!! So, you better hold on for a few more weeks. Once things clear up we got TONS to make up for like:

  • Isekai Sekishi no Monogatari
  • Tokkou Maid Thunder
  • Urasai
  • Maji Bura
  • Haru to Natsu
  • Fuku Neko

And loads MORE!!! Plus some good news about our favorite carrot-haired girl from our group ad (Kaede-chan)! Woahevil has reported that they already ordered the raws for “Seifuku!” and it’s on its way! We are so looking forward in working with this interesting series, and as of the latest status fans are already being divided into factions, the “Boobies” faction, the “Pettanko” faction and the “Imouto” faction! And each faction is rooting for their favorite girl, so which one are you?

On project stats, I don’t have much to report since I’m too damn busy minding my table job…

In short, the rest of this month may be a bit dull since there won’t be much releases, but be on the look out for sporadic release updates for Dead Soul Revolver chapter 10, Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa chapter 2 or even Magikano chapter 30! Who knows!

Oh well, since you did took the time reading this crap I can’t leave you empty handed. So, here’s a sneak peak of Imouto Loveru chapter 3. ENJOY!




Looks like the jig is up! The nosy girl next door named Aoi is suspicious of Moeka’s real identity. What will Yamato do!? Stay tuned to find out!!

May 8, 2013 at 9:03 pm 7 comments

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