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Urasai Chapter 02 Release!!

The craziness in the Urasai manor continues! After revealing that the ghosts have a grudge on Saito’s ancestor’s he was doomed to suffer the fruit of the douchery of the generations before him. When all seemed lost a random girl claiming to be a member of the secret group of priestesses assigned to protect the Ura family from danger comes to the rescue. But it seems that she is more of a hazard than protection, what will poor Saito do? How will he ever quell the grudge of the spirits? Read on to find out!

Go git it HERE!!!
The initial release was on February and this one came out 9 months later!? Well, due to our resident translator’s new working life style she is not able to make updates for this project. Thankfully enough Lessee came to the rescue, though there are some dialogues that need troubleshooting we somehow managed to finalize it and make a proper release. A Vietnamese team had already released 3 chapters of this rather interesting manga, but we will not let ourselves fall behind. Look forward to more frequent release of our projects come the holiday seasons (^_^) Happy reading!!

November 28, 2012 at 5:27 am 10 comments

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