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Response ‘n Stuff!


Here we are gain folks for another response ‘n stuff, this post is to answer some of the questions from fellow fans and visitors, this post is to update you guys with some of our work progress as well.

First off we received a message from ‘Tae’ saying:

“Hi, I was just wondering if you guys are going to be working on My Barbaric Girlfriend anymore. I notice it’s been a long while since anything has been released for it. So, please let me know so I can keep checking back if you will be. Thanks! Tae”

We are still interested in working with the MBG project, but the thing is we can’t find any decent raws of the latest chapters. There are crude raws and pictures of the latest chapters circulating on the internet, but they are horrible quality and they’re unfit for any decent readable release. Though they may be terrible scans, we will still try and provide translations for them and we will only release them in the forums. We will re-release them in regular release format once we find decent raws.

Another guy who’d rather remain anonymous called ‘Anon’ commented:

“Would be cool if you guys had irc or something though.”

It’s a fine idea, but none of the AFS staff know how to use IRC and none of us is sure if we can even maintain an IRC channel. But we have a nifty chat box in our forums, if you guys are lucky enough to catch one or two of the staff online you can leave them a message or just pollute the whole thing with comments and stuff.

Stuff to look out for! Heads up guys, Haru to Natsu chapter 8 is already in the works and will be released a lot sooner than you think! It’s all thanks to Lessee for the speedy translation of the chapters. Why stop with just Haru to Natsu? We’ll be doubling your Ecchi enjoyment with the upcoming release of Maji bura chapter 2! Finally, a follow up! We have Ren-chan to thank for that folks. Keep a vigilant watch guys, you may get to preview the latest proto release of Haru to Natsu and Maji bura in our forums.

We received good reactions from the readers with the initial declassified release of the Misaki Number 1 project and some were asking when will the next chapter be put out? Works on the first three chapters are already on the way and hopefully they will be out pretty soon! Our lovable resident Cat-girl Miya will be back with another release of FukuNeko. That is after we receive the finalized chapters 4 & 5 from Black Rock Scans. Well, that’s all for the updates and hopefully the next post will be a release post.

December 27, 2011 at 8:57 am 3 comments

Fuku Neko Chapter 03 Release!

Miya got her clothes all dirty and now they need to wash them. The turn of events has given Ichirou (not his real name) some ideas, but will he be able to pull off his little scheme? What will Ichirou make Miya wear? Read on to find out!

Get the latest chapter HERE!

Read it in full resolution HERE!

Remember! We are putting out advance preview version of the latest manga releases on our forums. So, if you guys want to be the first to read upcoming releases don’t forget to vist the forums and leave us a comment while you’re there.

December 22, 2011 at 6:59 pm 4 comments

Magikano Ch. 27 Release!

magikano chapter 27

Having magic is like owning a car or a gun; you need a license before you can use it out in the open. Maika and Ayumi brought the unsuspecting Haruo to the mysterious 36-1/2 floor of the Tokyo city government building to get his first ever magic license. But before he can get a license, he must take an Elementary Magic Exam for beginners to test his magical abilities. All was well and good, that was not after Haruo accidentally went inside the Ultra-High Magic Exam gate. The novice Haruo suddenly found himself facing the Magic Realm’s greatest sorcerers including the three-time magic champion, Junji Shindo. Faced with such powerful opponents, will Haruo even survive his own exam? What will Ayumi do to help Haruo this time? Read on to find out!

Get the chapter HERE!

Read it in full resolution HERE!

For those who didn’t know, I put up an advance release of Magikano in PDF version at the forums page. The PDF version doesn’t include the Commentary & the extra info page though, but if you guys are interested to see it, go check it out HERE.

Make sure you also visit the forums for some hidden stuff and advance releases.

It’s been half a year since we last put out a release for Magikano! Well, this was because our resident translator suddenly went abroad for some personal business stuff. We are in need of Japanese to English translators and if you think you can help in translating to help speed up Magikano releases, feel free to contact us or leave us a message in our Forums or in our comments page

December 17, 2011 at 5:50 am 10 comments

Response ‘n Stuff!

The ANGRY little FOXHello folks! Sorry to disappoint you guys for another non-release post, but don’t worry! New releases are just around the corner, we’ll just surprise you guys with it.

This post is a response to a question sent to us by “Ange” and he/she wrote:

“Why are some of the links in black (and they cannot be acessed.)why is that so?”

Well, you guys may have already noticed that in our “Releases Page” there are green links and there are black links. Those black links are not actually links, but a preview that I decided to put up just to give you guys some idea about the upcoming chapter. The site is still undergoing some changes and some pages might be outdated. The Releases Page list is getting longer and I’ve decided to put up separate pages for each projects that will be frequently updated individually. And to promote the AFS Forums (yes, we have a forum in case some of you didn’t know) We’ll also be releasing projects that are exclusively available there, so you guys better watch out for that as well.

Another message we received from “Anon” and it says:

“Stop adding more series if you can’t handle the ones you’re working on already!”

Thanks for the concern, but those projects that were previously mentioned are already in the works long ago, and we figured it’s about time we put them out. There are a lot of complications with the group’s free time at the moment, but Winter break is almost around the corner and some of us may get more time to work on our projects. It’s tough, but together we will be able to get through any kind of hardships, let’s all think positive and hope for the best.

December 7, 2011 at 1:44 pm 1 comment

Working VIII

UUUOOOH!!!Updates, updates, updates!! It’s been a while since we put up any reports for our planned projects releases and stuff, so here’s one for you guys.

Let’s start off with a message we received from one of our visitors named “Bucc-i” and he wrote:

“Are you planning to release the final volume #8 of Boku to Kanojo no XXX?”

The project is not dropped actually, since some of the core group members of MFM are still interested in working with it. We hope to continue working with this project, but we have yet to find raw scans for volume 8, it’s been a year now and no raws has turned up for it as far as I know. If we find raws, or if somebody can provide them, we’ll be more than glad to continue working with it. Talks of re-releasing all the MFM catalog are still up in the clouds and since it was a MangaFox exclusive project release (yes it was exclusive) all images were scaled down to mere low grade versions that is currently circulating today, a far cry from the high quality images that were originally used. We hope to provide the original HQ images for a better and more enjoyable reading pleasure.

On other projectss, Lessee has helped out in translating 2 chapters of Haru to Natsu and the cleaning works for the said chapters are already underway! Yes, you guys will be treated with consecutive releases of Haru to Natsu chapter 8 and a second special chapter.

Magikano translation work is painstakingly slow, and hopefully we’ll be able to put it out before the end of the year. Also, for those people who are incessantly searching for Magikano ‘H’ version, you’re in luck! We recently got hold of raw doujin scans of Magikano ‘XXX’ sporting all the Magikano girls with unnaturally huge chests! The guy in charge of the H-division said he’ll work on it, but we have yet to hear from him.

Three sister/brother complex mangas are on the works as well, so you guys also have to look out for that. Recently proposed secret project is also underway filled with girls and tons of ecchi scenes. We got a lot of work line-up that will keep our translator busy for the rest of the year and he/she will definitely need a lot of help, anybody interested in helping with particular projects is very welcome! Just drop us a message at the forums or the ‘contact us’ page!

December 3, 2011 at 7:48 am 4 comments

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