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Disoriented and Missing Releases and HELP WANTED!!!

Just goes to prove how busy, disoriented, disorganized and messy I am. Yesterday I received a message from one of our typesetters about Fuku Neko, and it was after he asked about the project status that is when I found out that we already have 2 chapters of Fuku Neko ready for RELEASE!!! The sad part though is that I forgot who worked on what! Not sure how I’m going to fill in the credits so that proper acknowledgements goes to the proper people, but rest assure that once this little mix up is cleared you folks will be treated to a double release of Fuku Neko. Other projects that are currently on the works are:

1. Magikano ch 28 & 29

Chapter 28 translation is a 15% complete, while chapter 29 translation is 100% complete (thanks to Lessee). The raws still need some cleaning and editing and the TRs would need some proofing as well. Estimated to be finished within the next month (if things go well)

2. Urasai ch 2

Chapter 2 translation is 100% finished, final TR verification and Proofing is all that is needed, also raws need to be cleaned and edited.

3. Fuku Neko ch 8

All Fuku Neko translations are finished (Thanks to Reinnya), but only until chapter 8 has been proofed (by Caboov), clean raws from chapters 1 to 11 are done. Remaining extra chapter untranslated and other chapters 9 to 17 still need to be proofed.

4. Onii-Ai ch 2

Chapter 2 Translation is still 20% done, MQ raws had been cleaned. Estimated time of completion will be within three weeks.

5. Haru to Natsu ch 11

Chapter 11 translation is 10% done, raws still need to be cleaned and edited. Estimated release date could be next month.

6. MBG ch 57

Chapter 57 translation is already finished (thanks to Solin) raws have been provided by Orulyon, the thing it needs now is cleaning and final editing. will take a few more weeks to be finalized.

There are two other side projects as well, but those are conditional.

I had a month long vacation last time, but due to consistent rains, internet connection failures and hardware malfunctions no projects were ever completed. Due to the on/off hardware failures I somehow managed to finish Haru to Natsu chapter 10, but it took 2 weeks to complete >_<


Other projects on cue:


2. Hanaukyo Maid Tai – same as above and we also need editors

3. Misaki Number 1 – Need raws and Chinese translator!!!


Well, for those who are wondering what the current projects status are this is the report. I also need somebody to help manage the team, the one who was helping me manage stuff is now very busy and has been inactive for months now. Other AFS Members who are reading this and is available and wants to help you can report at the forums in our AFS staff area. Anybody who wants to volunteer to help is also very welcome ^_^

September 16, 2012 at 7:36 am 13 comments

Haru to Natsu Chapter 10 Release!

It’s settled! Makoto and Haruna are finally dating, but is having a yandere for a girlfriend really a good thing? Makoto finds himself in a fix after Haruna starts to doubt his loyalty. Knowing Makoto, he will probably fumble his way around the problem with Haruna, but will he get away this time? What will Haruna do to the girl she believes is stealing her boyfriend? Don’t worry folks Haruna isn’t on the same level as Yuno (yet…)

Read on to find out what all this fuss is about, get the chapter HERE, or read it HERE!! And don’t forget to leave us your comments!

September 15, 2012 at 6:28 pm 5 comments

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