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Hanaukyo Maid Tai Chapter 40 Release!

hanaukyo maid tai c40

Taro and Shizuka both received a punishment to go up into the mountains to gather mushrooms. But Ryuuka can’t leave them alone, for some reason she is bothered by the thought of Taro spending some time alone with her little sister. Now Ryuuka together with Jii, went out on a mission to save Taro from the clutches of her conniving little sister, but will they be able to make it in time to save Taro’s chastity? Read on to find out!

Finally! After work for this title got pushed back a lot of times we have finally put it out! Our translator went out for another vacation because of her work and some project activities are stalled at the moment.

We hope you guys enjoy this release! You can get the chapter HERE and don’t forget to drop by our forum and leave us a message HERE!

August 26, 2011 at 8:44 pm 7 comments

Another Haru to Natsu Poll!


こんにちは れんちゃんで~す!^_^

I’m currently taking a break while I’m waiting for the upgrade on the laptop Senapai gave me (he just bought a new one). Although I am busy with a lot of stuff, I still somehow manage to update and monitor the AFS site activities. One thing I noticed though is that the hits for Haru to Natsu searches have been steadily rising these past few days. Although we decided to put a cap on our production with this series, but if we get any response from the readers (even if it is a rise on search hits) we can’t simply ignore them. So, we are asking you guys again for your verdict. Do you want another release of Haru to Natsu?

Leave us your feedback or comments and don’t forget to vote if you want the new chapter released before the end of the month!

We need to have at least 100 votes before we proceed! The poll will only be active for one week starting today (Aug. 17, 2011) if you want the latest chapter release, cast your Votes NOW!

August 17, 2011 at 6:39 am 11 comments

KissXsis ch.28 – DECLASSIFIED

Released as a chapter filler for MangaFox, this is actually the very first release of the lesser known and a newly established group called the “Angry Fox Scans” way back in 2009. The work for this chapter took more than two months due to the on-off work progress and not to mention that only one person worked on it.

KissXsis was originally intended to be included in the AFS projects, but because of many complications and lack of dedicated translators, the project was scrapped and only one chapter was ever completed. Since the pioneering groups that worked on KissXsis dropped the title, AFS sought to pick up this project, but work on this title was proven to be difficult.

There are other titles that AFS worked on that were never officially released here. The Secret Projects are collection of failed attempts on other titles that never made it to the AFS project lineup. You can get the chapter HERE!

August 15, 2011 at 7:50 pm 2 comments

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