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Holiday Hiatus!

Konnichiwa!! Ren-chan de~su!! ^_^

I was just checking the site stats and I noticed that B-Werx was given the ‘top author’ title for the AFS blog and I just can’t seem to get myself over that! Anyway, I still got tons of stuff to do and hopefully I’ll be going out for a holiday break this comming weekend so I’ll have time to work with the transcripts and maybe I’ll get to meet up with B-werx and bombard him with my rants. You guys can rest asure that I’ll continue working with the translations.

Gou-dere Bishoujo Nagihara Sora Transcripts

I also noticed a sudden increase on search related hits with Gou-dere Bishoujo. Well, we once put out a poll for that last October to see if we’ll get 100 votes within less than a month, and if that happens we’ll prioritize it above other projects, but sadly, it didn’t garner that much votes that’s why it ended up on cue. I just like to let you guys know that the transcript for Gou-dere Bishoujo chapter 2 is almost 60% complete and hopefully I’ll be able to forward it to B-Werx pretty soon. The Magikano chapter will be delayed for a bit because I’m also helping out with another project entitled “Saber Marionette I”, I’m feeling a bit lazy on translating the next 2 chapter of Haru to Natsu, so I guess I’ll just have to skip with chapter 5 (you guys can look forward for that before the end of the year!) Now that that’s out of my system I feel a bit better now. Keep a look out for our spontaneous releases!

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Tayutama Kiss on My Deity Chapter 01 Release!

It’s finally here!! The manga that was based from an ‘Eroge’ “Tayutama Kiss On My Deity”.

tayutama kiss on my deity chapter 01

A Quick Synopsis:

During the time when Tayutai and Humans were bitterly fighting against each other, one man and the strongest of all the Tayutai, ‘Kikurami Kami no Hime’ sealed all the Tayutai to protect both Humans and Tayutai from destroying each other. Kikurami Kami no Hime, also known as Tayutayu-sama sealed herself along with all the other Tayutai in hopes that one day Humans and Tayutai will learn to co-exist. A few hundred years later, the seal was broken and all the Tayutai have escaped along with the most feared “Strongest Three”, the Strongest Three are the most powerful and feared among the Tayutai. Tayutayu-sama needed to seal them once more, but her spiritual energy was depleted while trying to hold together the seal. Tayutayu-sama reincarnated herself and became the girl called Mashiro, now with the help of Yuuri Mito, the descendant of the man who helped seal the Tayutai, together they fought the Strongest Three and defeated them.

The story continues where the Anime left off, so it can be a bit confusing if you guys haven’t seen the anime or the game yet.

It was originally proposed by BQ way back at the MFM group, but it got sidetracked and after a year we posted this project here at the Angry Fox page and it was one of the first entries, but due to other complications our resident CN translator was not able to work on it. The Site log recorded a considerable amount of hits for searches about the Tayutama manga, unfortunately all they come across was the announcement page. After much waiting our translator Reinnya still came through with the transcripts for all the chapters! And it took a full six months before we finally got the first chapter out!

The first ever chapter of the Tayutama Project is now up, you can get it at the Releases Page.

Happy Reading!

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