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AFS Secret Pojects Preview “Nina, The Rabbits & The Magical Battle Tank”

What could be better than cute girls, magic and battle tanks? Lately I’ve been seeing some animes with girls and battle tanks or other military themed machines. It seems like another moe frontier that manga authors are beginning to explore.

During the AFS group’s long hiatus I kept myself busy with a side project that I happened to start out of whim. Without the help of our translator I tried translating it, but it’s taking me a long time to do it and nearly 4 months have passed since I started it and there doesn’t seem to be a completion date in sight. Rather than have the whole thing go to waste, I decided to show you guys the product thus far and here it is!

It is entitled “Nina to Usagi to Mahou no Sensha”, also known as “Nina and the Rabbits”, the story is about a girl named Nina who was sold by her parents for food. After escaping from captivity, Nina lived on the street stealing food until one day she came across a group of girls who decided to take her in and make her one of their own. Follow the Rabbit Corps adventures with their magical Battle Tank as they fight off the remaining enemy forces from the war that devastated the world.

Interested to see it? Get it HERE!!

Hey! Who knows, maybe if we get enough good feed backs with it we might actually add this one in our line up. That’s just me thinking out loud again…

October 27, 2012 at 12:29 am 6 comments

Fuku Neko Chapter 6 & 7 Release!!


Delays, delays, delays and even more delays! Who thought that life could get so complicated so fast!? As promised, here is the double release of FukuNeko, some group has picked up on it but, unfortunately for them we already had the entire volume translated and we’ll soon take over the project.

You can get the chapters HERE! We hope you guys enjoy it!

Scanlation projects are like park benches, the kind that you got used to sit on and as time goes by it becomes a routine of sorts. You go to the park and sit on your spot until a time comes that you’re not able to sit on that spot for a while and when you return back to that routine you find somebody else already sitting on it. The feeling of wanting to boot out that person occupying your favorite spot starts to kick in, but you can’t just boot that person out because you don’t own the bench to begin with! The only thing to do is beat that person in sitting on to that bench till the offender either gives up or sits beside you giving off that uncomfortable awkward moment. Well, that is what this will end up to be, so we’ll be putting the group back online and back with newer updates to projects that were left on hiatus for so long. Look forward to it!

We’ll be reclaiming our throne baby!!

October 22, 2012 at 4:35 am 13 comments

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