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Updates, Updates, Updates!!!


Here we are again for another activity report. As our little fox is toiling away in the toilet we are busy with stuff ourselves. Anyway, this little segment is to answer some of the questions you guys have been sending through the contacts and comments. Here’s one interesting question from “Anonymous” (a guy who doesn’t want to be named) asks:

“What happened to this:
Is this abandoned already?”

Ah… The Maid Cafe “Curio” Project, it’s been more than a year… This was actually one of the original projects we have in our list, but the guy who volunteered to translate it hasn’t turned up yet. We don’t want to go running away with it for ourselves, so we are still patiently waiting for any signs of life from the volunteer translator who took over the work from Ren-chan. If he won’t turn up I suppose we’ll just proceed with it ourselves then, also, the raws we have are in terrible condition. We are actually waiting for good Tankoubon scans of this series or a new image cleaning technology to be invented that will help enhance the grainy raws to make it a bit more readable (even I had trouble reading it).

Another interesting question about the ‘Haru to Natsu’ project posted by “Nebilim”, he asks:

“So, is this manga bi or tri monthly? The releases are so random…”

We try to keep our release cycles in check but, since our translator is being moody, some of our due projects don’t get finished in time and this causes havoc with our releases schedule and that is the reason for unexplained gaps between releases in the series we are working on. If you guys are following the normal releases, we have already released HTN chapter 8 ahead of chapter 7.5 (extra chapter) this is because the cleaning work for this extra chapter is EXTRA demanding. The raw we had for the extra chapter is a bit too grainy and lacks clarity compared to other raws and the mix up with the transcript also added to the delay of its release. So, to make up for that delay we put it out as soon as we finished it for you guys to enjoy. Actually, we don’t know when the next Haru to Natsu chapter will be released in Japan, previously it was thought to be every 2.5 months per chapter, but that was shattered this year for the long absence of chapter 11 which was supposedly been out late December (if the 2.5 month cycle was followed). Yep, you read it right, we have the raws till chapter 11 and that leaves us with only three chapters left before we wait for new raws to come out. But don’t worry, unknown to many of you guys, the HTN tankoubon included 2 more extra chapters that we haven’t released yet! Yep and that makes it a total of 5 unreleased works as of late. So, I think we have enough stuff to last for the next half of the year.

About other projects: Boku to Kanojo no XXX, the title sounds like some sort of porn, but don’t let that deter you, it’s actually a shoujo manga by Morinaga Ai, a sci-fi, love comedy story about a guy named Akira who swapped bodies with the girl he loves named Nanako. But the thing is that both of them seem to be more suited in their current situation, the girl who was trapped in the Akira’s body (Nanako) is doing more of a good job at being manly than Akira himself and Akira is doing a lot better job at being a girl than Nanako. The manga has been concluded in volume 8 and unfortunately there are no tankoubon scans available for it. We can only find photos of the manga floating around, but those are not enough to make proper releases. We have received a lot of requests for updates, but… putting out something readable is next to impossible, we may be able to put out crude releases, but that’s all we can offer for now. We’ll keep you guys posted with work progress on this one.

Magikano chapter 28 is already in the works, and it won’t be long before we will see its release for that.

Sora no Otoshimono PICO! This one, well, we already sent chapter 3 for translation, but our other translators who were assigned with chapter 3 haven’t turned up yet. It’s a bit troubling since its been months now…

Onii-Ai, we are also waiting for translations of the other chapters from the guy who translated the pilot chapter. Not much we can do here, but if he won’t release new translations we’ll have to proceed on our own with it.

Hanaukyo Maid Tai… The story plot is starting to get twisted again and translations for this one has virtually stopped due to lack of motivation… But we’ll try and get something done with it.

The report took a bit longer, but if you guys have some questions, just leave a message.

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