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Now I’m starting to feel the burn! I’m still working with the translations for Magikano and also for Hanaukyo Maid Tai chapter 38 and Boku to Kanojo no XXX chapter 54, honestly, I can’t feel my brain right now… Ren-chan is still pretty busy with her works and she will only be able to help me during the weekends. At the moment, I’m on my own, I still haven’t got any updates with the typesetting for HMT 37 from Jacava, so I guess I’ll just have to wait for that as well. Working with three manga projects really is tough! But we can hope to see a silver lining this weekend when Ren-chan gets a day off to help me with the translations ><

Anybody interested to help is very welcome ^_^

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Working II…

There won’t be release updates today because I’m still working on the translations for Magikano chapter 12, and also some work progress might even be paused to make way for one of the comic page I am currently working on. It’s pretty hard when you’re working on a lot of projects especially when you’re doing most of the job >< but I’m very thankful for the individuals who take time to help me with the translations and other stuff. If all goes well, we will see the release of Magikano ch. 12 very soon, so you guys better watch out for that!

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MBG Chapter 35 Release!

Boku to Kanojo no XXX ch 35

The revised chapter 35 of Boku to Kanojo no XXX (My Barbaric Girlfriend) is now up! During the first release of this chapter in MangaFox there is a confusion beginning to arise about the chapter order of MBG. The raws we were using during that time were Chinese translations of the magazine version of MBG which were numbered differently compared to the manga book version. Also, during work on this release BQ and I had already teamed up and this is what I could say is our first official release as the unknown MF Members ^_^

You can download the file from the Releases Page.

This is the HQ version of the original release and I have also included the original credits page BQ made for this release along with the MFM credits page. I hope you guys enjoy this release!

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I’m pretty busy working on Magikano chapter 12 at the moment, so there won’t be any updates for the releases today, but hopefully I’ll be able to update some stuff pretty soon. Also, I’m still waiting for news form Jacava who’s currently working on the typesetting for the Hanaukyo Maid Tai chapter 37, just hang in there!

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Chibi Miku-san Comics by Minami Now Available!

Chibi Miku-san

Vocaloid Chibi Miku-san Comic

It’s been half a year since Ren-chan had the idea of compiling and adding some adlibs on the Chibi Miku-san web comics. Eventually she did, and since it’s a webcomic we never had the idea of uploading it on a manga host site. Anyway, I just thought of putting it up here just in case anybody is interested to see it ^_^

You can download the files from the links below, or you can visit our Release Page and check out new bundle releases. You can also drop by to Minami’s Diary site here

We hope you enjoy it!


The Chibi Miku-san comic is a fan base comic featuring the vocaloid casts and other original valcaloid fan creations such as Kasane Teto, Makita Neru, Yowane, Ruuko and others more, the story mainly revolves on Miku’s little sister named “Chibi Miku” and her daily life with her friends


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MBG Extra Chapter 34.1 Release!

bokut to kanojo no XXX extra chapter 34.1

The revised extra chapter of Boku to Kanojo no XXX (My Barbaric Girlfriend) volume 5 is now up! And the original joke page that was made for the initial release of this one has been included in the bundle as well. The editing work done with this particular chapter was split in two, whereas FallenDarkness worked on pages 03 to 11 and I did page 12 onwards. The original resource we used in the MFM releases were from Chinese scanlations and the raw for this chapter was the first Japanese version we have ever used. During that time none of us working on MBG was able to translate Japanese, luckily we were able to recruit Doktaru who did the JP translation for this chapter and several others as well. Now here is the full HQ version of the MFM release, you can download the file in the Releases Page. I hope you guys enjoy it!

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MBG Chapter 34!

Boku to Kanojo no XXX chapter 34

My Barbaric Girlfriend chapter 34 (2 Extra Thoughts) is now up! It’s the revised version of the original release of MFM (Manga Fox Members) and now it’s better and higher resolution. You can check it out at the Release Page!

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MFM Arc on Angry Fox Scans

My Barbaric Girlfriend

Being part of the team who once brought back My Barbaric Girlfriend (Boku to Kanojo no XXX) scanlation, I feel sad that MBG has been removed from MangaFox and along with it are months worth of effort from dedicated individuals who devoted part of their time and effort just to share to fellow fans the enjoyment they found reading the series. Now, the original team had parted ways after MBG fell from the lime light and unfortunately their work was only limited to a single manga host and that work had been deleted… Luckily I kept backups of the original release files! Now the files are being re-edited before uploading, for now please keep a watch out for it!

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Tayutama Kiss on My Deity Project!!

Tayutama Kiss on My Deity Manga

Tayutama Kiss on My Deity on the way! This morning I asked Reinnya to help with the translation of yet another manga title. Yeah I know that we’re at a slow pace with our scanlation works right now since Ren-chan moved to South Korea and there’s a lot of complex stuff going about on the real world. But it has been bothering me for a more than a year now, since ‘BQ’ first suggested that we work on a gender bender manga that wasn’t scanlated in English yet. During the MFM translation project days, BQ brought up a few manga projects for scanlation and one of them is Tayutama Kiss on My Deity, he argued that nobody had done any English scanlation of it and suggested we do it. Unfortunately the project was sidetracked after the MFM team decided to concentrate on ‘My Barbaric Girlfriend’ and ‘Return’. I really wanted to do it, and I was hoping that our team will be able to provide an exclusive release that no other scanlation team has released before. I’m really looking forward for this project to push through, Reinnya said the translation work will start next month.

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New Angry Fox Scans Blog Page!!

Welcome to the new Angry Fox Scans Blog page! The problem accessing the external Angry Fox Scans page has caught my attention and I feel that I should do something about it, well this is all I can think of right now and hope to develop from this onwards. Works with the translation projects are moving at a snail’s pace, but I hope we’ll be able to work faster within the coming weeks. Please Keep an eye out for our releases,you can check the menu above or you can go here [RELEASE PAGE]. Now you can send us your thoughts or comments and you can be sure that we, the Angry Fox Team will be sure to read it!

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