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Hanaukyo Maid Tai Chapter 39 Release!

Hanaukyo Maid Tai chapter 39It seems that Grace has been overworking herself and Taro is beginning to worry. After completing work on MEMOL, Grace heard a conversation between Konoe and Ryuuka and it seems that Taro is planning to do something about her. After Grace learns about Taro’s plan she deliberately wrecked MEMOL, what will Taro do now? Is Grace finally going to disappear? Read on to find out!

After a few weeks of lapse between chapters, we finally got this one out. At first we thought working on this could be easy, I guess we thought wrong. Well, we still got tons of projects on cue for this week and things are getting pretty tense with our Translator’s location, she’s in South Korea right now and with the trouble brewing there our translation projects could slow down on the coming weeks. I’ll try to help out with translating in any way I can, but if you guys know a little Japanese you’re very welcome to join!!

You can get the chapter at the Releases Page, happy reading!

November 28, 2010 at 2:49 pm 8 comments

Haru to Natsu Chapter 01 Release!

The official induction of the Haru to Natsu Project in the AFS Projects List. Although there were other versions of this chapter from other groups, but this one uses the Tankubon scans, the previous releases used the magazine scans. Our translator felt lazy in working on this so, we used the standardized translation of ‘Fosskers’ from MH. We’ll try to complete the first chapters before we finally move on with the balance chapters. Sorry for the long delay guys, a lot has been going on with real life stuff, but I hope we can keep up with our releases.

You can get the chapter at the Releases Page, just look for the Haru to Natsu title. Happy reading!

November 28, 2010 at 2:25 pm 14 comments

Magikano ch. 19 Release!

The Yoshikawa family decided to eat out one day and they unexpectedly bumped into Marin who was working part-time on the restaurant. Unknown to them Marin was having troubles of her own and Chiaki decided to help her, but unfortunately witches are sworn enemies of Marin and her family. What will Chiaki do? Will their friendship last or will Chiaki get hunted down by Marin like Ayumi? Read on to find out!

It’s a gut wrenching and tear jerking story about friendship and all other things in between. We finally got this chapter out! Hopefully now that the ‘bottle neck chapter’ as Ren-chan calls it is now out she can work freely on the other projects. The Gou-dere Bishoujo poll is going quite well and it’s only a few more votes short till we reach the 100 vote quota, but since it didn’t make it before this release you guys would still have to wait a bit more for it.

You  can get the file at the Releases Page.

Happy Reading!

November 8, 2010 at 3:50 pm 13 comments

Working VII…

UUUOOOH!!!The seventh installment! Yep folks we’re already at it, raws are cleaned and all  that’s left are the transcripts!

A lot has happened during the end of October and with the Halloween season/Feast of the Dead/ All Souls Day Holidays that came in between October and November some of us also went out for a short break and some are not so up to the weather and some had technical difficulties, but we’ll still work on our releases and hopefully we’ll see some improvements this month.

Magikano chapter 19 translation is still ongoing, and so as Hanaukyo Maid Tai ch. 39, Haru to Natsu ch. 5 is also on the works, but our translator could only do so much. If there is anybody willing to help with the translations you’re very welcome to help ^^

Well, since we don’t have any release updates for the first week of November, I can only show you this little sampler. Well, these are the only pages Ren-chan has worked on so far for the proposed “Gou-dere Bishoujo Nagihara Sora” Project. I’ll leave you guys off with this spoiler for now, Enjoy!


Just imagine Sora humming out Darth Vader’s tune XD (I feel sorry for the poor pig)

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