Gou-Dere Bishoujo Nagihara Sora ch.14.5 RELEASE!!!

gbns-14_5 All the dorm residents went out on a hot springs trip, and guess who tags along? Our crazy bunch, it seems that trouble follows Shouta wherever he goes and that trouble goes by the name Sora. What misfortunes will befall our hapless hero? Will Sora get arrested with her master this time? Read on to find out!!

Get your copy HERE, or from the mirror HERE or the MF link HERE.  Or just read the whole thing HERE.

At looooooooooooooong last! The bottleneck project is out of our throats and out into the world!! The cleaning and redrawing job is just so horrendous that the assigned cleaner went AWOL, but with this thing finally out we’re hoping he’ll come back again, now that the worst is over. The work for this chapter started long before we even worked on chapter 14, but the fact that this chapter must be dealt with before any chapters from volume 3 comes out is unavoidable, and thus we made it a point to finish this one before we put out anything else, unfortunately, this thing cost us a lot (or cost me a lot) of effort, it kinda reminds me of the KissXsis chapter we did some years ago. The raw was of poor quality, although the resolution was high, the image quality was quite undesirable. This is one of the very last raws that circulated for Gou-dere before distribution of raws stopped, it would take nearly a year before any new material would come out. And by then, the raws skipped three more chapters. It’s a bit disappointing that this series ended quite abruptly, to be honest, I have some grievances of my own regarding this particular project and it has left a stigma on most of the senior staff who had tried to work on this during the early years, but that’s a story for another time, for now we hope you guys enjoy this release.

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Haru to Natsu Chapter 15 RELEASE!!

After Haruna got sick with a summer cold, it seems that she has passed it on to Makoto. And now the twins are back to make Makoto’s life a bit more miserable with their usual squabbles. Will they be able to help Makoto get over his cold, or make things worse? Read on to find out!!

You can get the file HERE, or from the mirror HERE and the MF link HERE, if that still doesn’t work, read it in full resolution HERE!

A lot of stuff happened this month for me and since I was the only guy who had the translations it took a while for me to finalize this release. Hopefully we’ll be able to release some more stuff within this month, but with the constant threat of RL stuff getting in our way of releases you guys would have to bear with us ^_^;

Anyway, some of you may notice that in this chapter Makoto Kimura got sick, and according to the dialogues, he got it after he took care of Haruna which took place in chapter 13.5, but there was a badminton match that went in between this chapter and that one. Don’t worry, we are as confused as you are. All I know is that the chapter numbers were mixed up from the magazine releases due to the fact that uploaders of the JP raws don’t put chapter numbers on them. We got the chapter chronology based on the date when the chapter raw became available, which is often months apart and scattered. We hope to fix this mix-up on the following releases.

We hope you enjoy this release, till next time!!

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TAIHEN News!! 「タイヘンニュース!!」Ep 03 “Projects on the Furnace!!”

I was not planning on making another TAIHEN News!! But the situation has called for it.

maou_buttonMany of you are wondering, “WHAT THE FUQ HAPPENED” to the Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa project?! It was going smoothly till we hit a snag, yes, a SNAG! The other admin working on the cleaning and the prepping of ‘Maou’ suddenly found out that he does not exist! That’s right, it was as if he was never there to begin with from the moment he was born!! Well, that was what the Government of his country identifies him as. Because of a series of complicated events leading him not being listed as an official “Natural Born Citizen” of his country sees him as an illegal immigrant. To make the long story short, he has to fix stuff on his end, so with lesser people working on Maou, there won’t be a release any time soon. But don’t worry, our contributing translator has done a fine job of translating chapter 7 and it has been sent to another admin to be dispatched for proofing. If things go well, release of chapter 7 is imminent!!
HarutoNatsu_buttonThe raw deficiency for Haru to Natsu has been resolved all thanks to DemonDog. Translation work is 70% done, but the cleaning and typesetting job were put on hold due to a bottle neck project (I’ll go through this in detail on the following project title report). But if the bottle neck project will be cleared, work will resume for Haru to Natsu.
gou-dere_buttonTHE BOTTLE NECK project, translation work is 100% complete. But “why a bottle neck” you might say?! Because of the HORRIBLE quality of the raws!! The cleaner assigned to work on it is having trouble with his RL stuff, plus, the raws is so bad he’s hesitant to even touch it!!


Gou-dere ch 14.5 sample

The page is dirty brown, the ink of the back page is visible, the black areas are grainy and the tones are just a mess!

Anybody who has MAD cleaning skills who can help fix this monstrosity of a raw, or better yet, has better quality raws is welcome to help out. Unless you have mad cleaning skills who can turn:






I can do the job myself, but it takes time, a LOT of it. Time that I can use to work on the other releases. So, if you’re a Gou-dere fan who has what it takes to fix bad quality raws, you’re very welcome to help out so that we can put this one out already.

magikano_buttonMagikano chapter 32 tanslation is 85% complete, work stopped due to the bottle neck project Gou-dere =_=

SnO_PICO_buttonSora no Otoshimono PICO was put on hold due to lack of raws, but thanks to dedicated fans we now got the full volume, hopefully we’ll be able to get this project moving again.

seifuku_buttonSeifuku chapter 3 translation is pending for Proofing. Last time I sent a translation to be proofed I forgot to send this one as well (my bad). But once I receive the proofed chapter 7 of Maou this one will be sent next.
tokkou_buttonTokkou Maid Thunder translation work progress is unknown. A new JP translator has applied a few weeks back and he was given the task of translating the latest Toakkou chapter, but he hasn’t turned up till now. Release for this one may take a while =_=

imoutolovru_buttonImouto-Loveru, anybody remember this one? Next month will be a full year this project has not been updated due to LACK of raws. The source of the raws was no help since they only mention something vague about how you can get raws. The only option we have is buy raws from Japan or something, unless there is somebody who has the rest of the raws, this project is going to be shelved for a while.

