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Haru to Natsu Special Chapter 7.5 Normal Release

The craziness continues with this second installment of the Haru to Natsu Special Chapter (7.5) Last time Natsumi challenged Haruna to a “Which is Which Game” where Makoto will identify which twin is just by using their 3 sizes. Haruna ultimately lost last time and she’s been itching for payback, well, not really… But will Haruna let her older twin sister get all the glory this time? Others may have seen the preview, now here is the Normal release. After fiercely arguing with our chief editor to remove the bothersome group watermarks, here we present the clean version of Haru to Natsu Special Chapter “Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament”. Now let the game begin!!

You can get it HERE. And don’t forget to drop by our forums and discuss stuff there, also we now have our own IRC channel and Caboov is always there, so don’t forget to drop by and greet him there.

You guys can check out our “unadulterated” releases at Batoto, and our group page at BakaUpdates.

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Random Haru to Natsu Chapter…

Busy, busy, busy as usual… Lot’s of crazy stuff has been going on around here and some of us are starting to feel the pressure.What happened to MU was sad and since that event it had a domino effect on lots of stuff, nobody is sure of what will happen in the future, but we’re all hoping for the best. Ah, I forgot to mention that Haru to Natsu special chapter has been released in PDF version, you can view the post at the AFS forums. The normal release will follow shortly. I know some will try to rip the PDF version and  upload it somewhere, it’s fine but the ripped pdf version is far inferior than the regular release. So I suggest you just wait till then, but if you still want to rip the pdf release I won’t stop you.

February 24, 2012 at 5:11 pm 1 comment

Urasai Chapter 01 Release!!

Imagine living in a house full of beautiful girls, only thing is they’re all ghosts!

Saito Ura is a college student who is managing an old run-down inn that he inherited from his late father called the “Urasai Inn” which also happens to be inhabited by ghosts of beautiful girls! Now, a shrine girl randomly shows up claiming to protect Saito from the ghosts, but usually ends up doing the opposite.

The start of yet another supernatural ecchi manga full of spirits and laughs (spirits, get it?) Follow Saito’s exploits as he tries to survive his life with pretty ghosts out to get him and a cute priestess who is also out to get him…

Go get it only HERE!

It’s a Manga, no it’s a Manwha! But the Author and the Illustrator have Korean names, but it’s in Japanese! IT has to be a MANGA!!!

…And NO, it’s not about Saiyuki so there!

This took two weeks in cleaning and nearly three months to translate, finally, it’s out! Why it took too long you may ask, it is because of the ‘on-off’ work by our resident translator. Hopefully the next chapter will be done a lot faster. I’m thankful enough that this finally got out. Enjoy!

February 11, 2012 at 9:21 am 11 comments

Fuku Neko Chapter 05 Release!

Ichirou (not his real name), was curious about what Miya actually is, is she a cat? or a Bakeneko (monster cat)? To find out what, Miya took Ichirou to meet the local God to learn more about Miya’s true nature. What knowledge will the local God bestow upon Ichirou? Will he still accept Miya once he knows her true nature? Read on to find out!

You can find the chapter HERE! Some links are reactivated in case you guys wanted to catch up on things. Still, links will only be available in a limited time. It’s a collab project, so we don’t have a link to the forums at the moment.

Read the unadulterated version HERE.

Also, don’t forget to thank the other guys who helped in the production of the project, the BRS guys! Go visit them HERE!

The 5th chapter installment for our lovable couple (?) Looks like Ichirou is going to get lucky with Miya, look forward for the next chapter. Till next time!

February 10, 2012 at 6:13 pm 6 comments

Maji Bura!? Chapter 2 Release!!

Manimani decided to go to school with Miyu in order to experience a normal school life.Manimani was allowed to go to shool in the condition that she would hide her identity, but how can she hide it? It’s not often you see middle school students wearing horns and a tail at school and with Manimani causing a lot of mischief with Miyu’s classmates things just go from bad to worse. How will Miyu protect Manimani’s identity? Will Manimani even make it to class? Read on to find out!

The link to the release can be found in the forums section HERE. Links to other releases are still locked away, so accessing other releases will not be available at the moment.


Read the Original unadulterated version at Batoto HERE!

Am I dreaming!? Maji Bura chapter 2 release!? Finally! after a long hiatus we are now able to make a new release. Since our resident translator went away on business it’s been sitting for too long in our projects line up, but we are now happy to report that she has recently reported back for duty. We hope you guys enjoy this release and hopefully we’ll get back on normal release cycle from here onwards. Happy reading!

February 4, 2012 at 5:09 pm 12 comments

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