Other projects that were not mentioned in this report are all suspended til we get enough dedicated staff to work on them again. So, till then please bare with us.
If you strongly feel that we should prioritize a project release you can give us a feedback by voting for which chapter/project release we should prioritize for the next release.
What are you Waiting for? Vote now!!

The outcome of this poll will determine the next release!!

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Magikano Ch. 31 – RELEASE!!

Magikano-ch31A string of mysterious blood sucking incident has plagued the town and all the victims were witches. It was suspected that a vampire is on the loose and it thirsts for magician’s blood and something strange is also happening in the Yoshikawa house as well. Night After Night Haruo seems to be going out on a prowl, could Haruo be the culprit? What will Ayumi and his sisters do? Did Merissa turn Haruo into a Vampire? Read it to find out!

You can get the file HERE, or the mirror HERE or just read it HERE!

I know it’s been half a year since the last release of Magikano. As we all know RL stuff is a bitch and so is natural calamities. For updates regarding the other projects, we’ll be taking our time in releasing them because we don’t have enough dedicated staff working on them.

maou_buttonThe planned weekly release for the Maou na Ore  to Fushihime no Yubiwa project will be held back this week because the staff working on it are currently preoccupied with RL stuff, we hope to get around this soon so that we can get on with the story, and yes, the manga is moving in an alarming rate of speed compared to the LN. By chapter 13 Chihiro will have sealed the deal with… Oops! That’ll be a spoiler, you’ll have to read the novel for that.

gou-dere_buttonGou-dere Bishoujo Nagihara Sora, translation for chapter 14.5 has been completed, still waiting for the redraws and cleaned raws, and once they’re done a release is very imminent. Unfortunately, we were not able to find raws for succeeding chapters, naming chapters 15 to 17. Though there are raws that can be found for Chinese translations, we don’t have a CN translator who is interested in helping to translate it. So we’re afraid that after this release Gou-dere will be put on a very long hiatus until we find new raws.

HarutoNatsu_buttonWe have received a copy of the latest Haru to Natsu tankoubon provided by one of our fellow manga fan DemonDog, thanks man! Translation work for Haru to Natsu will resume as usual, but with the lack of translators, this will take a while. We can hope that we’ll get to see a release within the month (I really do hope for that).

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Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa ch.6 RELEASE!!


Continuing on from last chapter, Haru and his harem have managed to track down the evildoers that have kidnapped Iris. Unfortunately things don’t go as well as planned… Will Haru and the gang manage to save Iris as well as keeping each other safe? Download the latest chapter HERE, goto HERE or read it HERE.

Well I am bet you guys are surprised at this? I bet you guys didn’t think that we are able to have a quick follow up release! Well, you guys thought wrong! Here is chapter 6 of Maou. Now, i know i have said this before, but we are hoping to make this a weekly release for you guys if all goes well (knowing our luck though :/). Also, we are on our way with Magikano and Gou-dere as well as Seifuku, so you guys can look forward to those hopefully in the future. Well, that’s all I have for you this time, nothing interesting but better then bad news i suppose. Enjoy the release!

Till next time

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Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa ch.5 Double Release!


Well i don’t really want to put anything about the new chapter in for those people who have yet to read chapter 4, so just go HERE, goto HERE or read it HERE to read it.

Well the chapter 5 complications have luckily been resolved VERY quickly, so here is part 2 of the sort of late double release. I hope you guys enjoy it! B-werx especially worked his butt off for you guys to get this chapter out for you guys, so I would like to give him a big thankyou. Thanks man! Chapter 6 should hopefully not be too far off, so look out for that! XD

Till next time,


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Maou na Ore to Fushihime no Yubiwa ch.4 release!!


Chiharu and the gang finally meet the mysterious girl at the end of chapter 2. Is she evil, good or inbetween. Will Zomni ever find some appropriate clothes? Find out all this in the latest chapter of the demon taming manga! Go get it HERE, goto HERE or read it HERE.

Wow its been over 6 months since the last release, that’s pretty bad. We are very sorry for this but our lives have alot of complications in the past 6 months, but hopefully being a new year things will start to change. Now I also promised a double release, however chapter 5 has run into, uh, some complications. But don’t worry that should be released in the next day or so, so we can still call this half of a double release? Right? We also hope to get ch.6 out in the next week or so as-well, so that will also be great. Now we also are in desperate need of another translator. No matter how much experience or preference in manga, we would love to have you on board! Please, we are begging you! Anyone guys, see you VERY soon for the next chapter.

Till next time

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